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This fairytale is just beginning

Well I have to say I went from a state of euphoria that our OTP had gotten in married to a state of desolation when I found out the would never be a happy after for them as Jennifer was leaving the show. Overnight I was tearful, unhappy and annoyed at the years I’ve spent supporting this wonderful couple. But then I started to really think about it. Jennifer and Colin are both getting older. OUAT is a job for them and they have friends, family and a life outside of it that they deserve to be happy in. Jen doesn’t say much about her personal life, but I suspect the scheduled she keeps means she doesn’t have much time to develop meaningful relationships in Vancouver.  It’s far from her home. She’s allowed a life. Colin after all has one with the love of his life.

Sadly, actors aren’t timeless or ageless, but happily the characters they portray and the stories they portray are.  There have been many wonderful fairytales that have been brought to life on film and TV with many different actors and interpretations.  With OUAT Eddy and Adam have created a wonderful Pirate and Princess story that will surely stand the test of time and become a new classic fairytale. Jen and Colin will be the benchmark for all other actors who take on their story. The best part is that the storytellers in this wonderful fandom will make sure their story lives on forever.  Let’s be honest. The last few season have not been stellar writing on the show - but you, the writers on Tumblr, AO3 and Fanfic have produced CaptainSwan stories to make my heart glad.  I’m hoping like mad you continue to do so.  I’d hate to not wake up each day to updates from all your wonderful stories.  

We’ve been lucky to have their story for the last five years.  Most magical fairytales last the length of a movie.  I hope this fandom’s wonderful writers make them last a lifetime.  Below are the Tumblr IDs of some of my favourite writers - there are many more on A03 and FanFic that I don’t know the names of. Please continue to amaze and delight your readers and keep the Pirate and Princess fairytale alive.

@xemmaloveskillianx @shady-swan-jones @lenfaz @kymbersmith-90 @ohmyohpioneer @startswithhope @xerxesrises @tnlph @ripplestitchskein @captainswanff @amagicalship @alexandralyman @ooshka-babooshka @this-too-too-sullied-flesh @mahstatins @seastarved @slimacwrites @optomisticgirl @marajade4s @irishswanff @nerdywriter15 @captain-k-jones @katmtan @weezlywrites @captainswanouat @holdingoutforapiratehero @killians-dimples @once-upon-a-captain-swan @dashingswan @icecubelotr44 @welllpthisishappening @cutieodonoghue @like-waves-on-the-beach @captainswanluver @blessed-but-distressed @kat2609 @hookedonapirate @hookslovelyswan @killianjones @irishswanff @phiralovesloki @dreamtalker1 @dassala @katie-dub @qqueenofhades @elisesmith2012 @nowforruin @twistedroses @seriouslyhooked

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Besides Garnet and Zarya, who else does that classic Jen-iii thirst extend to?

basically nearly every girl who can kick my ass im not gonna lie

but Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto was the original wife tm okay