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This GIFset, containing a large number of GIFs, is sourced from various 3.5 trailers/gameplay footage, including the Castle version trailer, Hallucination version gameplay, and “Hallucination trailer B” (which is what I call this trailer for Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5)

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Trailer for “I, Claudius,” the BBC Masterpiece, from 1976, and based on the novels by Robert Graves. Mere words can’t describe the absolute brilliance and greatness of this production. Once you watch it for a little bit, it will pull you in with its mesmerizing story, and phenomenal acting. The series runs 11 hours and 8 minutes, and you’ll wish there was more: it’s That good.

“A true masterpiece” — San Francisco Chronicle 
“Fiendishly sophisticated” — The New York Times 
“Handsomely produced, grandly acted, and…thoroughly involving” —The Washington Post 
“Irresistible, witty” —Los Angeles Times

From Amazon’s description:
“This epic BBC series spans the history of the Roman Empire from Augustus through Claudius, a stuttering scholar who learns early to play the fool and stay alive. Based on the novels by Robert Graves, it stars Derek Jacobi (The King’s Speech, Cadfael) in a career-defining role. Siân Phillips (The Age of Innocence) is “exquisitely wicked” (Los Angeles Times) as the lethal Livia, wife to Augustus (Brian Blessed, Hamlet), while John Hurt (The Elephant Man) is "decadence personified” (USA Today) as the depraved Caligula, whose reign of terror paves the way for Claudius’s ascension.

Winner of an Emmy® and numerous other awards, this riveting tale of ambition, debauchery, and intrigue remains one of the most popular and acclaimed dramas in Masterpiece Theatre history. Patrick Stewart (X-Men), George Baker (The Ruth Rendell Mysteries), Margaret Tyzack (Cousin Bette), and James Faulkner (The Bank Job) also star.“

Highly, highly recommended.


When I was young this movie terrified me (Which I loved) the “IT” remake looks really good to me, how about you?

Such a simple thing as a Red balloon.  Creepy.


This is an amazing video. This is fan made trailer for Blade Runner 2049 done in the style of the the original trailer for Blade Runner. Its very well done and I think you guys will get a kick out of it. Also, I want to give a shout to Screen Crush for the video, well done guys. Hope you enjoy.