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Prompt: Imagine being Garcia’s sister and meeting Spencer after all these years of hearing about him to help on a case, but your reaction surprises both of you

Warnings: idk, maybe language. If you watch Criminal minds, think of that sort of stuff

Word Count: 4664

Note: “What’s with you? You need a hug or something?” for @hanny-bananny This was so fun! Beta’d by the ever fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


You’d been out of graduate school for about four years now, with quite a bit of experience as a forensic psychologist. However, that didn’t stop any of the surprise when SSA Hotchner called you yesterday to ask if you wanted to assist a case.

“Dr. Garcia, I know you’d be a valuable asset for our team on this. This is your area of expertise, correct?”

“Yes, sir. But I’m not sure I have the correct skill level that your team does,” you had answered as you gathered ingredients for your dinner.

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anonymous asked:

Batfamily best to worst cooks

they’re mostly good cooks, Alfred is the master, ridicules French style cooking, there’s nothing he can’t make and make really well. Damian is a cook too, he cooks with Alfred he brings an Asian flair and Vegetarian cooking to the Wayne Manor kitchen. Bruce is a great cook, because he’s fucking Batman and at some point he figured being able to make any dish would be useful so he learned how, but his cooking has no soul and he eats mostly because he has to fuel himself, and he’s always worried about fats and sugar and all that so he eats a lot of energy bars. Barbara is a pretty good cook, nothing fancy mostly American classics and basic Italian food, but she’s a great baker, her apple pie is second to none. Dick is an okay cook, he can make a basic meal, Alfred made sure of that. Tim is the same, he can cook a handful of easy dishes but mostly he can’t be asked, is it coffee? no? does it take more than a minute to reheat in a microwave? fuck that. Jason can’t cook, and eats like a 9 year old, pop-tarts, chicken nuggets in dinosaur shapes, breakfast cereal with crazy amounts of sugar. Steph also can’t cook but she doesn’t eat garbage like Jay. 

and Cass? everyone thought she couldn’t cook, till one night she made the very best Dazhu gansi any one has ever had, she hasn’t cooked anything since….