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The Legend of Zelda:

Underworld Enemy #10: Darknut

“The knight who lives in the labyrinths. He has lots of attacking power. He repels Link’s attacks from the front with his shield.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

Hyrule is home to many skilled warriors and soldiers employed to protect the kingdom and their sacred relic, the Triforce. When Ganon’s forces invaded, a good deal of these men fled or were mercilessly slaughtered before they could do so. Among the top of Hyrule’s royal military ranks are their heavily armed palace guards, meticulously trained in close combat with broadswords and shields. Ganon sought to corrupt these swordsmen and use them for his own purpose. With their lives spared, the guards were promised unfathomable riches and positions of high rank and power upon Ganon’s seizure of the third and final Triforce. The guards initially resisted, but they were no match for the evil sorcerer’s dark influence, and joined forces with their enemy. Though their distinct armor plating bears the royal insignia, these men were no longer recognizable as Hylian, their skin discolored and all semblance of humanity lost. As these unfortunate men were seen as traitors, they became despised by Hyrule’s surviving populace and were given the derogative name ‘Darknuts’. Patrolling the Underworld with iron fists, the Darknuts are perhaps Ganon’s most formidable forces that wander the ancient labyrinths; smarter, stronger and more resilient than any beast.