classic super sonic

Something I’ve been working on periodically throughout the year. So many characters, some classic, many of them very recent (and/or relevant), coming together for another epic photoshoot. ~

Unfortunately I’ve only just finished sketching it, and I figured you guys waited long enough. I will release a colored version later (hopefully before the year ends), so look forward to that!

Characters Used:
Mario & Cappy
Modern & Classic Sonic
Kirby & Gooey
Mega Man & A Servbot
Cloud & Dueler X/Mog (Final Fantasy)
Crash & Coco Bandicoot
Rayman & Murfy
Donkey & Diddy Kong
Samus & The Baby (Metroid)
Bubsy & Arnold the Armadillo
Beck & A Patch Unit (Mighty No. 9)
A Rabbid & Rabbid Peach
Pikmin & Olimar
Balrog & the Demon Crown (Cave Story)
Wario & Kitty Shokora
Mouse Man & Pig Man (Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap)
Alucard (Castlevania) & Bomberman (Super Bomberman R)
Cuphead & King Dice
Shantae & A Tinkerbat
Issac (Binding of Issac) & Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)
Pac-Man & Clyde
Hat Kid & A Mafia Goon (A Hat in Time)
Bendy & A Freddy Mask (FNAF)
Frisk & Papyrus (Undertale)
Great Fairy Cotera & Link (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)



Pfew! After 3 days of work, it’s finally finished!! I’m so happy of how it came out!

Thank you for those 26 years of joy, laugh, emotion and adventure!!! May your day be great, Blue Blur!!!! AND KEEP ON ROCKIN’!!!!! 😄😄😄😄

All characters © Sega
Material: Canson paper A3, Uni Fine Liners 0.1, 0.05 and 0.3, Promarkers, Watercolors.

ah yes the sonic the hedgehog franchise
  • Go Fast And Then Hit Some Slow Platforming
  • Now You Can Skip The Slow Platforming If Youre Good Enough
  • Time Travel And Confusing Level Design
  • Pinball
  • The Lord Of Classic Sonic
  • The Lord Of Classic Sonic Pt 2
  • Confusing Isometric Platforming
  • He’s 3D Now And Here’s Some Great Music
  • Mario Party But It’s Terrible
  • Have Some Edge And Bat Titties
  • Classic Sonic But It’s Actually Modern Sonic
  • Classic Sonic But It’s Actually Modern Sonic 2
  • Sonic Heroes But It’s Actually Classic Modern Sonic
  • Sonic Beats The Shit Out Of His Friends
  • Intro To Boost
  • Broken Game But Isnt As Bad As People Say
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS: This Time Theres No Gravity
  • Broken Motion Controls
  • Incredible Game That Everyone Hates For The Werehog
  • Another Great Game That Everyone Hates For Some Reason
  • “Sonic’s Return To Form” Has Mediocre Writing
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS: This Time It’s Unplayable
  • This Isn’t Classic Sonic
  • Nostalgia Trip
  • This Isn’t Classic Sonic Pt. 2
  • It’s Fuckin Mario Galaxy
  • The Actually Good Sonic Boom Game
  • Nostalgia Trip Pt. 2
  • Canon Fanfic