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Nastassja Kinski and Hunter Carson in Paris, Texas directed by Wim Wenders, 1984


In honor of LGBT Pride Month…we celebrate a few of the men and women of Classic Hollywood who paved the way. A few brave trailblazers lived openly, many were closeted, but their contribution to movies is undeniable! Anthony Perkins, Tab Hunter, Sal Mineo, Richard Chamberlain, Alla Nazimova, Ramon Novarro, Thelma Todd*, Patsy Kelly, William Haines, John Gielgud, Noël Coward, Michael Redgrave, Clifton Webb, Anton Walbrook, Farley Granger, Van Johnson, Dirk Bogarde, Lilyan Tashman, George Cukor, Dorothy Arzner, Margaret Lindsay, Elizabeth Taylor*, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, and Janet Gaynor.[*Note: Miss Todd & Miss Taylor are depicted here in support of their pals.]

Dante Headcanons:

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  • Other than the usual pizza and strawberry sundaes, Dante will usually end up getting some other form of take out, usually something like Chinese food or occasionally KFC.
  • That being said, Dante cannot cook for neither love nor money. He’s probably at least tried in the past, and while he has had a few cases where the food has at least been edible, he finds it so much easier and convenient just to settle for take out.  
  • Once tried to make his own pizza….Never again.
  • Unlike his brother Vergil, Dante is anything but a clean freak; or neat for that matter. Try not to be too surprised should you stumble across, both literally and figuratively speaking, a pile of empty pizza boxes, empty bottles and cans of beer and soda, dirty clothes piles and old take out containers. 
  • As far as drunk Dante is concerned, he isn’t all that different except for being a bit more looser and less controlled, followed by a bunch of “I love you man.”  
  • PDA wise, Dante’s the kind of guy who won’t really care what other people think. He’s more than happy to show his s/o some affection in public; whether it’s hand-holding, kissing, hugging, wrapping his arm around you while you walk, semi-public se-–wait what. 
  • Also really likes to cuddle, especially after a long day of killing demons. 
  • Either way, the guy’s got no shame and has zero shits to give either way.
  • Loves messing with Vergil’s stuff, particularly little things that he won’t necessarily miss right away, but knows it’ll drive him mad once he realizes it’s out of place; specifically moving them around to random and at times completely inconvenient locations, if not just obvious and clearly wrong places entirely; meanwhile amusedly watching his brother angrily searches all over the house for them later on. He likes see how pissed off he can make Vergil by the end of the day. 
  • He’s actually quite good with kids. Seeing as how he’s pretty much like a manchild over grown kid himself, Dante has a pretty good idea of how to handle them. 
  • That, and it also probably helps that he has a lot of patience and tends to not get frustrated or annoyed at them not understanding things. He’s better at recognizing them as just being dumb kids.
  • Definitely has a collection of records hidden somewhere on top of having his jukebox. 
  • Suffers from depression and still has nightmares, particularly ones going back to the day when the demons attacked and Eva was killed.
  • Is also a big fan of superhero comics. His favorite is Hellblazer.  
  • Really doesn’t like spiders or clowns. 

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