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Staple Singers, The “Let’s Do It Again” (1975)

Can be remembered as their hit for eponymously-titled movie (Poitier, 1975) or almost twenty years after the fact when Ice Cube used it to remix “Today Was A Good Day” off of 1994′s rarity release Bootlegs & B-Sides. Either way, it’s the sound to the comedown of some real good memorable sex, when both parties expire their breaths and think back to what just happened, and we smile about it, too.

- ̗̀✰ •【 REECE KING, CISMALE, HE/HIM, EIGHTEEN 】❝ did you see RODOLPHUS LESTRANGE on the train back to hogwarts? they’re a PUREBLOOD in their SEVENTH year as a SLYTHERIN. apparently they’re THE HELLKITE around the grounds. of all the social media platforms, they’re definitely most obsessed with their SNAPCHAT; probably because they’re IMPULSIVE & ADVANTAGEOUS, but also VAPID & NARCISSISTIC . ❞┊ 「 jj, 18+, est, she/her. 」

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