classic muscle


Early ‘70s Dodge Challenger at a carshow last weekend. The carshow registration card on the dash said 1973. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think a 383 was offered in ‘73 and the owner wasn’t nearby for me to ask. Anyway, nitpicking aside, it’s a sharp car. Classic Mopar pistol grip shifter for the Torqueflite auto trans.


1967 Shelby Mustang GT350 cloaked in “Silver Frost” factory paint. This girl has a 306 horsepower small block 289 mated to an automatic. I would park this car in my living room and stare at it forever. :-)


I may have posted this 1970 Chevelle before, but it’s a gorgeous car with a lot of options. Take a look at the placard. The owner said he’ll sell it too. LS-5 454 / 360 horsepower, turbo 400 automatic transmission, 3.31 gearing with a 12-bolt, vinyl roof, air conditioning and power windows and locks. Of course, a “bitchin’ red” paint job (GM cranberry red). The flag is on the truck behind the Chevelle.


I enjoyed seeing this 1971 Dodge yesterday at a local carshow. My first car (in 1978) was a ‘72 Nova, so as a teenager I came up against '71 Dodges, such as the car pictured, racing from redlight to redlight. This car is a 340 and has an automatic. I assume the differential is in the low 3.00 range. Nice looking car and a lot of memories brought back.


Okay, not a typical definition of a muscle car, but I love this 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport! Loooong, boat-like body and hubcaps, but look at that 396 / 325 horsepower rat big block seething under the hood! And a 4speed to boot! (Muncie? Probably.) And bucket seats. And check out the gauge cluster on the console. I’d love to know if it’s a Muncie close ratio or wide ratio as well as the rearend differential. This car looks like your grandmother’s grocery-getter. But from redlight to redlight, it’ll surprise that other person beside you!