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Class of Classics: Rapple & Dorm Rooms

I got Class of Classics today! It’s adorable and I highly suggest it.

I have lots of pictures to share for those who are interested in doing customs or art with the parents. This first post is photos of some good moments with the current EAH students. It also includes some glimpses into their dorm rooms.

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  • Bif: Derby Harrington... how do I even begin to explain Derby Harrington?
  • Angie: Derby Harrington is flawless.
  • Gord: He has two Rolex watches and a silver Lexus.
  • Thad: I hear his hair is insured for $10,000.
  • Christy: I hear he does Aquaberry commercials... in Los Santos.
  • Chad: His favourite movie is Richie Rich's Christmas Wish.
  • Parker: One time he met Jennifer Aniston on a plane...
  • Melody: And she told him he was pretty.
  • Johnny: One time, I punched him in the face. It was awesome.

I’ve got worse. I have terribly bad nerves all the time. Once we start into ‘Rock And Roll’ I’m fine. I just can’t stand sitting around, and I worry about playing badly - and if I do then I’m really pissed off. If I play well, I feel fine. Everybody in the band is the same, and each has some little thing they do before we go on, like pacing about or lighting a cigarette. It’s worse at festivals. You might have to sit around for a whole day and you daren’t drink because you’ll get tired and blow the gig. So you sit drinking tea in a caravan with everybody saying, “Far out, man.”  –– Excerpt from John Bonham’s interview for the magazine Melody Maker, June 21, 1975.

Messing with new inking brushes in photoshop and finally got a look close to those beautiful drawings Stephen DeStefano does for the new Mickey Mouse show! This one’s inspired by Ku’u Lei Melody, the lovely latest episode.

Commissions open now! Get one like this for $10! Hot Dog! 

NYCC is much more crowded than it was 2 years ago, so I didn’t even get to take any pictures there ;_; I ended up taking this coordinate picture at home… I had to take off my shoes because my feet couldn’t take it anymore, but I promise you that they match the rest of the coordinate <3

I had a chance encounter with someone my boyfriend believed to be Bill Cunningham–the NY Times fashion photographer. He was the best! Very polite and respectful. He took my picture! Even if it won’t end up anywhere, it was still a very pleasant encounter ^^ I wish more photographers are as pleasant as he is!

Did you go to NYCC on Saturday? Did you have fun? I feel like I should try cosplaying next year!

Outfit rundown:
Hat: Metamorphose Sailor hat 2012
Headbow: Angelic Pretty, Classic Melody
JSK: Angelic Pretty, Classic Melody
Cropped jacket: Putumayo
Bag (with strap): Angelic Pretty, Classic Melody
Bag (on arm): Angelic Pretty, A La Carte Tea Time lucky pack 
Parasol: Innocent World
Blouse: Dear Celine
Necklace: Chocomint

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jazz composer yuuri and super extra classical composer viktor's first meeting. see i can do it on anon too

(yuuri’s playing this // victor plays this)

Victor has no idea who the beautiful boy is, but he’s definitely fucking up Chopin, in the worst possible way there is to fuck up Chopin.

He sits onstage in a suit two sizes too big for him, bathing in the shitty dim stage lights of this poet’s café, and the piano is a Fazioli, of all contraptions.

And yet.

This is the most beautiful thing he has ever experienced, Victor thinks. Never mind the travesty that has been made out of the étude. Chopin’s emotional tribute to the Polish uprising against Russia, reduced to the musical imagery of a late-night bebop. Victor would be pissed if he wasn’t so damn turned on.

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