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Text posts & Enlightenment, my favorite Classic Who episode (so far).

Fact #1195

When Ben and Polly returned to Earth, they met Dodo again right away. The three of them decided to found a group of ex-companions. Ian and Barbara were recruited some days after that, and the five of them hung out in a secret room\basement under the “Dodo Chaplet Funerary Home”. Victoria was welcome to the team a few years later (and they made her ease to the 20th and 21th centuries). The team was allied with UNIT in 1970, with Liz, Jo, Sarah, and Harry all becoming part of it after they left the Doctor. For a while, nobody joined, even if they tried to seek Tegan she dismissed all as a dream. Through Ace and Melanie visited the team a lot using their TARDIS, they had a lot else to do. Grace openly sought for them and was hospited by the team for a bit and they still communicate in various ways. But there weren’t any new permanent members for a while, until Martha Jones’ welcome that is.

Matthew Waterhouse: Every episode I begged to have a new costume.
Janet Fielding: We all did, didn’t we all!

Peter Davison: I think I’m being a bit too Tristan here, I don’t know what to do, I’ll be Tristan!

Janet Fielding: Listen Peter, if you don’t stop I’m going to start my fashion commentary.

Janet Fielding: I wasn’t allowed to have my hair its natural colour, I had to have this red because he didn’t want me to look like you Matthew! I nearly kicked him in the shins! Nearly kicked him a little higher than the shins!

Peter Moffat: Handcuffs.
Janet Fielding: Ooo, we’re into the bondage scenes now!

Peter Davison: I’m not mocking your trance acting Janet! I’m just trying to find the difference between your trance acting and your normal performance!

Sarah Sutton: No animals were harmed in the making of this television programme.
Matthew Waterhouse: Several actors were harmed, several careers were harmed!

Peter Davison: Well, maybe you did! I’m sorry, I’m being mean here.
Janet Fielding: Just because I’m Australian doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings!
Sarah Sutton: It’s like going back 22 years sitting here.

Peter Davison: There are sadly, poor children in the world called Tegan, I’ve had to sign autographs at conventions.

—  Commentary for the Visitation.