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Soulmate au is when the 2 characters are meant to be in a more magical way? like, maybe they were born with a mark that helps them find their other half or destiny wants them together, you know what I mean? is like... like the red string of fate! their souls are bonded together. I am not the same anon that ask about the soulmate au, just want to let you know what it was :P

Thank you my friend!

I did some research and found out more about Soulmate Aus! :D

I’ve decided to combined ‘Hearing your name from the Soulmate’ and ‘Having trouble being away from soulmate and having to come back because of longing struggles’. I hope that works xD



Amy heard the crowd cheer out his name.

Her eyes flicked, something about it felt right, but she wasn’t sure why.

Looking around the crowd, she peeked her head out to see a bunch of rescued flickies being released from a contraption of sorts… a blue boy bouncing on a yellow button to free them.

He posed, hands on his hips with the back of his wrists. His head held high, cocky and confident.

He folded his arms as he smirked for the photos.

She couldn’t help but stare…

She wondered if this was love at first sight.

Later, after some tarot card reading, she took off for Palm Tree Panic. Before this, this was a quiet girl, expected to marry and just be a stay-at-home kinda wife. You know, with that dainty kinda life.

But the second she drew forth his name in her throat, the second the syllables formed, she knew.


She felt her heart race and something rise from her feet, forcing her to skid with her heels to stop herself.

It was like a truck flew upward and sped out of the ground and up through her body; bringing the sensation with it as it hit hard and swiftly. Completely knocking her clueless as a bubbly sensation of fizzing wonder floated up her stomach and stopped her breath.

What on earth was this?

The boy turned around, his face frozen.

Had he felt it too?

She walked a little closer, though the name rang through her mind and her body was lit up with a warmth again, a pure and underlying longing came to her to be closer and say his name again.


This time, she watched him jitter from his knees up to his nose, having the vibration carry as slapped his two hands to his nose, and blinked, in shock.

His quills bristled, much like her own, and she thought for a second…

Her soulmate?



She plugged her mouth with both hands, about to step forward but became to afraid too.

She desperately wanted to finish speaking his wonderful name, to hear that glorious ring and feel that amazing rush!

But the boy looked afraid…

“I’m sorry…” she softly spoke, but didn’t let this awkwardness continue.

She bounced up and happily did a small sway of her body, having her arms follow the gesture before her hands covered her face in shy fists again.

She blushed, and pulled them down again.

“I’m Amy.” she stated. “Amy Rose.”

She repeated this, just to be certain…

If him saying her name caused the same sensation then.

“…A…EM.” he cut himself off, looking down.

He was clearly uncomfortable, as he slowly moved a leg back, shaking as his whole body wanted to try and say her name too.

He tried to get away, walking like an uncomfortable march, as if something was between his legs, giving him a wedgie. This uncomfortable walk was because his legs had almost gone completely limp, and his heart was pounding while some strange sensation of fire and water boiled within him uncontrollably.

It was confusing and scary.

“Wait!” Amy called, holding a hand out and looping an arm around his arm, nuzzling up to it as she once again swayed herself closer, making him lean his head back.

He sweated as she batted her eyes.


“Did you feel that too?” she inquired, before giggling and looking like a smarty-pants, but trying to be alluring.

She tilted her head down and continued her flirtation, or what she could pass off as flirting…

“If you felt that by me saying your name… then you must feel the same when you say mine!” she cheerfully stated, squeeing a moment as she released his arm and shook back and forth, her face covered again, acting coy.

“Eee! How embarrassing!”

“U-…Um…” Sonic kept sweating profusely, feeling suddenly too hot and faint, he kept trying to inch away… moving backwards as he did so, trying to not startle the strange girl that sent an odd feeling through him. “E-embarrassing?” He spoke through gritted teeth in a fake smile, his eyes slightly showing how crazy he thought this all was.

“Well, yes!” Amy kicked a leg up and swung it behind her, placing her two hands clutched tightly together and up by her side as she closed her eyes.

Her head looked up to the sky, as she sighed- “Because if it is so, then we’re soulmates! And you’ll never want to be apart from me-!”

A sudden gust of wind, and she blinked her eyes open, looking ahead.

“AH!” she gasped, offended as her arms swished down through the air and shook by her sides, seeing him take off without her…

“Ohhh…! The nerve! I’ll have to teach you some manners! Come back here!” she stomped her foot down, the wind kicking up, as she suddenly took a deep breath.


This time, the sensation changed.

She giggled, suddenly feeling like she was being tickled, and then, a massage that completely relaxed her… her eyes looking to enjoy the feeling, her feet digging into the ground as if someone had scratched behind her ears. She blushed before an electrical circuit of sorts traveled up her spine and exited through each individual quill, making her let out a cry of delight before shaking her quills back in place from being elated upwards.

“It HAS to be my soulmate!” she chimed, overjoyed! “My hero~” she swooned, instantly in love with the idea!

She suddenly dropped her arms and looked shocked again, “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed.

“Now we’ll have to get married!” she threw her arms up, jumping in her glee, “Yeee~ I’m gonna be Sonic’s wife!” the same tingling, but on a lighter level now, still noticeable though.

“You are not!”

She suddenly blinked her eyes open from her dreamy state, and looked over across the way.

The boy was trembling, his eye twitching, as he was clearly feeling the effects from her call.

She had no idea if the sensation was doubled because it was his name or not, but she enjoyed the feeling it gave her.

She smiled, happily, before putting an innocent finger to her mouth and ducking her head down.

Playing innocent, eh?

Sonic growled in his mind’s thoughts, ticked off he was triggered so easily.

What was this!? A soulmate!?


Like he, Sonic The freakin’ Hedgehog, would have any need of any woman-partner!


He felt the sensations finally leave.


Though they died down slowly…


The feeling lingered a bit but he ignored it, or at least tried to as he folded his arms and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t tell me you believe in those stupid mythologies!”

“Myth… Mythologies!? Ah!” she looked deeply offended, and her open mouth expression made him snicker.

Oh good.

He could have fun messing with this one…~

He thought that with deliberate glee, motioning his fingers in a wave on his arm, smirking down at her, a devil’s look of wicked pleasure in his eye.

A soulmate?

More like a nuisance! He couldn’t have ‘soulmate’ on an adventure! Please! She’ll break a claw.

He teased and mocked her, leaning up from his first expression to lower his eyelids, sizing her up and unfolding his arms to place them judgingly on his hips.

She’s not even all that.

He dropped his smile.

If she WAS his soulmate, wouldn’t she be more than pretty?

His face suddenly dropped, looking up and off into the distance.

Did he just think that?


He shook his head.

Nah, man! It’s gotta be the sensations! Ah-! N-not like he believed that stuff was real though, anyways!!! And even if it was-

He spat at the ground, lifting a leg up exaggeratedly to do so.

He would fight it till the day he died! Just in spite of it all!

“Do yourself a favor, Pinky.” he didn’t dare call her by her name. “Eggman’s afoot, and I wouldn’t want ya gettin’ hurt. Just run along home and forget about me, alright? Thanks for being a fan though, see ya!” he leaned forward, using the hand motion to ‘shoo’ her away as he flapped it back and forth a moment, looking like he didn’t care as he saluted a ‘cool-dudes’ goodbye and was about to take off.

His leg was positioned right.

His hands were curled and ready to reel forward.

He could almost feel the awkward moment dissipating behind him before-

“But..! Ohh.. I don’t have a home.” She ducked her head down, her sudden soft eyes revealing a helplessness Sonic’s eyes couldn’t ignore.

His eyes had shifted back, just by hearing the shift in tone.

He glared forward, sweating..

‘Don’t let her get to you, Sonic…’

He frowned, though his kind heart was starting to show…

He tried to bury it deep, telling himself it wasn’t safe for her anyway, but then again…

Why did he care?

“Augh.” he threw his arms up, relaxing and leaning forward in a hunch, before turning back to her.

She wasn’t trying to be annoying… she was just looking for her hero.

He pouted, looking up again and away from her.

“You really don’t have anyone? Not one single person who gives a care about you at all?”

The harshness wasn’t meant to be so… well… apparent.

But the poor girl seemed to shrink away, her fingers starting to roll over each other in nerves, and a look of pity suddenly came over her.

“I… I guess not.” She felt rejected, and by her soulmate?


Wait, what!?

Sonic shook his head.

Don’t start that again!

“Ahh, come on! I can’t stand to see you sulk all of a sudden from being sunshine and rays a moment beforehand. Dang, I’m getting soft.” he scratched the top of his head, turning away as if to dismiss his sudden kindness, but she raced at lightspeeds up to him, shocking him at her agility, before tacking him down the tall hill he was on.


as they tumbled, he felt a sudden pull to make sure he took any damage instead of her.

This was normal though, as he was used to defending others, but…

His hand wrapped around her waist, and he seriously focused on getting upright, jumping up and holding her bridal style, looking on.

He was suddenly aware of his strange maneuvering of having her in his arms, and blinked, looking down as if that was pure instinct…

She smelled… good… AH!

He shook his head and flailed his arms about, letting her go on the ground as she stared at him, wide-eyed in admiring love for him.

Or so he thought.

He clutched his hand to what felt like a about to burst out heart, as if willing it to stay in there.

“Look, just leave me alone, okay? You’re better off on your own.” he started walking ahead, dusting his arms off of her… ugh, scent and the feeling of her soft fur and- Grr.. he’s got strange thoughts now!

He took off, darting forward and moving through the stage.

When he felt he was far enough away, he relaxed, sighing in relief and started stretching.

“Let’s never have to go through that again…” He muttered to himself, before a strange feeling of guilt came over him.


“Amy Rose!”

She had said that.

A strange allure of longing… followed by deep, profound impulses and urges to hold her again, took over and created a quake in his hands, as he held them out in front of himself, watching as they tensed and shook by just the thought of her name, the memory of her in their possession…

“W-wo-wo-woah… what’s happening to me?” Sonic, feeling the odd thoughts start to swarm, rapidly started having his body shake, and he slowly pulled his hands up to his withdrawn head.

His eyes widened as he twitched slightly, his feet wanting to go back, his body feeling queasy…


“I found you!”


He flinched away but she caught onto him.

Instantly, a volcanic eruption sent a signal boost throughout him, and a wave of relief followed by a gentle pressure release gave him the sensation of a pleasant nap. At least, he wasn’t sure how to describe it either than that.

To his inexperience, he thought he had a heart-attack followed by heat stroke and a sudden condition of anxiety induced cerebral palsy.

His body wasn’t coordinating and he was helpless to fight her off.

He just looked up, his nose twitching so he rubbed it to try and excuse himself from this mess.

Should he… really let her tag along?

How’d she catch up to him so fast anyway?

Was she able to really be his..?

“Please don’t leave again! You scared me!” Amy stated, shaking her head. She started leaning up and whining slightly, the tone of her pitch right in his ear sent a goofy smile on his face, and suddenly his foot started thomping the ground like some kinda thumping in glee.

He must have lost his mind.

“If you leave, I’ll be drawn back to you! So that’s mean to make me long for you like that!” she shook him up, but his face just showed complete surrender to the ecstasy.

He’d never felt this dumb before.

“Um.. miss, could you not… haha…” he was meaning for her to do this to him, but she just let him go, thinking he meant the shaking.

“Opps! My bad. hehe.” she giggled, having a hand up by her mouth, “I forget my own strength sometimes..”

“Your strength is… strong.” he was still wobbly, still goofy face, before he shook himself out of it and looked really upset.

“Ble-blr-blr-blr-GRUFF. Hey! What’s the big idea?!” He was starting to lose his temper…

Amy ‘eep’d, covering her face slightly, but peering over gloved hands, leaning away.

“Look, I don’t have time to play with little girls.” he leaned his face forward,.. but was that really just the pull?

His fist came up to make a point… or was it his hand wanting to be closer to reaching for her again?

“Like I said before. Eggman’s hunting more flickies, and I don’t have time to waste around and mess with you! Scram, kid! I’m a loner! And always will be!” he flung his hand out and stated his point bluntly, before taking off.

“Oh, wait!” Amy desperately cried out, “Son-!”

“Oh, and another thing.” Sonic came speeding back, placing a finger on her mouth, and turning his head with an eye squinted and the other having it’s eyebrow up, as if he was pointing out another thing…

“Don’t call me back! It’s weird! And you’re better off with some prince charming. Trust me!” he removed the finger, but the touch was suddenly something he couldn’t ignore…

“You.. you alright with that?”

She had ducked her head down, covered in shadows.

“…H-hey… you aren’t crying are ya… Miss?” He bent his head down, refusing to speak her name.

Anger swarmed through her.

Her true love, her soulmate.

Rejecting her so cruelly.

Didn’t he know this was a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Soulmates couldn’t be apart without desperately longing for the other, and saying each other’s name was suppose to give a forever strength to their bond, a never-ending love that only grew and grew as the name was spoken by them.

She found him… and he was telling her to buzz off.

Like she couldn’t follow him.

She could play hero too!

She rose her head up, determined.

“I CAN PROVE IT!” She hollered in his face, making him move back and blink in utter disbelief.

“P-prove?” He gawked, “Prove,… what? Exactly?” he leaned forward with his hands on his hips again, feet together, looking curious but confused at her words.

“I can prove soulmates are real!”

He must have admired her gusto, Amy thought.

Cause he stood up straight, turning slightly to the side with his body angled, and folded his arms, giving her a formidable look…

“Oh, you can, can you.”

“Yes! I can! I’ll prove it right now!” she stepped boldly up towards him, toe to toe, as he looked down at the foot positioned out to her, the other on the side, and then back up with just his eyes.

“You for real, girl?”

“Say my name!”

His head shot up and his hands unfolded, horror and shock coming over his face, before tensing it up and having a snarl replace his frown, a look of contempt in his eyes.

“Come again?”

“I’m sick of you denying it! You know if you said my name, you’d feel it too! You couldn’t run or.. or hide from it anymore!” she shouted out, letting her voice fill the zone as he twitched his fist, tsking…

“Pfft. As if.” He leaned back up, trying to not take this seriously.

“I’m on a very important mission. I don’t have time for your silly games, lady!”


He froze a second, twitching an eyelid down as if he was bracing himself, lifting an arm as if he had expected that to do something to him.

“See! You moved!” Amy pointed out, “Say it and you’ll know!”

“I… I don’t believe you! Or in your magic jargon of silly love stories!” He defended, but he was sweating again, nervous…

“Do it!” She wasn’t backing down, her face right at his, making him stagger back.

“Uhh…” he slowly started retreating, realizing this girl’s will was equal to his own.

At least, Amy hoped that’s what was coming off.

She advanced forward, taking one step at a time as he repeatedly stepped away one foot at a time.

“Amy. Amy… Rose.”

“Quit it, girly! Ah..” Sonic was cut off by a loose rock, seeing it fall from his foot’s weight and retrieving his foot back. Looking down at the drop, he looked a bit panicked for a moment.

“Now!” She lunged forward, as his arms spread out and he tried to arch his back away from her.

“Alright, alright! But it’s not gonna change anything! You’ve gotta go!” Sonic demanded back, shouting so she understood him.

Geez, I never knew a girl with so much -tude.

He snarked to himself, before watching her back away, her eyes still daggers as if threatening him to keep his bargain.

“If you feel the same… I stay with you!” she folded her aggressive little arms and pouted like most little girls do.


How’d he end up in this mess?

“Fine…” he scratched the back of his head, “You win…” he buffed up his chest, sucking in some air.

He was about to release it, when she was suddenly swooped away.

He blinked, before turning to look up.

“What… just happened?”


“Eeee! Hey!” he gripped his quills, having the sensation return but differently this time, having the quills stick up and shake straight, but his impulses feel like they had a million-bolt batteries in each part of his movable body!

“Metal me!” Sonic looked ahead to see Metal carrying her off. “Darn, we must still be in sync!” he realized, and darted his head down, glaring.

If he thinks he can take her away, I’ll-!

He sped off, not giving the thought a second look.

“Hang on!” he called from below, before seeing her let out a cry of help, her eyes spraying tears as suddenly Metal flew off into the sky.

Sonic reached up, his boyhood voice suddenly echoing out a sensation he hadn’t known before.

It was as if he was meant to say this sound, born into it, destined to speak it and let it rest on his tongue forever.


(Awww, so cute! XD I love classic Sonamy!!!)


Been a while here’s some stuff I drew recently

- 1920’s styled Wario, I know right what a shock I drew Wario I NEVER draw him because of his stupid body and legs but ’ll just do my thing when drawing him since that’s how I got used to drawing Waluigi and of course Mario is next for the 1920’s treatment

- A Classic Sonic for Mania hype I hope a release date gets revealed soon…also my best Classic Sonic IMHO

- Oh hey look it’s Edwina, back and bit annoyed she has been seen in a while due to the flood of new OC’s I made it can be hard to remember her, Edwino, Beth and Eminence who are my “main” OC’s

- Speaking of new OC’s…her is a new one, Nea she’s an ice cream girl I randonly drew she’s made of vanilla (mainly) with chocolate for hair and her “dress” and cones for “legs” orignally she was going to be named CC which was short for Cookies n Cream as well what flavor she was gonna be…maybe next time for a new OC ?

- A random idea I had aftr getting the Skull Grunt Poster made by Shadman a ShyGal Skull Grunt since I love both why not ? No name but I call her SSGG which short for Shy Skull Grunt Gal (it’s also a pokemon ref!) I do plan to make my own Skull Grunt OC so that’s something to look forward to~

- A slight redesign to Aqua the Echinda an Sonic OC I made last year made her design more simple and like Tikal in a way

More to come please stay tuned and I would greatly appreciate if you all could reblog my art please since it helps me alot til next time~

Favorite Sonics


will always be one of my favorite Sonics
Underground will always be one of my favourite Sonics
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Will always be one of my favorite Sonics
Classic Sonic will always be one of my favorite Sonics 
PIXELATED Classic Sprite Sonic will always be one of my Favorite Sonics
Dreamcast Era Sonic will always be one of my Favorite Sonics
Modern Sonic will always be one of my favorite Sonics
Sonic Extreme even though he never made it out the gate will always be one of my favorite SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-

*Don’t stop won’t stop can’t stop the beat*


Here’s a thing I’ve been working on for a while, redesigns for a lot of Sonic characters! I don’t like that as the series went on, the characters became more and more tied to a mold, so my aim was to make them varied, fun, and at the same time, consistent between each other.

Some notes:

  • Amy and Shadow are no longer hedgehogs, decided to make Sonic the only hedgehog. To be honest I didn’t settle on what species Amy is supposed to be, though she has some bunny-esque features, but Shadow was based off of tasmanian devils.

  • Amy is now a witch, and her Piko-Piko Hammer acts like a magical girl wand and broom. She’s a spring witch, casting those yellow and red springs you see in Sonic levels from her hammer, which are also two springs!

  • The second Blaze is just her without her sleeves and with her hair untied, to show what her paws and hair look like.

  • Jet is based off of a peregrine falcon

  • Bark the Polar Bear is now a girl.