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John Madden Narrates Touhou: Hidden Star in Four Seasons Edition

Been a while since I made one of these, so I decided to do a four-parter.

“We’re back, Bob, and what an amazing third down we have here. Aya Shammymammy is no stranger to fans, but this is the first time we’ve seen her on the offensive line. She has the speed, and that’s gonna help her as she’s up against Lilywhite, who came outta retirement just for this game. Just a simple zigging and zagging and she should break on through!“

“I gotta say, Bob, I don’t know what kinda interference Kamminy On is trying to run here, but a star runner like Aya should have no problem with this. It’s a classic fade and roll maneuver. I mean what is this? Is the defense slacking? This should be a cakewalk for Aya.“

“It looks like I spoke too soon, Bob! The defense has unleashed the dreaded Curvy Lasers play! That’s a gut buster right there. A seasoned player like Aya should know how to run this: it’s a classic column maneuver. You can’t let yourself get dazzled. You gotta stay focused on the front line and use some nimble footwork. Although I gotta say the defense must be pretty rattled to break out a play this old and-“

“HOLY SMOKES BOB! THEY’RE RUNNING THE PHANTOM AGAIN! We haven’t seen this defense in MANY seasons now. It’s pandemonium in the stands, Bob, listen to that crowd roar! Good thing Aya knows what she’s doing here - you can’t fake her out that easy. She’s gonna have to see the holes as she gets to ‘em, but wow. Just WOW, Bob! If this is what the defense has been throwing out in the first half, we are set for an AMAZING second half. Back to you, Bob!

Unconditional (Underfell shortfic)

This was inspired by @maxladcomics and their amazing Undertale AU comics!! (so far Drink is my fav; the newest update is awesome!!!)

“WHERE DID THAT PATHETIC LAZYBONES GO TO THIS TIME?” the tall, red and black, seemingly pissed off skeleton known as Edge said to himself. He was looking for his brother; the short, red-eyed skeleton known as Red. Edge had looked just about anywhere he thought he’d find his lazy brother, but to no avail. When he’d asked the other skeletons, they all told him his brother was on the couch with Tale Pap. When Edge looked, there he was; his gold-toothed brother on the couch, talking to the classic Papyrus like the others had said. In all honestly, Edge did feel kind of dumb, but they weren’t there when he’d looked the first time, so it wasn’t really his fault. He could hear that the two inside were having a conversation; and thinking it would be funny, Edge decided to stand by an open window to listen to it.

“so this dude walks into a bar..” Red started a joke. “OH NO, NOT ONE OF THESE JOKES.” Classic Pap interrupted him. “no no, this one’s good!” Red exclaimed. “…OH ALRIGHT.” Classic Paps responded. “ok, so, this dude walks into a bar with a slab of cement under his arm. he walks up and says to the bartender ‘i’d like a drink, and one for the road!’“ Red finished his joke, smiling when his bro’s classic version actually laughed a bit. “OKAY, THAT WAS ACTUALLY KIND OF FUNNY.” the classic admitted. Red laughed. “boss would kill me for making a joke like that.” he said. Classic Pap’s smile faded as a silence emerged between the two.

“WOULD HE REALLY?” Classic Pap asked, a saddened expression on his face. Red recognized the worry in his voice.

“no, no, ‘course not!” he assured him. “i mean, boss gives me a lot of shit, but he would never kill me.” he said.

Another silence emerged. Once again it was broken by Classic Pap.

“WHY DOES HE TREAT YOU THAT WAY?” he asked. “i dunno.” Red responded. “he used to be a lot like you when he was younger. then after he became co-captain of the royal guard, his personality completely changed.” he continued. “i ain’t gonna lie, i do miss the old boss.” he finished. “WHY DON’T YOU TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL?” Classic Pap asked him. “he doesn’t listen.” Red responded.

“but…” Red said suddenly.

“BUT WHAT?” Classic Pap asked.

“…despite everything he’s done…everything he said…..despite the fact that he changed and that he may hate me….”

Both Papyruses listened closely.

“despite all of that, he’s my brother, and I still love him.” Red said.

Classic Pap smiled. Edge, on the other hand, was shocked.

Red was right about him always giving him shit and that he changed….

..but the one thing he was wrong about was Edge hating him.

Edge only wanted to make his brother stronger. He really did care for him. Upon hearing those words, Edge actually teared up. Never had he ever heard his brother say anything like that.

Edge walked away from the window before they could hear him cry. He sat on the front steps and cried silently for a bit before Red came out.

“hey boss.”

Edge sighed.


“i heard you walk away from the window.”








“of course, bro.”

Red pulled his little brother into a hug.

“if there’s something you should know, it’s that brotherly love is unconditional. no matter what universe.”

Edge sniffled and laughed a little.


akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

Can i request a scenario for Kyungsoo? The plot is what if both of them was exes and they happen met again in their friend wedding party, she was surprised seeing him alone because the last time she saw him, he have a girlfriend but now hes asking her to dance just because hes bored, after that is up to you hehehe angsty with fluff in the end please heheh hope my plot doesnt confuse you, thank you~♡

May I have this dance?

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

Genre: Angst?+Fluff

Character: D.o

Word count: 927

Summary: Reader and D.o broke up, due to a misunderstanding. But happens to meet each other again, at a friends wedding. 

A/N: So the reason it took so long for me to upload this, was because i just came home from Copenhagen. I’m sorry ano, that it took so long, but I still hope you’ll enjoy reading this!

The sound of the violin, piano and the cello filled the ballroom. The groom and bride was slowly dancing in the middle of the ballroom, staring at each other lovingly. Enjoying each other’s presence on this special day.  The guests looked at them, admiring them from afar. It was indeed a good day. I sat down at one of the round tables, that was decorated with heliotropes. The lilac color catching the attention, from the other guests who admired its beauty. I watched my friend dancing with the bride. I can’t believe he got married before me. I was the most mature one, when it came to the two of us. But he luckily found the love of his life, while I broke the contact with mine. Chanyeol looked my way, sending a smile along with his wife. I waved to the two of them, and smiled back my eyes shining brightly. But not as bright as Chanyeol’s. His eyes could light up a room.

I stepped outside of the ballroom, lifting up my red gown. I don’t want to embarrass myself, by falling down. I went outside, the sound of the classical instruments slowly fading away. I hugged myself, trying to keep myself warm. I looked up at the night sky, seeing the stars shining brightly. I smiled, upon remembering someone very special to me. Or someone who was very special to me. At the thought of him, my smile faded away and was replaced with a frown instead. Not wanting to think about him, I walked back inside the ball room with a smile plastered on my face.

I was back at my table, looking at the couples dancing happily. A sighed left my lips, as I watched them smiling, and laughing at each other. I felt lonely since I came alone. I scanned the room, my eyes landing on a very familiar guy. My eyes widened in shock, and so did his. I stood up preparing to leave the room again, but he was too fast. He had a hold of my hand, and looked me in the eyes. It was that look I thought was a look with pure love, but I was wrong. Before I could say anything, he already opened his mouth.

May I have this dance?” He asked kissing my hand. I was shocked. Not because he kissed my hand, but because he asked me. I accepted his offer, and he led me to the middle of the room, where all the couples danced. As he placed his hands on my waist, I could feel the familiar heart thumping, I felt back then. I placed my hands on his shoulder, and we started moving slowly to the music.

“So, where is your girlfriend?” I asked trying to break the awfully awkward silence. I heard him chuckle lowly, before answering. “You mean my ex-girlfriend?” He corrected. “I don’t know, she’s probably home, with another guy” He answered laughing. I looked at him confused, not really seeing the funny part. “So, she cheated?” I asked, or more like stated. “Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?” His face softens upon, seeing my glassy eyes. “I didn’t cheat on you, I swear. It was all a big misunderstanding, and I never got the chance to explain” He said quickly in one go. I nodded slowly. “Fine, you can explain now, but hurry before I change my mind” I said, continuing moving my body to the music. He smiled a bit revealing his heart shaped smile, that I adored so much. he mumbled thanks before starting his explanation.

“So, what happened that day was, when I got home after our argument I was really sad and hurt. So, I decided to go out for a drink or two, but ended up getting really drunk. On my way home I saw Mina, and she took advantage of me, because I was drunk and not in my right state of mind. I would never cheat on you, and it wasn’t easy getting over you. And I can’t say that I am over you, because that’s a lie” he looked at me in the eyes, showing his sincerity. I wanted to hug him, kiss him, and tell him how much I missed him, but I can’t. Not yet. “But what about your ex? You got over me, and got a girlfriend” I questioned him, still wanting answers. “I tried getting over you. I know it was wrong using someone. But in the end, she figured me out, and started dating someone else” he finished, looking at me with pleading eyes. “Forgive me, I would never cheat on you. I loved you with all my heart, and I still do” we stopped dancing moments ago, and just stood still. “I love you” he finished off, and let go of me. I was frozen in place, staring at him leaving. No! I can’t let him go. I still love him, and I’ll always will.

“I LOVE YOU TOO!” I yelled staring at his back, with teary eyes. Everyone stopped dancing, and looked at me, as if I was crazy. He stopped walking and turned around facing me. “I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT!” I yelled smiling, tears slipping down my eyes. I ran over to him, not caring about my long dress, and attacked him in a tight hug. the guests around us started clapping, and some even started whistling. “Finally” I heard Chanyeol, say to his bride. “They are cute together, I must say” his bride added smiling from ear to ear.