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now that the snes classic is out i want to reiterate an important point:

the reason you can’t find an NES or SNES classic is because Nintendo themselves do not want you to have one

the NES and SNES classic were designed to both appeal to nostalgia and create an artificial scarcity, raising awareness of the Nintendo brand. Nintendo wants their brand name to mean “nostalgic, rare, and special”

why do they want this?

the Switch.

the NES classic was sold for 60 dollars at a loss to raise awareness for the Switch’s launch in March. they wanted people saying the Nintendo name again so that when the Switch came out, people would see the console and grab it immediately. they’d see the switch and think “a new nintendo?! with a new zelda?! nintendos are hard to find! i remember having a nintendo as a kid! i better snap this up! i’m so lucky to have found it!”

and it worked. with only two real games to its name, the switch broke sales records in the first few months

and now the SNES Classic is doing the exact same thing for Christmas. get people talking about “the rare nintendo that you can’t find anywhere” so that when people find a Switch or a New 2DS in a store, they’re more likely to snap it up.

the SNES and NES Classics exist solely to create the idea that Nintendo’s brand is inherently rare and valuable.

am I saying that this is bad or that the NES and SNES classics are bad? not at all. I honestly find the marketing strategy fascinating and bizarrely well thought out for Nintendo of all companies. I also think it’s important that people should know that this is what Nintendo are doing.

you can’t get the SNES and NES Classic because Nintendo wants you to go Target or Walmart or Gamestop looking for them, and they want you to come home with a Switch instead. that’s the strategy.

Well I said that I will post something about my oc on the fallout 4, I didn’t imagine that there is still people who like to do characters on the fallout universe, it’s great to know that there are still people who wanting to draw and create them. Well I didn’t create Line for this universe but she fits on it reaaaally good, so, I made her my sole survivor

I don’t know if to make an another tumblr to post my draws, more elaborate draws than this dkbfkskfkd or just don’t do it, but hope you like her, maybe someday I will tell you what is her story

{PART 13} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Mia sheds light on her relationship with Jaebum to Jinyoung and Jackson, as both of the boys finally complete the puzzle of what really happened to you on the night of your accident.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 12} {Part 13} {Part 14}

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Little bros ruin everything.

do you know what climbing class ( josh x Chris from until dawn ) portrayals I really hate? The ones that paint it as a completely one sided relationship where josh unloads all his problems on chris and everything is hunky dory

first of all, nice implication mentally ill people are like happiness leeches

second of all, do not try and tell me chris was neurotypical that boy definitely had some issues as well.

don’t try and tell me there weren’t days where chris is just overwhelmed by life and needs to shut off his phone asking josh for some space because “I can barely keep myself upright I need some quiet time” and Josh has to remind himself it’s nothing he did, it’s the world at large coming down on chris.

don’t try and tell me they didn’t have arguments about their priorities when one was feeling ignored but then have to remind themselves they can’t take up all of each others time, while promising to remind each other how they care and are there for each other

don’t even tell me they didn’t swap stories about their shitty fucking medicine and how it had this or that side effect

do not tell me chris didn’t sit through some boring ass classic movie solely because josh loved it, and visa versa when chris drug josh to one of those terrible comic book movies and he bit his tongue whenever he wanted to criticize it cause it made chris happy

don’t tell me Josh didn’t try and nudge chris to let go of his anxiety and be more social - and instantly regret it when all these good looking, fun, nice, STABLE, people would adore chris and talk to him and take his attention away

don’t even tell me that chris wouldn’t go hide out at the Washington house when shit went down at his house, he was welcome there at all hours, had a key and would drag himself up to joshs room and just flop down onto joshs bed without a word and the insomniac would just hug him from the side and they’d both get to sleep and mysteriously there was always a spare toothbrush in joshs bathroom when the two woke up the next day ( go Mrs Washington )

what I’m saying is stop making it a one sided thing draining chris, it was a supportive loving relationship between two very mentally ill messes and I will fight you on this


Inspired by Creative Recreation’s Testa Black & Silver sneakers as worn by Jared, we are excited to announce the official Thirty Seconds To Mars sneakers custom made by Creative Recreation. These super sleek black sneaks made of action leather feature a raised rubber Triad on back and MARS classic red soles.*

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Tbh that's the thing that gets me about Mania. It's an excellent game crafted with love from actual Sonic fans. But those fans are of the Classic era. Their love is devoted solely to Classic Sonic and they wouldn't touch Modern at all. Us Modern fans need those kind of people to make a Modern Mania but where are they and are they just as talented? Would interest in Modern even still be alive since people are more excited for Mania and hating on Forces?

It’s a conundrum ain’t it?

You don’t know how happy it’d make me if a 3D Modern Sonic title had as much expertise and love languished on it like Mania had.