classic shredding


Coroner is a technical thrash metal band from Switzerland who came to be in the late ’80s when the popularity of thrash was still strong. Coming from a country with little to no reputation for metal of any kind, other than extreme metal godfathers Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Coroner found themselves struggling to break through into the popularity of bands from the USA or even their German cohorts such as Kreator or Sodom. So even after releasing cult favourites such as R.I.P. (1987), Punishment for Decadence (1988) and No More Colour (1989),Mental Vortex (1991), the band decided to call it quits in 1996. But with the rise of the internet, Coroner have found themselves gaining more popularity than they ever had before.

The band members using their virtuosic capabilities made one of the first technical thrash metal albums and certainly one of the few thrash albums also combining neo-classical shred metal. R.I.P. is a defining debut and also a criminally underrated thrash classic that should be mentioned with the greats of thrash.