classic xd

I’ve been hoping for months, hoping for years, hoping I might forget.
Aw, but it don’t get much dumber, it don’t get much dumber
than trying to forget a girl when you love her.
And I, yeah I still need you, but what good’s that gonna do?
Needing is one thing, and getting- gettings another. (needing/getting-ok go)


Merry Christmas!!

i know its still pretty early.. but anyway.. :D Christmas its my favourite holiday! and i already know what i want to draw for this year! ^3^ yay! i just hope to have enough time to do it soon XD

here i leave my Xmas pic from last year ;)

hope u like it!


Guys!!! So my birthday is tomorrow and my family gave me A RECORD PLAYER as an early present this afternoon!!!! 😱😁 I’m SO excited and I’m dying to go through the collection of records we have!!

How Jocular
  • Lady Croft: Dear husband?
  • Lord Croft: Yes my lovely wife?
  • Lady: Have you read the synopsis of the new film yet?
  • Lord: Oh gosh, I have not! Pray tell, am I dead? Or disappeared?
  • Lady: Indeed. Vanished... dead... both are mentioned.
  • Lord: Mysteriously?
  • Lady: Need you ask?
  • Lord: And forgive my fanciful conjecture, but may our daughter be obsessed with my life and work?
  • Lady: Your assumption appears mostly accurate. She cares not for your business. However, she abandons all to investigate the location of your disappearance.
  • Lord: How riveting. And what of you, my dear?
  • Lady: There is not one mention of me. Yet it appears I am not part of her life.
  • Lord: That is quite baffling. Or they may yet reveal the extraordinary reason for your absence.
  • Lady: Such as your death having been caused by the Queen of Atlantis?
  • Lord: Indeed my dear, indeed. I may have preferred the Queen of England, but I do appreciate the presence of royalty.
  • Lady: She chose a French first name for herself.
  • Lord: Alas, that does mar my enjoyment.
  • Lady: Tell me husband, with sincerity, would we have died a peculiar death had we not disinherited our daughter?
  • Lord: I cannot say with persuasion it would not be so.
  • Lady: Yet with more persuasion, certainly, than to say Lara would care had it happened.
  • Lord: Astute observation, dearest wife.
  • Lady: Oh gosh, look at the time!
  • Lord: I say! I would abhor for us to be late for the tea with Farringdons!
  • Lady: Shall we depart?
  • Lord: Indeed!

Ford Safety Week might be over BUT, I kinda feel like I cheated for day 1 since I posted an old drawing x’D Also it was the Stans as kids so I wanted to draw them as teenagers, since I never did that!

So we’re going back to day 1: Young Stans! .;D People would still make fun of Ford for his hands in high school, but Stan would always cheer him up…  SOMEHOW or other. x’D

This is gonna be it for a little while, have to finish up the semester! See you guys in 2ish weeks :P

A quick little tribute to ol’ Fordsy who appeared a year ago (09/03/15) in NWHS. That episode remained my favourite until the finale rolled around. Not only was it super exciting, but the Twin Theory turned out to be true. Also it was after this episode that I really joined the fandom.

The “Hug Monster” is fanon as you might know XD