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Musical Buttons Now Available for Purchase!

Compositionals is now open for business! Pictured above are the first five available designs, and more are in the works! Buttons are available individually or in packs, and ship within 1-3 days!

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Please support Super Bomberman R

I know Konami screwed over Kojima big time and they’ve made some horrendously questionable decisions lately but please support them on the good decisions they’ve made. Super Bomberman R will launch on the Nintendo Switch, it was personally requested by Nintendo that Bomberman makes a comeback and Konami went all out with hiring the former Bomberman team from the defunct Hudson Soft to develop this. It’s a genuine, classic, pick up and play Bomberman game and we need to support it and show Konami that this is how we want them to treat their IPs, not stuff like Metal Gear Survive. Show Konami that these are the types of games we want by picking it up.

Also it’ll have online so fight me