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I’m working on a series of animated Illustrations for my favorite Gravity Falls endcard cryptograms. First up, my favorite episode “ A Tale of Two Stans” 

Ford Safety Week Day 7: Ford and his whole family <3

Headcanon: Ford is QUITE STRONG after 30 years surviving in other dimensions! Usually he keeps it on the down-low because he wants to let Stan still be “the strong twin,” but when it comes to being overjoyed about his family, sometimes an extreme, lift-4-people-off-the-ground-at-once group hug is required :)

Fiddleford is here because family doesn’t only mean blood relatives, and I think these are the 4 people he cares about the most <3

It’s literally 5:30 in the morning what is wrong with me .;T

They may have become old men, but it’s as they say: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional~

Also whoa I finally posted something!! I haven’t been sucked into a black hole I’m still here!! On the planet!!!

Enjoy the Grunks :’D 
I had fun with the lighting on this one!

Pines on a Road Trip (probably)

-Ford over packs on everything because YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED A GARDEN HOSE!!

-Stanley was driving, but after almost swerving them into oncoming traffic for the 10th time, Ford took over. (He’d have taken the wheel sooner, but he couldn’t get Stan out of the car before that).

-Mabel controls the radio from backseat thanks to an aux cord, and plays obnoxious music that makes the rest of the car groan. 
-She occasionally takes their requests but finds remixed versions of those songs on her phone.
-(manages to get Stan and Dipper to sing “Taking Over Midnight” in exchange for some radio silence for an hour)

-Dipper tried to introduce Ford to podcasts during that trip, but Stan and Mabel made weird loud noises whenever Dipper flipped the station to it that he gave up and listened to them on his own earphones (vowing to show Grunkle Ford later)

-Dipper and Mabel compete in ALL of the road games: license plate game, alphabet game, road trip bingo, the works. 
-At one point it gets so heated the grunkles break in to try and determine who won, the entire car starts arguing. (They take a break from the car games for a while after that)

-Stanley ends up having to make Ford stop so everyone else can be an actual human and eat food and use the bathroom. 
-Stan steals Ford’s coffee until he eats real food at a rest stop, to make sure he doesn’t crash in the middle of the drive (and quietly because he wants to take care of his brother. He’ll deny it if you say the reason is anything other than self preservation, though).

-Dipper noticed the blinking empty light a while ago, but Ford had rolled straight past that last town, so maybe he knows what he’s doing?
-Ford passes the next few towns as well. Dipper has chewed through 3 pens before he finally asks Ford how long the car can go on empty like that.
–Ford forgets to drive for a minute and Stan jerks them out of the way of a semi.
“Hot Belgium waffles, Ford! Dipper, how long we been on empty?” 
Umm, about 45 minutes
“Why didn’t ya SAY something? Ford, find the nearest gas station, quick!”
-Mabel whispers ‘way to go, bro-bro; good catch, we’d hate to get stuck out here’ to Dipper in the backseat while their grunkles argue over whose fault it is they’re riding on empty in the front.

-Ford pulls the car over no less than 17 times because he thought he spotted an anomaly in the wilderness surrounding the highway.
-Stan ends up having to punch about 10 out of 12 anomalies (the other 5 were false alarms) 

“Who knew they had CHIMERAS in Missouri?”-Ford, patting down singe marks and roping back up the garden hose into the trunk.
-(Stan hands Mabel $10 after they bet on whether they’d end up using any of the extra junk Ford made them bring)

Ford Safety Week might be over BUT, I kinda feel like I cheated for day 1 since I posted an old drawing x’D Also it was the Stans as kids so I wanted to draw them as teenagers, since I never did that!

So we’re going back to day 1: Young Stans! .;D People would still make fun of Ford for his hands in high school, but Stan would always cheer him up…  SOMEHOW or other. x’D

This is gonna be it for a little while, have to finish up the semester! See you guys in 2ish weeks :P