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Classic Rock Fandom Gothic

I know this meme has been done to death, but elysianrain​ and I made this after we realized no one had done a version for the classic rock fandom- which, let’s be honest, is fertile ground for the weird and spooky.

  • You brush the beaded curtains aside and gaze wistfully out of your window. ‘When will my husband return from tour,’ you whisper softly to yourself, clutching a handful of his letters from the road. It doesn’t matter that he died more than forty years ago. He will come back to you.
  • “What is today’s date?” your classmate asks innocuously. You know it is March 15th, 1975. Or is it 1969? 1972? Time has lost all meaning.
  • You still find glitter from after-parties past on your belongings, shining like the memories of your gilded former life. You brush some glitter off your faux-suede sleeve and remember the feeling of David Bowie’s arms around you.
  • You’re singing along to your favorite record. The needle has long since reached the run-out groove, but you keep singing, oblivious to the pops and scratches of the vinyl. You know what comes next, the words and the tune that no one alive has heard. After all, he wrote it for you.
  • Faded ticket stubs litter your desk. Most are worn with age and completely illegible now, but you can tell with a glance where and when they came from. The memories you have of these concerts, long before you were born, mean more to you than the names and dates ever could.
  • Yellowing posters threaten to fall off of your walls at any moment, but they stay up, as if to humor your perseverance. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Paul McCartney wink at you from high above your bed.
  • Play the records backwards and they will tell you their secrets. The voices of the long-dead cry out to you from grooves in the vinyl. You cannot understand their words, but the meaning is clear. Save us..
  • The seams on your thrift-store clothes are coming undone yet again, and the fabric itself is frayed and faded. You receive curious glances from those around you, but they wouldn’t understand. They weren’t there, but your clothes were. Your clothes understand.
  • You can’t help but laugh as your long-lost beau recounts one of his on-tour antics. You hear someone call your name and slip the bookmark back into place, annoyed that you’ve been pulled yet again from the world where you truly belong.
  • A loud crash awakens you in the middle of the night. As you look through your window for the source of the sound, you notice your TV, smashed to pieces on the ground outside. How did that happen?
  • You’re living in the past, they tell you. The Cavern Club, the Marquee, the UFO- all these places ceased to exist before you were even born. But you know the truth. You’ve made better memories in these long-gone concert venues than you ever did in the 21st century. You plan on going back tonight. I hear the Doors are going to be playing.
  • They say no one truly dies until they are forgotten. Your house is full of ghosts. They celebrate your triumphs, echo your woes, and hold your hand during good times and bad.

I don’t know if this only happens to me…

You like well-known bands like Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones and they ask you:

- “Oh, so who’s your favourite member?”

- “You know the one who quit the group, went crazy for the drugs, is horribly underrated, mainstream people don’t know him and is dead? That one.”


“There’s rosemeowry, that’s for remembrance. Purr-ray you, love, remember. And there is pawnsies, that’s for thoughts… I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died.”

#40: Mewphelia, from Hamkit Purrince of Denmeowrk by Whiskeriam Shakespeare 

In the scene where Mewphelia goes mad and starts handing out flowers, many purr-oductions have her handing out weeds and grasses that she only imagines are rosemeowry and pawnsies


That time on Marinus when Barbara and Ian started a private book club. And it was gorgeous. 

Also William Russell agrees with me:

This scene is unique in Doctor Who - a scene with Barbara and Ian both reading books to each other. It’s absolutely unique. I don’t think we ever did anything like this ever again…it’s wonderful.

(The Keys of Marinus DVD Commentary)

On September 16th, 2012, I began my journey with Doctor Who, and today I have finished all of Classic Who! Through it and Tumblr, I have met so many awesomely wonderful people and I’ve been inspired to make my art better! I also found the TPC and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. I’m really glad I gave this show a chance ♥ Now onward to Big Finish!