classic lamp


Work in Progress wall & suspension lamp by Karman and Matteo Ugolini

The Italian design lighting producer Karman and the Designer Matteo Ugolini have teamed up again for a very interesting new interpretation of the shapes of a classic construction site lamp. The housing, of the Work in Progress called lamp, is made of white cast ceramics and is available as a wall lamp, or to be suspended a pendant from the ceiling.

The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth

Okay, so everyone loves the smol crystal gems:

And plenty of people have noted that we’ve seen the gems that size setting is meant for already, albeit in their corrupted form:

Of course, that only raises more questions.

Because the top of the sky spire sure looks like a place where the Heaven Beetle was living pre-corruption, assuming she was always small. But then why did Garnet ever have trouble locating her, if she’s lived in the same place for 5,000 years?

Maybe Garnet only had trouble locating the Earth Beetle (who was hiding at the bottom of the boiling lava lake)? But that suggests that there was some reason they had to be captured as a pair. Perhaps related to their names–they are geode beetles, specifically.

And we’d like to know why there’s a class of gems that’s so naturally tiny, and what their function was–the sky spire didn’t seem to have any era one gem tech, but it did have a whole bunch of gem shards (the giant bird that Opal fought). In fact, those seem almost like they were corrupted shards, somehow.

But I don’t want to talk about that right now. I need to talk about the weirdest scene from Buddy’s Book, right here:

I admit, it doesn’t look that strange (aside from the monogrammed backpack, coffee mug, and perhaps the reading glasses). Until we compare it to the same scene from Giant Woman:

Somehow, between the founding of Beach City and the present day, the Heaven Beetle got herself electricity, and added a miniature ceiling fan, lamp, television, classic game boy, and what looks like a 16-bit game console to her bedroom.

I have no explanation for this.