classic shave


Okay so hear me out

  • Piercings. And plenty. Ears include gauges (7/16ths. Not too big, not too small), industrial bar, daith, forward helix, all that good stuff. Facial piercing include snake bites, eyebrow, septum, a plain nose stud on one side, he considered dimple piercings but decided against them, and a tongue piercing (Sherlock’s personal favorite)
  • Tattoos. He has the chemical structure of chloroform on his shoulder because he thought it was Edgy, he has a Doctor Who themed sleeve because on the inside he’s a Soft Nerd, he has a couple fading stick-and-pokes from his teenage years that were really poor decisions, he has a calligraphy WSSH directly over his heart, he has the soundwave of Sherlock saying ‘I love you, John Watson’ down his forearm, and he’s just started a backpiece of a completely blissed-out Sherlock after sex. (It makes Sherlock blush every time he sees it)
  • Concerts. When people see him they’re all kinda like ‘pfft, what’s this short guy gonna do?” and he tears. that. shit. up. (He ‘accidentally’ punched a guy in the pit because he called Sherlock a priss for standing off to the side. And he didn’t even feel remotely sorry.) When Sherlock goes with him (which is getting more and more frequent) he always makes a show of taking his shirt off and giving it to him, giving him a kiss, and then returning to the pit. Needless to say, Sherlock loves that part.
  • Hair. He has the classic side shave but the top is always changing color. His personal favorite is a nice distinguished silver, but he always returns to a nice, deep blue because it’s Sherlock’s favorite.
  • Sherlock brought up getting a JHW tattoo over breakfast one morning and John nearly chokes on his toast. Seriously? You’d want to? ‘Obviously. You have my initials, why shouldn’t I have yours?’ John swallows what’s in his mouth and leans over the table and kisses Sherlock firmly. They go later that day to John’s artist and, even though it was Sherlock’s idea, John can tell he’s nervous. John ends up holding his hand the whole time, running a hand through his hair saying baby it’s just three letters to which Sherlock replies ‘coming from the man who, apparently, has no pain receptors in his body!’ John kisses his hairline and smirks. When the tattoo heals, though, he loves to lavish kisses on it.
  • He always gets the comments that are like ‘you’re going to regret that’ ‘you’re hair’s going to fall out’ etc etc but he always just smiles and says if I was going to regret it, I wouldn’t have gotten them and continues walking down the street, his hand in Sherlock’s back pocket.
  • Once, at a concert, an embodiment of toxic masculinity calls him a f*g for his backpiece and PDA with Sherlock and before he can punch the guy in the face, the lead singer of the band on stage stops the show because he heard it and tossed the guy out. After the concert, he gives John free merch and a whole-hearted apology.
  • As they grow up, get married, all of that, they eventually adopt a little girl named Violet. When she’s about four she turns to Sherlock and asks ‘Papa, why don’t you have any pictures like Daddy?’ to which he replies ‘I do, little bee, but just not as many. And mine has just as much importance as Daddy’s do’ When she’s older and she sees the JHW on his chest, she smiles to herself. That is pretty important.
  • And to round this out, shortly after adopting Violet, John starts a sleeve on his other arm for her. It includes her birthday and date of adoption, bees (because like Sherlock she loves them) and, under Sherlock’s soundwave he has one of her saying ‘I love you, Daddy’ from her first day of school. That arm is certainly his favorite, if he’s honest with himself.

Thank you for talking at my ted. This turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. Enjoy for what it is.

While I don’t trust DC to do right by Wally (haven’t since they quietly shuffled him aside years ago honestly) I felt like playing around with the new design for the Fastest Man Alive (which i also don’t trust dc to keep) to make myself feel better for not doing the art I was suppose to today.

And yes.  I made him a red headed black kid.  Because red headed black people exist, with or without hair dye.

The Selection Episode 8
  • Celeste: *draws a mustache on America while she sleeps*
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • *camera pans to the door of America's room* *sun comes up* *you hear America scream*
  • America: I have to get revenge, Marlee!
  • Marlee: Okay, Let's do the classic!
  • America: *puts shaving cream on Celeste's hand while she's sleeping* *tickles her nose* *Celeste slaps her own face with shaving cream*
  • Audience: *laughs*
Rough Night (Steve x Reader)

Warnings: none

Y/N= Your Name
Y/L/N= Your Last Name
Y/F/S= Your Favorite Song

Relationship: Steve x Reader

“Rough Night”

It was a pretty good morning. You had gotten a good amount of rest the night before, and felt pretty good by morning. You where a light sleeper, and heard someone tossing and turning through the night, but it seemed like whoever it was, they got sleep, ‘cause eventually it stopped.

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