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RWBY: Prince Charming?

<p>Ok so we have characters based on princess fairytales in RWBY, particularly we have Cinder as Cinderella and Weiss as Snow White. Cinder has a glass semblance, glass slipper and an evil fairy godmother: Salem. We know Weiss is Snow White cuz ice, her song is Mirror Mirror. Blake is Belle from beauty and beast, for obvious reasons. What do all princess fairytale characters have in common though? Prince Charming. I have no idea if he would be a villain, a good guy, or neither but RWBY bases all its characters on some sort of fairytale or legendary figure and the Prince Charming is one of fairytales most classic and image powerful figures in them. Are they usually deep or interesting? No but RWBY has the potential to take the Prince Charming concept and create an epic, badass character the way they have with other bland princesses and fairytales, and of course they haven’t touched some other badass male legends like King Arthur or Hercules. I saw the Fairygodmother theory before Salem was revealed so I think that if some random awesome guy helps out RNJR or Weiss in the next season, he’ll make his way into main cast and become an important character based on Charming.

Taken from Sanna Dullaway’s page.

She adds perfect color to some classic black and white images.

Gizmodo says it makes the images more powerful…I think that statement is too blanket. It makes the portraits powerful because you see the color and they look human, but many of the other images loose something because you’re too focused on what else is going on to see the pivotal moment.