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MY dad says those things ARE real, bc I have heard a lot of scary stories about them. They are mostly referred to as ghosts/evil spirits rather than mythical creatures tho. So I once asked him, "why does only the jungles in our country have these things? You don't see people in say, America, experiencing these kinds of things in their forests." He told me they have their own versions of these things over there. xD Explains the gnomes and pixies then xD

Imagine though, faeformers living in the U.S. that basically go unnoticed because hardly anyone here believes in faeries.  Their cousins in different parts of the world get offerings and stories told about them, but trying to find a decent faerie glen or troll hole in America is practically impossible, let alone finding a human that will actually leave out offerings.  

They have to adapt accordingly.  Humans refuse to believe in magic?  Fine.  They’ll bring the magic to them.  American faeformers are champs at blending in with mortals, using their powers to climb up the ladder of society.  Dragons becoming successful business tycoons and investing everything in gold.  Faeries using their charm and good looks to become famous A-list actors (occasionally faking a tragic disappearance once a century and starting again with a new name.)  Kelpies who stalk their prey through Central Park on gloomy days, disguised as mounted policemen.  Modern day American faeformers.  :3 

I’ve been hoping for months, hoping for years, hoping I might forget.
Aw, but it don’t get much dumber, it don’t get much dumber
than trying to forget a girl when you love her.
And I, yeah I still need you, but what good’s that gonna do?
Needing is one thing, and getting- gettings another. (needing/getting-ok go)

It’s been a while since  I drew some brotherly fluff. So I animated and colored it too. I just love the watercolor effect :)
Fezless happy Stan is love.

As usual, don’t tag any ships, please.


Merry Christmas!!

i know its still pretty early.. but anyway.. :D Christmas its my favourite holiday! and i already know what i want to draw for this year! ^3^ yay! i just hope to have enough time to do it soon XD

here i leave my Xmas pic from last year ;)

hope u like it!