classic horror director

Noir classic Laura screens Wednesday at MoMA Film. Curator Anne Morra explores director Otto Preminger’s decision to cast horror film actor Vincent Price against type as the titular character’s dodgy fiancé. 

[Gene Tierney and Vincent Price in Laura. 1944. USA. Directed by Otto Preminger]

“Have you ever had a *single moment’s thought* about my responsibilities? Have you ever thought, for a single solitary moment about my responsibilities to my employers? Has it ever occurred to you that I have agreed to look after the *Overlook* Hotel until May the *first*. Does it *matter to you at all* that the *owners* have placed their *complete confidence* and *trust* in me, and that I have signed a letter of agreement, a *contract*, in which I have accepted that *responsibility?* Do you have the *slightest idea* what a *moral and ethical principal* is? *Do you?* Has it ever occurred to you what would happen to my future, if I were to fail to live up to my responsibilities? Has it ever occurred to you? *Has it?*

-Jack Torrance, "The Shining”