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I came up with an idea for a stylized fantasy dancing rhythm rpg. A bit crazy but whatever, I’m into it. This squid maiden would help you on your journey through the game, teaching you special ritual dances and probably have a story arc about needing to discover an ancient ritual dance to save her beach shrine. She’s pretty rad though.

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also: viktor as the very very extra classical composer who fuckin loves using cannons and shit in his work, versus yuuri the jazz composer who pretty much makes blues notes his aesthetic. they make one hell of a symphony thing together. it makes history by causing a riot

ur literally chicken noodle soup for my music nerd soul rn

  • one would think that a lot of arguments would be had between a classical composer and a jazz composer trying to co-write a symphony
  • one would think that
  • …and one would be absolutely correct. “put a piano solo here, victor” “what? no, a sweeping crescendo from the strings is what’s needed here” “fine, then we’ll change the key–” “change the key? change the key? what in modulation–” “if you can have canons in measure 39 then i can have my key change in measure 62″ 
  • eventually, though, they finish the piece. it’s Their Baby. it’s months of blood and sweat and tears and heavy groping in a dusty grand piano room 
  • yurio is concertmaster, acts like this piece is such a task, “the worst. the worst thing i’ve ever listened to and have ever had to play since mahler’s 4th symphony” even though he secretly pores over the sheet music every night in tears over how beautiful it is 
  • there’s a special section of the piece that victor wrote entirely dedicated to his love for yuuri, and it’s a conversational lullaby of sorts, a back-and-forth between the violins and the flutes and the instructions are simple: dolce, cantabile. sweetly, in a singing style
🎻Classical Music Artists Shu Sakamaki has mentioned🎻

This is a list of Classical Music Artists that Shu Sakamaki has mentioned before~!

🎻 Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” mentioned in his short story of the night before the wedding

🎻 Brahms mentioned in his first tweet

🎻 Vivaldi “Summer” from his “Four seasons” Mentioned in an interview from otomate magazine 11

🎻 Rachimaninoff mentioned in a Cd Drama “Trick or Treat” And in his Manga “More Blood” Prequel 

🎻 Starvinsky metioned in his Manga HDB Prequel and in his Dark 3 from HDB 

If I forgot to mention any other classical music artist he may have mention then please tell me ;;w;;/ and where it was mentioned ;;w;;/