classic horror movie night

Absolutely useless, cute Cecilos headcanons

Carlos kisses the corners of Cecil’s eyes all the time to block out the flickering for a moment.

He also tried a few times early on to go for forehead kisses and THAT WENT HORRIBLY because of the eye there.

Cecil learned to dance because he assumed Carlos already knew, but Carlos didn’t so Cecil had the pleasure of teaching him.

Cecil often falls asleep listening to Carlos’s heartbeat. It’s his favorite sound.

Cecil talks in his sleep. A lot. Carlos sometimes falls asleep to it.

Sometimes Cecil finds Carlos asleep at his desk, and carries him to bed.

Sometimes Cecil, who doesn’t always sleep at night, goes missing mid-day and Carlos finds him asleep in really unexpected places.

Cecil’s movie night picks are westerns and classic horror. Carlos’s are documentaries and Jurrasic Park.

Carlos constantly helps Cecil remember things. Cecil constantly helps Carlos calm down.

Cecil cuddles Carlos in a protective way, wrapping himself defensively around his precious boyfriend.

Carlos takes lots of pictures every time they do something together, even though it’s dangerous. He’s careful to back them up so neither of them can forget the moments they shared.