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Twelve stealing a Classic-style TARDIS, facing Mondasian Cybermen, and then in his uni office he’s got the original 60′s ‘Out of Order’ sign on the TARDIS (he’s currently stuck on Earth), followed by his desk having a container of old sonic screwdrivers and a photo of Susan Foreman, his granddaughter.

I’m really glad Steven Moffat has been fulfilling Peter’s wishes to insert Classic Who nods during his run in the title role. Carole Ann Ford is still around, so I hope an old photograph is not all that we’ll see of Susan! ;)

GIFs by me while the photo is by Simon Ridgway.


From ‘The Curse of Fenric’ to ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’

During that beach scene - or should I say THE beach scene - in ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ I always felt that aside from trying to explain himself to Clara, the Doctor was also remembering other bad choices he’d had to make.

One choice, one lie, in particular, perhaps.

And in the end, hoping beyond hope, that Clara would forgive him the lie as Ace did.


I have a very, VERY dear friend and fellow Whovian - amongst other obsessions - in Ireland who has a far better memory retention system going when it comes to setting the way-back machine for those curious and wonderful moments of synchronicity between ‘Classic’ and 'New’ Who. For the moment - and until she gets her own Tumblr - let us refer to her as 'Obsessively_Inclined’. Her handle idea, not mine. She tossed me this idea not too long ago and with teamwork, while waiting for her to learn to make her own Gifs, here it is.

Even 1,700 years or so ago the Doctor really couldn’t see how different a person could look, or think that it mattered.

As Clara said, it’s really rather sweet.

Oh, and height difference. Clara and Nyssa could write a book.


A bit of fun before I have to go off and torture myself at school.

Reasoning aside, I’m guessing Seven left his particulars and references behind anyway, just in case. Why it took Coal Hill so long is anybody’s guess.

I adore the difference between Ace’s reaction and Clara’s. 

All classic hallmarks of a “Gallifrey” episode

Really, this episode had all the things I look for in a story set on Gallifrey:

  • Rassilon being a dick
    • …Rassilon being played by a different actor with absolutely ZERO explanation, as per long tradition
  • A stazer pistol
    • …a real, proper stazer pistol
    • …a real, properly rubbish-looking stazer pistol
  • Stupid hats
    • …I especially like the white skull caps on the technicians in the Extraction chamber.
    • …speaking of: I know a Time Scoop when I see one, guys. You can’t fool me.
  • Time Lords being ineffectual
    • …everyone standing around uselessly while the Doctor saunters in and proceeds to do exactly whatever the hell he wants
  • Goofy looking Chancellery Guard uniforms
    • …the Guard being exactly as effective as a fighting/security force as they have always been
    • …which is to say, not at all.
  • The Matrix! Complete with Matrix ghosts!
    • …an explanation of The Matrix that is 100% accurate to Classic Who canon
    • …and still makes no more sense than it did the first time.
    • …Stupid “Mainframe computer / Afterlife / pocket dimension / timeline prophecy generator” macguffin {grumbles}
  • Are those Outsiders I spy?
    • …back-to-the-land, technology-renouncing Outsiders, possibly?
    • …Ah, and Citadel Time Lords looking down on the residents of the Outlands as “people who don’t matter”: Nice to see that Time Lord elitism and arrogance are alive and well.
  • The Sisterhood of Karn!
    • …Can the High Priestess of Karn be in every episode? I like her.
    • …”Oh, I heard the Doctor was back and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch him ruin the Time Lords’ day and wreck their stuff. I’m just here to watch. I brought popcorn.”
  • Referring to the Doctor’s childhood! 
    • …without actually revealing anything meaningful about the Doctor’s childhood!
  • Referring to the “Doctor is / is not half human” debate!
    • …without actually confirming or denying anything conclusive about the “half human” debate!

Oh, and for the record: If you ask me, no way that woman in the barn was the Doctor’s mother. Most likely, she was simply the matron / caretaker at some kind of Gallifreyan boys orphanage. Small outside chance that she’s a surviving cousin of the House of Lungbarrow.


From ‘Horror of Fang Rock’ to ‘Listen’

The Doctor’s love of spooky poetry or nursery rhymes and completely unnerving his friends with moody recitations hasn’t changed much over the centuries.

For the record, he did misquote ‘The Ballad of Flannan Isle’. Instead of ‘In any time, in any place’ he should have said ‘Of any kind, in any place’.

I’m sure Leela and Clara would appreciate the fine distinction…