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All 32 Competitors of the inaugral 2017 Mae Young Classic

  • Dakota Kai [New Zealand]
  • Serena Deeb [USA]
  • Vanessa Borne [USA]
  • Xia Li [China]
  • Rachel Evers [USA]
  • Sage Beckett [USA]
  • Kay Lee Ray [Scotland]
  • Tessa Blanchard [USA]
  • Toni Storm [Australia]
  • Marti Belle [Dominican Republic]
  • Lacey Evans [USA]
  • Santana Garrett [USA]
  • Nicole Savoy [USA]
  • Ayesha Raymond [England]
  • Reina Gonzalez [USA]
  • Shayna Baszler [USA]
  • Piper Niven [Scotland]
  • Zeda [China]
  • Rhea Ripley [Australia]
  • Kavita Devi [India]
  • Sarah Logan [USA]
  • Bianca Belair [USA]
  • Abbey Laith [USA]
  • Candice Lerae [USA]
  • Mia Yim [South Korea]
  • Miranda Salinas [USA]
  • Renee Michelle [USA]
  • Princesa Sugehit [Mexico]
  • Mercedes Martinez [USA]
  • Jazzy Gabert [Germany]
  • Taynara Conti [Brazil]
  • Kairi Sane [Japan]

WWE –  Mae Young Classic –
14 Competitors Announced
Abbey Laith         (previously known as Kimber Lee)
Bianca BelAir       (previously known as Bianca Blair)
Dakota Kai           (previously known as Evie)
Jazzy Gabert       (previously known as Alpha Female)
Kairi Sane            (previously known as Kairi Hojo)
Kavita Devi           (previously known as Hard KD)
Lacey Evans         (previously known as Macey Estrella)
Piper Niven           (previously known as Viper)
Princesa Sugehit   
Sarah Logan         (previously known as Crazy Mary Dobson)
Taynara Conti        
Tessa Blanchard
Toni Storm
Vanessa Borne      (previously known as Danielle Kamela)

18 Remain.

Rest in peace, Chavo Guerrero Sr.
[1949 - 2017]

A true legend has passed away today, and one less Guerrero walks our planet. Chavo Guerrero Sr., a superstar who is internationally known for being one of the most polished and precise wrestlers to enter the squared circle, has passed away. Chavo was a champion in multiple regions, between Oregon, Florida, the NWA, New Japan, and holds the distinction of being the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion ever. Chavo’s son, Chavo Guerrero Jr., carries on his legacy. Rest in peace, Chavo. I wish our paths had crossed.

And this is why we still have issues! Apparently some wwe officials were “unhappy” with the MYC. And here’s why…😒

From what we saw, there were beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. A beautiful display of female athleticism and talent❣️🖕