classic flyer


Le Mouvement Final and “Leyenda Eterna

Mock flyers I did for Le Mouvement Final based on the flyers of Classic Myu’s iconic Stars shows Eien Densetsu (”Eternal Legend” 1997) and Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban (1998).

With and without the Chibi Chibi duo, and one more direct replica for a hypothetical musical inspired by Eien’s storyline.

I wanted a similar title, not the same one, but I didn’t like the options I came up with in French and Spanish (the languages used in the New Myu titles), so I kept the name, but this time in Spanish (which kinda ties in with La Reconquista :P) - and so we have “Leyenda Eterna”. I wish I knew what the original flyers say on the right side, but I don’t know Japanese, so XD