classic who moments


“War is terrible. Anyone who tells you different is a liar, and anyone who has not been scared during a war is doolally-taps.” — Jon Pertwee


How to Roman, a quick step-by-step guide by magister I.C.

  • Step 4: Don’t forget the hair! Looks are important 2.0 (*)

(*) hairdresser not included

List of people The Moment could have taken the form of instead of Rose Tyler
  • Susan Foreman
  • Ian Chesterton
  • Jamie McCrimmon
  • Jo Grant
  • Romana
  • Adric
  • Nyssa
  • Tegan Jovanka
  • Peri Brown
  • Ace
  • Bernice Summerfield
  • Charley Pollard

My dear child, what on earth are you complaining about? It’s the most extraordinary improvement.