classic taper

Celtic Knot French Rolling Pin

This is a great way to utilize some scrap wood.  Let’s get to it.  Glue up the main pin, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2″ x 2″ and 18″-24″ in length.

Next, create a terrible-looking but effective jig that will cut a consistent angle that you like.  It should have some sort of stop so that you are always cutting the same center point.  My stop is that notch in the walnut.

Start cutting.

Insert a thin piece of contrasting wood and glue it up.  This will be a pain, but try to get the pin pieces as aligned as possible.

Rotate the piece 90 degrees or 180 degrees, depending on what kind of knot you prefer.

Ideally, you should mark one end of the pin and ALWAYS put that end in the same end of the jig.  I didn’t, and the rings were off-center.  After pouting for a bit, I problem-solved by making this a double Celtic knot.  

Trim it up to prep it for the lathe and then start making it round.  Once round, mark your ends from center to create the classic tapered ends of a french rolling pin.

Meanwhile, admire how awesome the center of pin looks!

Sand it up and then apply some food-grade finish to it.  I used butcher block treatment that I use on cutting boards.

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10 Points for Collateral Damage by Phosphorite - 4k / T
We all agree that one of the best things about rinharu is their competitiveness, yes? Well come get a load of this fic - the characterization is *so spot on* we even get Haru in all of his weirdness surrounding Iwatobi-chan. Seriously, guys, Phosphorite is a master and we all owe them some kind of offering.

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