Something I’ve been working on periodically throughout the year. So many characters, some classic, many of them very recent (and/or relevant), coming together for another epic photoshoot. ~

Unfortunately I’ve only just finished sketching it, and I figured you guys waited long enough. I will release a colored version later (hopefully before the year ends), so look forward to that!

Characters Used:
Mario & Cappy
Modern & Classic Sonic
Kirby & Gooey
Mega Man & A Servbot
Cloud & Dueler X/Mog (Final Fantasy)
Crash & Coco Bandicoot
Rayman & Murfy
Donkey & Diddy Kong
Samus & The Baby (Metroid)
Bubsy & Arnold the Armadillo
Beck & A Patch Unit (Mighty No. 9)
A Rabbid & Rabbid Peach
Pikmin & Olimar
Balrog & the Demon Crown (Cave Story)
Wario & Kitty Shokora
Mouse Man & Pig Man (Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap)
Alucard (Castlevania) & Bomberman (Super Bomberman R)
Cuphead & King Dice
Shantae & A Tinkerbat
Issac (Binding of Issac) & Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)
Pac-Man & Clyde
Hat Kid & A Mafia Goon (A Hat in Time)
Bendy & A Freddy Mask (FNAF)
Frisk & Papyrus (Undertale)
Great Fairy Cotera & Link (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Amy: We have everything in the resistance room. Chairs, a table, and even this new computer!

Vector[genuinely shocked]: I’m sorry, I’m rather high up here. Mind repeating that?

Amy: We have a computer?

Vector[creepy whispering]: ..Never in my life have I needed something oh so very much to the point of insanity, and never known until I received it.

I have ONE QUESTION that I don’t think anyone has talked about this but…

If classic sonic is in Sonic Forces….? Then…? WHERE’S CLASSIC TAILS?!?! I realised that since I haven’t seen any sign of classic tails from any trailers that we’ve seen so far.

Any theories or ideas about classic tails?


Tyson Hesse is a gift