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The Signs as Makeup 💄
  • Aries: Liquid eyeliner. Because it's fierce as hell but also makes u rage quit, both of which are common Aries pastimes
  • Taurus: nude eyeshadow. Because it seems too quiet and subtle to be beautiful but yet, here Taurus is... I mean nude eyeshadow.
  • Gemini: colorful mascara. Because why? But also, why not? Put it in your brows n push some limits, like a true Gemini.
  • Cancer: white eyeliner. A staple for when you cry but don't want people to know u just cried, much like a Cancer might do.
  • Leo: anything holographic. Because it steals the show and it shines, which Leo's r known to do.
  • Virgo: foundation. You know a good makeup look needs some. It smooths everything out, like a Virgo w bed sheets.
  • Libra: smokey eye. Classic, classy and adaptable, Libra approved.
  • Scorpio: graphic eyeliner. It's mysterious.Who has the time? Who has the patience? So many questions. It's also bold, like a Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius: "no makeup" makeup. So many steps. It's an adventure to get there. which is.... exactly where u started.... life is about the journey, the Sagittarius motto.
  • Capricorn: red lipstick. When you put that on you mean business, and that is something a Capricorn can respect.
  • Aquarius: hair glitter. Bet you didn't think of that. It's cool n unconventional, like an Aquarius.
  • Pisces: green lipstick. It's different. Almost the exact opposite color of what u expect. Pisces has thought about this. It's a statement.

The Classic Smokey Eye | For Hooded & Monolids | Talk Thru

anonymous asked:

hey sara i was wondering what are your favorite makeup tutorials? also what tutorials do you feel taught you the most? you're makeup is always so perfect and it's honestly inspiring

Oh jesus this is so nice….. Okay I learned literally almost everything from Jaclyn Hill so I’ll link you some of her most helpful videos… Other of my favorite youtubers include kathleenlights, madeyewlook (if you’re into bodypainting), nikkietutorials, Manny Mua, glam&gore (SFX makeup), lustrelux (MY SECOND FAV), Desi Perkins, and Batalash Beauty. Anyway, some helpful Jaclyn videos are:


Day to night makeup look:

Brow routine:

Basic 5 minute makeup:

Cat eye:

Daytime glam:

Electric palette look:

Everyday drugstore makeup:

Go-to smokey eye:

Looking fresh and awake when you’re exhausted:

Bronze smokey eye:

Classic smokey eye:

Ombre sunset smokey eye:

Soft and romantic eye:

Her videos are SO HELPFUL I swear she’s who taught me how to blend, I promise you’ll learn a TON (and remember you don’t need to use false eyelashes every time like she does!) 💖💖💖

I recently got the opportunity to try-out the new Zoeva Cosmetics ‘Smoky’ palette - and I am very excited about it!!!
Here are my swatches of the eyeshadows - this is only a mobile shot but I it’s very true to colour. 

The palette contains a mix of Matte, Pearl and Metallic finish eyeshadows. There is an array of different shades that will enable all skin tones to create a smokey eye, from a soft light version, to a heavy and intense one - all with the use of this one palette
The shades are based upon 'Midnight’ incorporating dark, deep and rich colours to bring you the smokiest of eye looks. 

Another thing I particularly like about this palette are the names of each colour, they are quiet uniquely labelled.
Not all brands name their eyeshadows within palettes to differentiate the shades, which is a real pain when showcasing or reviewing them to followers.  

All the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend easily due to the ultra micronised formula - even the matte ones blend out with ease, and we all know how matte shades are notorious for being difficult to blend. 
These shadows are free from parabens, mineral oils and fragrance. 

The cost of this palette direct from Zoeva’s website is just €17.50, and I think it is worth every penny!

I have just uploaded a close-up tutorial showcasing how to achieve a 'Classic Smokey Eye’ using this very palette. 


Classic Smokey Eyes

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I recently received the Zoeva’ Smoky’ palette, so I decided I would create a classic smokey eye tutorial for you all!
The palette contains an array of shades suitable to produce varied smokey eye creations to suit all skin tones!
I will be uploading swatches of this palette later.

here’s a list of makeup looks that are totally season appropriate and can be worn at parties or even every day if you’re like me and like going to work wearing showgirl makeup because fuck it 




It was rather late at night when Harry decided to take me to the club with some of his friends. I was never really really fond of clubbing, Harry knew that, but he promised me that he would stay by my side the whole night and that I could just not drink at all.

Going through my closet, I finally found a dress that would be suitable. It was a thight black strapless dress, that fit me perfectly. As for my hair, I just curled the ends and for my make up I went for a classic smokey eye look. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was quite pleased with the view. Putting on my black silettos and grabbing my purse I walked downstairs.

“Finally!” Harry said shaking his head. “Why do girls always have to take so much time?” he just took my hand and walked out of the house. I had never seen him act like this, usually he’d kiss my cheek and make a compliment about my outfit. And to be honest I didn’t really want to ask for the reason. I was rather afraid of him.

After an uncomfortable car ride, we arrived at the club. The street was full of paparazzis, who were all waiting for someone famous to turn up again, probably because Harry’s friends were already inside.

Pushing through the paparazzi and yanking my arm Harry didn’t answer any of their questions, but one. “How’s the relationship with your girlfriend?” one had asked. Harry just stared me and said “Fine” half-heartedly.

The second we stepped into the club, Harry let go of my arm. “Find yourself something to do, I need to find the others.” I was getting furious by now. I could’ve just stayed home instead of being stuck in a club, pretty much all alone.

I watched Harry disappear in the crowd and found myself walking to the bar. “You look like you need a shot,” said a bartender who was apparently named Kim, at least that was written on her name tag. I wanted to say “No thanks,” but “Give me one.” came out instead. Kim nodded her head and poured me a drink. In a matter of seconds I swallowed the whole thing. “Bad night?” she asked. I just nodded my head. “My boyfriend dragged me along to this place, promised me he would stay by my side the whole night. But do you see him here? Neither do I.” Kim just shook his head and gave me another drink. “On the house.” I thanked her drank it also.

“You know if I was you,” Kim started, “I’d make him jealous. I’d dance with a complete stranger til I’d get his whole attention back on me. Just a small suggestion.” She winked and then went back to making drinks.

I let my eyes wander around the dance floor. People were grinding on each other, some kissing, others were just having fun. I stood up and started making my way over there. While walking I saw Harry laughing with his friends, our eyes meeting for a second. I knew from his look that he was interested in my following actions.

I found a guy, that was rather fit, who started dancing with me. I placed my hands on the back of his neck and just moved to the rythm. I could see Harry perfectly and he didn’t look pleased. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was gripping his glass. He watched my every move, but stayed put.

I knew I had to step up my game, so I turned around and the guy I was dancing with placed his hands on my hips. Suddenly his hands were gone and I heard Harry’s husky voice. “Get your filthy hands off her,” his voice sounded furious. “Hey man, there are plenty of girls here, go get your own.”

“She’s mine,” Harry said pushing the guy. “Geez man.” The guy said backing off. He looked at me with a questioning look and walked away.

Harry turned me around and pulled me closer to him. He placed his hands on my hips and his head found the crook of my neck. Feeling his hot breath on my neck I sighed. I gripped his hands on my hips, wanting for him to touch me. He placed his lips on my neck rather slowly, making me go crazy. In a second he found my sweet spot, sucking on it. I felt my knees going weak - I was losing my balance.

“Remember who it is, that can make you feel so good,” his lips were gone and he turned me around again, looking me deep in the eye. “You left me,” I said boldly, but still feeling dizzy from his touch. “And to be honest you were acting strange.” He just kept looking at me with a serious face. “I got rather afraid.” I muttered to myself, but he heard it. The look in his eyes changed - the seriousness now replaced with guilt.

“I don’t know what came over me,” he said, his voice sounding gentle, like he was afraid that his words would hurt me more. Harry stepped closer to me and lowered himself, so he could look me straight in the eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said caressing my face with the back of his hand. “And as much as I hate to say it, you can go back to dancing with that stranger if you want to.”

“You’re sounding ridiculous right now, Harry.” I placed my hands at the back of his neck and let my hands play with his hair. “I was only trying to get your attention - to make you jealous.” He shook his head, “Well it worked, alright.” I chuckled and shook my head. “There is no one else I’d rather dance with than you. It’s you that I love.” He looked me in the eye and in a swift second he placed his lips on mine.

His kisses sent shivers down my spine and I could feel my knees getting weak again. “I love you more,” he said taking my hand, “And in fact we’re going home now so I could show you just how much more.”