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RFA and V reaction to MC initiating their first kiss? Like just bam there it is

Took a break from finals work to finish this one up! I didn’t specify the exact contexts for any of these so that it would be up to your imagination~


  • You give him the quickest of pecks on the lips
    • His reaction is immediate and adorable; his eyes fly WIDE open and his face is instantly red as a beet
  • He’s so conflicted…! 
    • Because on the one hand, he’s disappointed in himself because he wanted to be the one to initiate it first! He wanted to show that he can be assertive!
    • But on the other hand oh my god you just kissed him and it was his first kiss and he might faint he’s never been so happy in his liFE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH
  • But wait a second! Just a peck? That wasn’t enough! 
    • So after he registers what you did, he looks at you and goes, “My turn now,” before pulling you in for a much longer, but still gentle, kiss and you can feel just how long he’d been waiting for this
    • Yoosung is much smoother than most people realize lol 


  • Trying to be a ~gentleman~, Zen was holding out on your first kiss… but you got impatient
  • Initially, he’s really surprised!
    • Keyword initially
    • His eyes go wide for about a second before he quickly adjusts to the situation. Oh okay, we’re doing this now, then! 
    • Frickin. Smirks into the kiss and suddenly he’s in control now and this kiss is going to last a bit longer than you originally anticipated oh my
  • He’s sure to be mindful of your feelings, though – if he senses any hesitance or reluctance on your part he’ll immediately stop and verbally make sure you’re on the same page
  • Afterwards he’s totally buzzing with happiness; he’s ecstatic that you guys finally kissed and he’s in a good mood for days and can’t stop grinning because he keeps reliving the moment in his mind
    • And then it occurs to him that he’ll get to kiss you more he’s allowed to do that now and his brain just about overloads


    • Like, the ability to form coherent words completely leaves her for a good two or three minutes
    • She has to physically sit down
    • This actually worries you slightly so you’re like “omg are you okay was that okay?”
    • After an agonizing moment she gives a tiny nod and you’re so relieved that you have to sit down
  • Eventually her vernacular comes back and suddenly it’s like she’s trying to make up for the silence, she’s talking so much and so fast
    • It’s all a mix of apologizing and explaining that she had thought about kissing you before, but she wasn’t sure if you would be okay with it, and you’re so important to her, and she didn’t want to ruin your guys’ relationship, and, and, and–
    • You have the urge to quiet her with another kiss but instead you chuckle and talk it out with her, and in the end your relationship is mutually defined as a romantic one, finally!


    • Where you are the eyes-squeezed-shut-in-nervousness, furiously blushing love interest
    • and Jumin is the wide-eyed, my-heart-goes-doki-doki protagonist who you caught completely off-guard
    • this was not in his schedule today
  • Oh my god you just made Jumin Han visibly flustered
  • He kinda shoos you out of the room and you’re really worried you did the wrong thing…
    • But when you see him again several hours later, he stands in front of you all stiff and formal, a blush slowly creeping up his neck, and asks you if he can kiss you back
    • This time he catches you off-guard with how eager he is, very much contrasting his cautious demeanor just a few seconds ago but oh man you’re not complaining


  • Just about yells out loud in the middle of the kiss due to both surprise and excitement
    • his lips taste like Honey Buddha Chips omg
    • When you break apart, his eyes stay closed as if he’s savoring the lingering feeling… then he squeezes them tighter shut and grins from ear to ear and shouts “YES!”
  • He’s quite impressed by your courage to be the initiator and makes sure you know it
    • But he feels kinda bad about not being the initiator himself; he feels like he put unnecessary pressure on you
    • So to make up for that (even if you assure him it’s fine) he completely showers your head, face, arms, and tummy with countless kisses of his own
    • “MC stop squirming I’m doing very important work here,” he says because you’re laughing and can’t help but wiggle around because it tickles!!


  • Oh! Blinks a few times as his mind processes what happened.
    • …and then he can’t keep a really big smile off his face
  • “Thank you, MC.”
    • omg what a cute polite weirdo
    • Holding in your laughter, you hint that he can show his thanks by kissing you back
    • He happily obliges to that, although the first time is a little awkward because he has to feel your face with his hands before doing so
  • Throughout the rest of the day, you prompt V to “practice” kissing you and it’s a win-win situation because 1) you get a ton of kisses from him, and 2) he gets quicker and better at positioning each time
  • He marvels at the warmth he feels with you and wonders what he did to get lucky enough to have you in his life like this

One of the series that I finished recently is Hana yori dango (boys over flowers)… The anime is a little old, is from 1996 xD, but is a classic from shojo series… It’s so beautiful… Is a romantic story… and bla bla bla… I finished to watch the anime and I loved it… so I’m reading the manga, because this continued after the anime and the end is different… then I’m going to watch the japanese dorama and the korean dorama xD hahahahahah, yeah, It has a lot of versions….. but I like it :3 I really like the story…



a Japanese historical romance novelmanga, and anime series. The main character, Candice “Candy” White Audrey is a blonde girl with freckles, large emerald green eyes and long, curly hair, worn in pigtails with bows. Candy Candy first appeared in a prose novel by famed Japanese writer Kyoko Mizuki in April 1975. When Mizuki joined forces with manga artist Yumiko Igarashi, the Japanese magazine Nakayoshi became interested in Candy Candy. The series was serialized as a manga series in the magazine for four years and won the 1st Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo in 1977. The story was adapted into an anime series by Toei Animation. There are four Candy Candy short films which were never released outside of Japan.


Here’s a little number you could file in the “majorly popular in pretty much every country in the whole world but never shown in the U.S.” folder. Candy Candy is a beloved shojo classic that chronicles the life story of a young orphan girl named Candice White Aubrey, or Candy for short. We see her journey of discovery as she learns about life, love, loss, and more in the early 20th century. It isn’t the first of it’s kind; a manga based on a fictional biography, and  the art style might be sickeningly cute and flowery as manga/anime aimed at young girls tend to be but it’s still pretty solid.

It all comes down to seeing Candy face every challenge in her life with her plucky determination, can-do attitude, and unbreakable sunny demeanor. Dare I even call it inspiring that despite whatever life throws at her she never loses sight of who she is and what she’s capable of accomplishing. That’s a character that everyone, regardless of gender, age, or geographical location can appreciate, Candy is the kind of heroine people can look up to.

If I could compare her to anyone else, I would call her the Japanese equivalent of Little Orphan Annie. Like Annie, Candy is a pretty timeless character that everyone can enjoy, and I’m not just saying that, I mean it. It might be overly cutesy at times but  there’s plenty else to enjoy

I almost feel ashamed to say I didn’t discover Candy Candy until I saw a parody of Candy’s character in the French animated web series, Les KassosIf you’ve never seen it it’s a really funny series where parodies of characters from various sources of pop culture meet with a social worker to discuss their problems. As for the character parodying Candy– umm, well, uhh– she’s has a debilitating sex addiction.

Yeah, moving swiftly on, another reason I’ve never really heard of it despite being an award winning production and a major piece of Japanese pop-culture is there’s some major legal problems with the franchise. You see, back at the turn of the new millennium, the author and artist of the original novels and manga entered into a legal battle with Toei Animation over who really owned the series.

Disputes were also made during the time at which the authors halted all officially produced goods which somehow allowed numerous to start producing and distributing their own DVD sets of Candy Candy. I don’t know the details, specifically with a copyright loophole but so many different people from all over the world churned out their own Candy Candy box sets. Legal proceedings got so bad and tiresome that all copyright holders just gave a resounding “FUCK IT” and decided there would be no more.

Effectively, Candy Candy has been completely frozen and it’s unlikely we’ll see the show ever re-air on television or see official merchandise of any kind, including a DVD, ever again.

It’s really sad, poor Candy–


  • The 2007 French animation short film Candy Boy by director Pascal-Alex Vincent was inspired by Candy Candy
  • There are four animated short filmsCandy Candy (1977), Candy Candy: The Call of Spring/The May Festival (1978), Candy Candy’s Summer Vacation (1978) and Candy Candy the Movie (1992).
  • There are a few plot and character differences between the manga and the anime: Candy’s age differs for several events when she first grows up at Pony’s Home and the character of the pet raccoon Kurin/Clint belongs solely to the anime version.


From what I could watch and read, I really enjoyed this series. I didn’t see a whole lot since there weren’t many English subtitled episodes, and I don’t speak any other languages, but I still liked it. This is the kind of series I would have absolutely no trouble letting my daughter -if I had one- watch since I know it would be good for her. If I had a son I’d let him watch on the off-chance he was interested but that’s beside the point. This is a dang good series, no doubt about that.

It gets my recommendation

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Got a weird one for you. In the scenario where you don't meet through the chatroom, and RFA doesn't through parties, what AU do you think would be best suited for you and the RFA members to meet? (For ex: Jaehee would probably be an office!au where you two are assigned the same project at your work place when obviously ~*feelings*~ happen)

oooh interesting…

Yoosung: Well, obviously the most likely one would be you’re a student at the same university as him! It could be that you have some classes with him and you end up sitting next to each other or something? Or it could be cute if you didn’t even have any classes together but accidentally bumped into each other in the hall and afterwards you seem to just keep seeing each other around so you end up getting to know each other~ (BONUS: it would be super funny if all that happened but it ALSO turns out that you’re an avid LOLOL player and have met him through the game a bunch, you both just don’t realize until way later!)

Zen: What comes to mind for him is for you to have gone to see one of his musicals (I’m thinking you wouldn’t start off being a fan, it was like one of your friends brought you along to a show or something?) and on the way out you actually bump into Zen and fall over and he does your classic ~*~SHOJO CATCH~*~ and doki dokis ensue lmao but he overreacts to the whole thing and insists upon taking you to the doctor because oh no did you twist your ankle??? and things kinda take off from there haha

Jumin: Jumin was really hard to come up with something for but I think I got a good one! You’re the child of an employee at C&R and you come to the building because your dad forgot his lunch or something, and you get into an elevator and Jumin happens to be in the elevator too. You don’t realize exactly who he is so you’re not concerned. But then the elevator stops working (of course heheh), and you find yourself trapped with Jumin for a few hours before the elevator’s fixed! So you’re awkwardly like “okay we might as well talk to pass the time?”. It takes a little bit but eventually Jumin relaxes a little and you talk until the thing is fixed, and you find yourself taking a liking to him and, by extension, more excuses to come hang out in the C&R building in the hopes that you’ll see him again. Things progress from there. c: (It isn’t until quite a while later that you actually discover he’s the executive director lmao)

As for Seven, I literally have no clue. He lives in a frickin underground bunker and as far as I know rarely leaves it. ._.

I want to hear it again, yet I don’t want to hear it again. I want to see her, yet I don’t want to see her. What do you call this kind of feeling again?

Arima Kousei

-Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

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