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Burning Jealousy

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: You and Scott are close childhood best friends and Peter, who has slowly become another close friend, becomes increasingly jealous of Scott as his feelings for you grow, and keeps pranking him; at least, until you catch him.

Warning(s): very mild swearing?

Requested by: @magnetic-electric


  You sighed, leaning back in Scott’s car seat. You weren’t sure about this, not at all, even though Scott had explained the this ‘Professor Xavier’ wouldn’t access your mind without permission. You could control your powers decently enough, why did you have to go to this school? You swallowed another sigh, knowing exactly why. You’d known Scott since the two of you were little, not to mention his brother Alex, and if Scott, the most arrogant, hard-headed idiot around was asking her to try this, you’d try it.

  You watched the scenery pass, your (Y/H/C) hair whipping around your face. Scott hadn’t told you much about the place, only that it was a school for mutants, like you. You remembered the situation that had made you agree to come in the first place.

  You’d been at school when it happened, just trying to walk down the hallway. You were on the phone with Scott when the school’s bitch had walked up and shoved you. Needless to say, your short temper had flared and you’d not only burned your phone to a crisp but also caught yours and the girl’s books on fire. Then you lit her backpack on fire. It hadn’t been the first time your temper had caused you to accidentally light things on fire, but you had insisted to Scott that it would be the last. He hadn’t believed you, and so here you were, riding in a car to a school in Westchester County, New York, with your hands in fireproof gloves. You can’t burn yourself with fire, but burning everything else is a very real possibility.

“You’ll love it, Y/N, I promise.” You look over at Scott, his eyes trained on the road. This was your best friend, and you trusted him.

“I believe you, Scott.”


  True to Scott’s word, you did love the school, although it turned out to double as a mansion. You hadn’t been exactly sure what to say when Scott drove up to the place and students had come tumbling out, so you’d merely hidden behind him. You may have a sharp temper and the balls to back it, but you were shy all the same.

  You’d slowly opened up due to the combined efforts of Scott and the idiot known as Peter who’d nearly run into you on your first day.

“Is it hot in here, or is that just you?” He’d looked at you with a smirk on his face, and you’d simply grinned slyly, taking off a glove. Your hand burst into flames in front of his face.

“I think that’s just me.”

  The two of you had become fast friends after that, although he always got defensive around Scott. You’d shrugged it off as simply Peter being Peter.

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Loki Laufeyson

Omg, are requests open? If not, ignore this. Im on mobile so I cant see who you write for, so if you dont write for Loki you can again, ignore this XD But, if you do, can you write Loki & his s/o out on a date at an amusement park?

Oh my gosh you’re so cute! I love Loki, I’m VERY happy to write anything about him! You said amusement park, and I wasn’t sure if I should focus on rides or not- if you want, feel free to request a part 2 if you want me to write about him reacting to a Ferris wheel and/or a roller coaster. I hope you like it!

Also posted the list on my blog in case anyone else on mobile can’t see it! :)

Warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF, an adorably confused Loki

Words: 604


The sun was wonderfully hot against the exposed skin of your legs as you stretched your arms above you, squealing happily at the satisfying ‘pop’ that came from your bones. You gazed out at the colorful rides and laughing crowds and a wide smile spread across your face to match the energy in the air. Turning to face your boyfriend, your grin instantly turned into a terrible scowl.

“Shut up, Loki.”

“But I have not spoken-”

“I know you, Loki. I know exactly what you’re thinking and you’ll have to get over it.”

Loki, ever the brooder, sighed irritably and scanned the crowd for anything remotely interesting. He could not understand how you found things like this fun. This many Midgardians in one place, with the stench of fried foods and dead grass wafting through the air, made for an awful outing as a couple in his opinion.

You groaned in defeat and tugged at his arm, knowing that he wouldn’t even bother unless you forced his hand. The tall man unhappily obliged you, watching with slight mistrust as you handed over some Earth money for two plastic bracelets.

First off, you dragged him to the row of games that were lined up on the edge of the park. The one you chose was a classic- shoot enough plastic ducks down, win a prize! Ignoring Loki’s disapproving scoff, you bent down and shimmied into position before the plastic gun. Your competitive streak knows no bounds, after all.

Loki tried not to smile at your furrowed brow or your smug smirk as the last duck fell over. His lips finally curled up slightly as you jumped and clapped your hands loudly in excitement. You scanned the row of prizes before pointing to an obnoxiously fluffy purple pig.

Poor Loki was not prepared to be smacked in the face with said stuffed animal, and looked down with great disgust at the furry abomination.

“What exactly, pray tell, is this?”

That, my love, is something to get you in the proper mood for an amusement park!” You giggled and nearly danced away, cracking up thanks to the mortified look on his face. On your way to the next stop you could see a few people laughing behind their hands at the obviously pouting Asgardian, which made him come very close to chucking the damn thing. But, in the back of his mind, he pictured again the victorious smile on your face and the way you had preened with pride.

Perhaps he would keep hold of it, just for the moment.

A few games later you took pity on the poor man and swapped him cotton candy for the plethora of stuffed animals you had forced him to carry. He stared at the pink and blue concoction with an adorably perplexed look on his face. You showed him how to eat it, tearing your own piece off, and watched with amusement as he hesitantly ate a piece. He nodded approvingly and relaxed, swirling the sweet treat around his mouth.

All of the sudden his eyes bulged in shock as he gasped, poking a finger into his mouth to search.

“Where did it go?! It disappeared! Is this- but there isn’t any Midgardian magic?” He looked at you with an almost betrayed expression as he sputtered more about where in the realms it could have gone.

The laughter that erupted from you was not subtle and attracted many stares, but not nearly as many as Loki when he began tearing pieces off the cone in a desperate search for any sign of sorcery.