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Have a wish for your favorite Classic Who, Big Finish, or other Expanded Universe character? Want to create awesome fan works? Well, look no further.

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  • Sign ups will be open until October 23. Assignments should go out by October 30. You can sign up to create fanart, fanfic, or gifs and graphics.
  • You can ask for anything at all as long as it involves Classic Who or the Doctor Who Expanded Universe. We will do our best to match you up with someone who is familiar with the same areas as you.
  • Note: please do not include New Who in your prompts except peripherally, as this is meant to be for Classic Who/the EU.
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Once you get an assignment, post it between December 15 and December 25, then make sure to tag it with #classicwhosecretsanta and the url of the recipient in the first five tags.

If you have any questions, send us a message and @senator-organa will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • a rlly fucked up age gap plot where a girl is giving up her baby ( 18 / 19 ). she goes through an adoption agency to find a couple. she ends up falling for one of the parents ( could be f/f or m/f ). lots of angst and sneaking around and freaking out when the due date gets closer because they want to be together. cold feet about the adoption. YES.
  • a married f/f couple decides they want to have a baby. they get their best friend to be the sperm donor. poly ? maybe ? angst ? 
  • everyone thinks she’s the perfect good girl but guess what ? she’s fucking her dad’s best friend. and oh uh, she’s pregnant. congrats. maybe her dad’s friend is married with kids already …
  • one last age gap … my wife and i have been trying to get pregnant for years and it’s taking a toll on our marriage. the cute intern at work seduces him. and as the title suggests, they make a baby.
  • i love you so much and i’m so glad we finally got together ( childhood friends ? exes who finally get back together ? ) … but i’m 12 weeks pregnant and we only started sleeping together a month ago.
  • the sweet angelic girl gets pregnant by the local bad boy. a classic. 
    • BONUS ROUND ! he’s a high ranking gang member and she becomes a target. oh the pain , the angst ! BONUS POINTS .. if she has no idea that he’s in a gang ..
  • the opposite … the local bad girl gets pregnant by the perfect golden boy .. he’s got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs. they meet a party and she gives him some drugs and they end up fucking in the bathroom.
  • i told you i was having an abortion so we stopped talking. you run into me a year later with an infant that has your nose …
  • i gave up a baby as a teenager and i tracked them down to meet them and their dad / mom is so hot i’m sweating …
  • i didnt know i was pregnant ! TM .. we’ve been together for years and we’ve kinda decided we don’t want children. you rush me to the hospital when the weird pains get too unbearable and oh god there’s blood. “you’re in labor” the nurse says. “what?”

This came as a result of sort of an inside joke after playing Nico’s GORGEOUS TR2 China Wall level. Couldn’t spot the darn silver shiny for ages!

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방탄소년단 (BTS) 김태형 (V) Inspired Outfit

  • Black Knitted Beanie with Ears
  • Long Baggy Cuffed Medium Grey Sweater
  • Loose White Cropped Blouse w/out Sleeves
  • Circle Framed Glasses
  • Black Side Messenger Bag
  • Black Canvas Low Ankle Converses

Disclaimer: Image doesn’t belong to me.


i’m so glad that this exists