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Jules Verne merch dump requested by anon!

Extraordinary Voyages Notebook by Consulting Fan Geeks
20,000 Leagues Necktie by binarywinter
Doctor Ox book clutch by psBesitos
Hot Air Balloon necklace by CampSodella
Jules Verne Illustrated Anthology by Bamidala
20,000 Leagues Handbag by Novel Creations
Steampunk Octopus Patch by Storied Threads
Jules Verne button by PemberlyPond
Classic Book Locket by TheLocketLibrary


Nutan: 4 June 1936 - 21 February 1991.

Nutan really favoured long danglers.

The middle panel is from a 1958 Filmfare piece titled “Stars and their Jewellery”. which states that the jewellery in the photo shoot spans three generations. The magazine notes that there is a continuation but also differences in the jewellery sets.

From L to R the text reads

l: Wearing her mother’s wedding set. The necklace of enamelled gold set with precious stones was chosen by the bride herself. The jewels are a fitting compliment to Shobhana’s features.

M: A necklace and earrings given to Nutan’s grandmother on her marriage. The chunky magnificence of this set reveals the pattern of those times - a splendid gift made in the grand manner.

R: The colours of the necklace and the long threaded earrings are repeated in most of the saris the young star wears. They make the set a versatile accessory for casual occasions.

The Three Graces Dancing…..youth & beauty, mirth & elegance

Brooch. Unknown maker ..Shell, gold, pearl, and enamel (after the original design, depicted in a painting by Antonio Canova 1798/9).

The Three Graces, celebrated in classical literature and art, were the daughters of Jupiter (or Zeus in Greek mythology), and companions to the Muses. Thalia (youth and beauty) is accompanied by Euphrosyne (mirth), and Aglaia (elegance).

Image RISD Museum

anonymous asked:

fave photoshoot?

My favourite has to be the ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ shoot she did last year. Not only did she look like royalty but it celebrated her 50th birthday. 

To be 50 and still look so radiant and gorgeous is an absolute God’s gift from heaven and that’s obviously what she is!

Her make up was flawless, her hair was classic, her diamonds & jewellery were fit for the Queen and her outfits were the most angelic pieces. From head to toe she looked ravishing! 

Can I also just say that the article itself was so tragically beautiful, and it showed such vulnerability and sadness but also holding a new chapter in her life. I may have cried for her but I also wanted to throw her a damn good party to celebrate new beginnings! 

I’m so proud of my idol.

P.S. Bless her, she actually got an allergic reaction on set too from a little rabbit!