classic swimsuits


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.25.17

theme thursday: swimwear, baby!

solid-color swimwear by klipperswimsuits

i’m all about a crazy patterned swimsuit because i love fun and bright colors — but these muted, solid-hued suits are my new faves. they look sophisticated and demure and are super flattering.

Rogue Fashion Head-Canons

1. Adriana Lima for Harper’s Bazaar: If you don’t think Rogue rocks bardot crop tops(see: The Boysenberry Pie date), and short skirts like a pro you are wrong.

2. Agent Provocateur’s Cupid set: Valentine’s Day gift from Remy Lebeau, to Remy Lebeau.

3. Emily Ratajkowski in Norma Kamali Swim: Rogue’s favourite type of swimsuit. The classic high cut one piece. AKA the Bugatti Atlantica of Black Swimsuits.

4. Getting into a ring with Rogue is a huge mistake. No matter how lighthearted about it she claims to be. She’ll get into it. Not fun.

5. Phantom of the Opera. Halloween. Christine. It happened.

6. Lovers + Friends X REVOLVE Bomber Jacket in Forest Green: Rogue’s current favourite. She’s a bomber fiend.

7. Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Agent Provocateur: Rogue trying to get someone’s attention at an inconvenient time, on purpose, to laugh about it later.

8. Rat and Boa Catalogue: Rogue IS one of those people that jumped into the whole “high waisted fishnets under shorts/skirts/jeans” trend. Proudly.

9. 90% of her casual looks in a formula: Crop top + Cut offs. That’s it. That’s the formula.

10. Paolo Sebastian: Rogue’s Wedding Dress. You best believe she wears flowers in her hair.