classic jim face

napstronaut22  asked:

Can someone please write an x-mas fic of Mulder and Scully trying to deal with a teenage Emily, Monica and Melissa's gay antics, Bill's seething hate for Mulder, and Momma Scully just watching this all go down like a soap opera?

*Camera pans to Maggie sitting on the couch eating popcorn while she makes a classic Jim face and looks directly into the camera*

Edit: Maggie is eating caramel corn out of one of those giant tubs bc “tis the season


   – What’s this all about, Slayer?
   – You disgust me.
   – Right. So nothing new, then?
   – I don’t need your distractions tonight, Spike. I
never need your distractions. I know this is some kind of sick game of yours, so you can hang around me and my friends.
   – I resent that! Oh, you’re
wrong. I don’t want to hang around your friends. Just you is all.

Buffy Classic #42: Ugly Little Monsters