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Types of NHL Games

  • Pre-season = you know none of these names but the ones you do know will probably get injured.
  • Regular season = the games that you hope your team will win so they can get a thing.
  • Winter Classic/Stadium Series = the game where grown men get to relive their danger of hypothermia childhood. Also snow.
  • Alumni game = the games that we let the retired guys play in because we respect our elders. Old time hockey brings the old.
  • Playoff games = your hair will either fall out or turn gray, half your team will be AHL call ups, and you’ll wonder what rules are even in the NHL.
  • Stanley Cup Finals = If your team makes it, you’ll have at least 5 games of panic and heart attacks, or at least 5 games of solid reasons to loathe a team. If your team wins, they get a thing.

hank30nyr: Aug 11th 2018, Henke & Zucca Summer Classic at Ulevaal stadium. Can’t wait, you are going down Zuuuc! 👊🏻 @hlundqvistfoundation @righttoplaynorge


William Nylander #3.3

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Party after party, you should be used to it by now. But instead you groaned till you got into your bathroom and turned on the shower. After a long day yesterday, all you wanted to do was sleep in and relax till you were to arrive at your mothers New Years Eve function later tonight. But instead you were to stand along side your father all day, at the BMO Field right here in Toronto. 

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