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Answering that anon made me remember how much insane variety there is in classic Who companions. Like, I’m not knocking new Who for its desire to ground the show through the companions. It’s probably necessary for making the show nowadays. But let’s take a second to appreciate how few fucks the classic Who producers gave. There was…

  • a genius astrophysicist from the future with perfect memory
  • a warrior from a primitive society that developed on another planet after the Doctor fucked up real bad one time
  • a stuck up time lady
  • a boy genius mathmetician from another reality
  • an alien aristocrat whose dad’s body was stolen by the Master in her first story and he. just. kept it?
  • an exiled political prisoner from another world pretending to be a school boy and who’s being manipulated by the avatar of all evil
  • a shape-shifting robot that the Master found on another planet that the Doctor reprograms and then everyone just forgets about until the Master shows up again (oh and the Master is still running around in that one girl’s dad’s body by the way)
  • an American
  • a perfectly ordinary teen who just happened to swept up in time storm and transported to another planet in the far future and starts waiting tables there all as part of the plan of yet another cosmic evil in its ongoing chess match with the Doctor



To call Fred Seibert “a producer” is like calling Steve Hillenburg “a guy who drew a sponge.”  A visionary force in the early days of Nickelodeon, the former president of Hanna-Barbera, and the current big cheese behind Frederator, Fred has produced cartoon classics such as The FairlyOddparents, Adventure Time, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Bee And Puppy Cat, to name a few. To us, he’s a legendary animation entrepreneur, even though Fred calls himself a professional fan.

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The man who perfected the sound of the biggest band of all time. No small feat. He helped the Beatles define their sound, and pinpointed exactly what it was that made them special.
Without him, the course of music history over the last 50 years would be completely different. RIP, George.


I found this comment on Reddit and I thought it was too good not to share.

The recent TV remake of The Rocky Horror Picture will be released on DVD on December 6 via Fox. It will be presented an extended cut with additional footage and a song not aired on television. A Blu-ray release is not planned.

The reimagining of the 1975 cult classic is executive produced by Lou Adler (who executive produced the original), Gail Berman (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Kenny Ortega (High School Musical). Ortega also directs, working from the original script written by Richard O'Brien and Jim Sharman.

Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Staz Nair, Adam Lambert, Reeve Carney, Annaleigh Ashford, Christina Milian, Ivy Levan, Ben Vereen, and Tim Curry star.

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I haven’t been a fan for very long. In fact, until 4 years ago I only knew “Together Again” and “All For You”. So, 4 years I decided to listen to some of her other hits and I liked them a lot. Then, I randomly downloaded one of her albums: The Velvet Rope. I was blown away. It was perfect from start to finish. It is still my favorite album from her, a masterpiece. I eventually listened to all her albums and I started watching her tours and performances. I discovered a talented  and unique artist as well as a nice, humble and hardworking woman. My love for her keeps growing and I must say I’m very excited about these rumors of a new album. It will be my first era as a fan.

I wish her legacy and impact on music would be more recognized because yes, without her, there would be no Beyoncé, Britney or Ciara. She produced classic hits and legendary albums, she broke boundaries and showed that she wasn’t only Michael’s sister (who I’m a big fan of as well).

Thank you Janet for your music, your crazy performances and that beautiful smile.

Happy 49th Birthday Janet Damita Jo Jackson. (May 16 1966 - )


i want to learn (and be fluent in) russian, german, arabic, french and korean.


  • i genuinely think russian is a gorgeous language to listen too, i want to get into classic literature - and the russian language plays a large part in some of the best literature novels and pieces in history, the concept of learning a new alphabet is exciting and daunting at the same time; i am intrigued by russian history, i want to travel (i want to be an author and travelling english teacher). 
  • i think german is a pretty language (both written and audio), and once again, i want to get into classic literature (and produces 18% of modern novels today)- the german language has played a massive role in some of the best pieces of classic literature, through magnificent novels, philosophical books and poetry; i have german ancestors, i am intrested in german history and i want to travel (for the same reasons as before).
  • i want to learn arabic because its a rising language in england, and truthfully, i think it’s most beautiful written language, i also want to read the qur’an (eventhough i’m not a muslim) and it’s just an overall lovely language (+ for travel and teaching reasons).
  • i want to learn french because.. literature. it’s played a gargantuan role in (specifically) western literature, and it’s influences on ol’ british society, plus, french food and history looks cool. (+ travel and teaching reasons). 
  • i think korean is a pretty language.. and god damn korean food (mouth waters) (+ travel and teaching reasons).

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❝ Why did you kill all of those people? ❞

Roman Godfrey had many reasons to loathe his lying whore of a mother (even now that she was dead), but making the decision to own the property of a goddamned ghost house  while she was alive was making its way to the top of his list. It was only made worse by the fact that he had to have his throat ripped out on the front lawn and was stuck here for a fucking eternity. Any remnants of the dynasty his family once was had all but disappeared by now, everyone dead or estranged, not wanting to associate with such a corrupt name. He was all that remained, stuck to live out some sort of cursed existence with the rest of his melancholic housemates.

In all honesty Roman found Tate pathetic, but they were also rather alike in that sense, so maybe that’s why he found himself hanging around the psycho so much. The new soon-to-be-sorry owners of the house were unfortunate enough to produce a classically unruly teen who frequented the bong in the back of his closet , and he was such a fucking idiot that nabbing a bag of his stash and making joints- his preference- was easy.

The science behind how a ghost could smoke pot weren’t specifics he wanted to dwell on, he just didn’t want to smoke it by himself like a fucking asshat, so lighting one up with Tate in the family’s kitchen while they were at work or school made perfect sense in his head. Until the questions started, anyways. “Could ask you the same thing,” he shot back, trying to blow a circle of smoke from his mouth and failing. 

The truth was, Roman more than deserved to die, but he definitely hadn’t expected to still be around after the fact. Instead of continuing to be evasive, he shrugged. “I’m a monster and I have no self-control. What’s your excuse?”


We’ve had some fabulous remixes of Swedish pop star Tove Lo’s Talking Body so far. Adding to the list is this new edit by Dim Mak signed producer Panic City. The producer takes full advantage of Tove’s seductive vocals and Talking Body’s contagious pop hooks with his progressive meets classic piano house makeover. It’s a thrilling, classy remix, perfect for the start of the weekend.

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Why did Jayne Mansfield’s career declined so much?

When people think about Jayne Mansfield they think about a lot of things. One of them is of a star whose image was glamorous, and someone who had succeeded in Hollywood - but whose success also was surprisingly limited. But why did that happened? Was she untalented?

Introducing Jayne Mansfield:
A dumb blonde? Hell no. Jayne was an outstanding student and a brilliant child. She knew how to play violin, piano, spoke 5 languages fluently and studied drama since her childhood. She could recite Shakespeare without a book and she also didn’t even wanted to be blonde or to have the blonde bombshell image. Yeah, crazy as it sounds, Jayne’s ambition in Hollywood was to be a actress who plays classic roles, till a producer said that her figure was “too distracting for mens audience”, so she embraced the sex symbol image and that’s where everything started.

The 50s
In 1954, Jayne Mansfield moved from Dallas to Hollywood determined to become a movie star. After some minor movie roles, in 1955 she starred in the successful Broadway play ‘Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?’ After this her career shined, she was contract by 20th Century Fox, starred in 'The Girl Can’t Help It (1956) (one of the biggest hits of the year), 'The Wayward Bus’ (1957) (her dramatic acting rained in good reviews, and she received a Golden Globe Award) 'Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?’ (1957) (the film version of her Broadway play was also a success) and in late 1957 she acted beside the renowned actor Cary Grant in the comedy 'Kiss Them For Me’. She also was doing performances in Las Vegas, appearing on the front of every newspapers and magazines, Jayne had interviews scheduled around the clock, she bought a pink palace and was working 18 hours a day. Her working ethic was marvelous, she was an actress whose instinct was, described by one of her directors: “unbelievable”. What could go wrong?

The 60s came
What can change in a decade? Everything. The 60s era was completely different from the 50s: The hair styles, the makeup styles, the film’s style. Mamie Van Doren described what happened very well: “I was trying to keep my head above the waters that were fast closing around us in that decade. But while I saw the end coming for us all too clearly, I don’t think Jayne realized what was happening.

What went wrong:

1. The “blonde bombshell/dumb blonde persona”
As previously mentioned, the 60s were completely different - and the image of the glamorous and dumb blonde from the 50s was no longer welcome. Jayne kept appearing in TV shows and events doing the same stuff. And the reason why she did it was simple and quite innocent: She didn’t want to let down the fans who fell in love for the Jayne Mansfield from the 50s.

2. Her motherhood

Jayne tried hard to balance her two biggest loves: Her children and her career. While she was pregnant she had to refuse a lot of movie offers. (But anyways, I personally think that she handled it very well)

3. The movie 'Kiss Them For Me’ (1957)

Often described as 'the key mistake in her career’, the history behind the movie was simple: A broken promise from the studio. 20th Century Fox promised her that if she accepted the role in the film, she would play the role of Jean Harlow in a biopic. She didn’t liked the script at all, but accepted it: The movie was a relative success but a disaster in the critics.

4. Staying at 20th Century Fox

After 1959, they started to send Jayne to europe to do low budget films. They also didn’t paid Jayne a satisfactory salary. Jayne wanted to stay at Fox because it was a huge company and also it was the Studio of her idol: Shirley Temple. She decided to stay at Fox till her 7 year contract was over, but sadly it was a little too late.

Maybe Jayne Mansfield was a wasted talent. Wasted by the Hollywood studio system that always type casted her as the glamorous movie star, sexy stripper, or blonde gang mol. Viewing her movies and watching her performances in them, shows us a woman who really wanted to act. Underneath the blonde bosomy facade lay traces of an unpolished talent and when directed by talented directors, this rough diamond did shine brightly. Taking in consideration the material Jayne Mansfield was handed it would have been a hard job for any actress to show what acting skills she really possessed.” - excerpt from “Affectionately, Jayne Mansfield”

Me: Modern cartoons are reaching a golden age, exploring new types of characters and ideas and overall showing a level of smart storytelling that will make many of the series being produced today classics that will still be watched decades later.

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