classic make up

I came up with an idea for a stylized fantasy dancing rhythm rpg. A bit crazy but whatever, I’m into it. This squid maiden would help you on your journey through the game, teaching you special ritual dances and probably have a story arc about needing to discover an ancient ritual dance to save her beach shrine. She’s pretty rad though.

latin day 3. we’re doing full sentences now. what kinds of sentences, you ask? hi my name is? how are you? oh no. much better and more useful than that.

  • the farmers order the slaves to work in the fields
  • he does not want to fear the queen
  • the slave has a sword, but he wants gold
  • we will show danger to the sailors
  • i order the girl to move the swords out of the field
  • farmers do not love islands, sailors do not love farms
  • the master will be afraid, for the slave has a sword
  • we ought to call this island our country, for the queen will give us gold
  • i fear the sailors’ plan, for anger stirs up zeal