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Although I already commented on tonights shadowhunters episode…

See, I tried my usual stay calm until otherwise needed approach. But no. I’m done.

Because the more posts about malec that I read, the more angry I get.

Not at the people sharing their opinions, but at the show, the writers, and definitely the network.

I honestly don’t give a flying fuck if Alec and Magnus had actual sex. What I do care about is how they went about it, and how uncomfortable the scene was. Especially with how Magnus was throughout it. There was no consent, there was no closure. All they gave us was some half assed shit that ended with, of course the classic fade to black. I swear if they don’t clear that up next episode, so help me god.

It was a bunch of bullshit. As a person who is in the lgbtq+ community, I. Do. Not. Appreciate. Getting. Baited.

Don’t fucking come at me and this fandom with all this hype about “malec mania” shit and how epic and unforgettable this episode was going to be and then hand us all a steaming pile of shitty mess. I don’t want it.

What I want is some respectable queer representation. I want a mlm couple treated with the same respect as all the hetero couples. I want real. I want raw. And I want genuine.

This is unacceptable. And, I don’t want to sound whiny. But, I have never been more livid with this show than I am right now.

I’m bitter, mad, disappointed, and so so tired.

And don’t even get me started on that Izzy storyline.

Black Heart

Part Three (1,133 words)

Part [1] [2

Pairings: Daughter!ReaderxCrowley, ReaderxDean

Warnings: Implied sex

Summary: You two conflicting lives seem to run smoothly alongside each other until Castiel drops a bombshell.

It had been five months since you’d save the Winchester’s lives and you’d never regretted anything less. In the last few months you’d some how miraculously managed to live as both a demon spy and a human hunter without the two ever crossing paths. You reported back often just like you were told to, barely revealing anything while you avoided joining the hunts that included the brothers ganking demons, afraid your whole pretense would crumble around you with devastating consequences. Much to your like neither your father nor Sam and Dean had any suspicions or asked any questions.

“So I’ve been thinking.” Dean reached over and turned down the Impala radio, the old classic rock song faded into the back ground so you could hear him better.

“Uh oh.” You widened your eyes in mock horror as you pretended that all Dean’s ideas were terrible.

“Just hear me out.” He laughed, glancing quickly at you before turning back to the road. “I talked to Sam and we both agreed that it would be a good idea if you moved into the bunker.”

“Dean Winchester are you asking me to move in with you?” You used humor as a way of deflecting your shook, never a million years would you have seen that one coming. You and Dean had continuously grown closer, you’d lost count on how many nights the two of you had shared in bed together and you were almost pretty sure that he called you on hunts simply more to see you than he did because he needed your help. Sam could see it too, he teased his brother endlessly whether you were there or not. 

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He shifted in his seat, the idea of settling down and being in a serious relationship was not one Dean was found of. “It would just make sense.”

“Dean I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You wanted nothing more to accept his offer and move straight in, pretending that, that was your only life. But the truth was, it simply wasn’t and you had to do the opposite of what you wanted.

“Oh.” You could practically see Dean’s heart sink as you rejected the idea.

“Common Dean don’t be like that. I just like my own independence and to be able to hunt by myself, moving in would mean giving that up.” You spouted any lies you could think of that could be used as acceptable excuses. 

“It’s fine, you don’t need to explain yourself to me.” His eyes said different as he stared down the road in front of him, you could see he was upset. 

“Hey I still promise to be your hunting buddy.” You prodded him in the side as you slid closer to him so you could drop your voice dangerously low. “And your fuck buddy.” 

Dean’s eyes grew dark as he squirmed under your words. You could see he was trying his best not to let what you said effect him because if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pulling over and taking you right there in front of passing cars.

“Will you at least come back with me now, just for the day?” He was looking over at you now, that old smile back on his face as tried to change the subject.

“What to see the bunker, or your bed?” You smirked as you winked out at him. Your flirtatious comment had caused him to erupt in laughter, a warm rich sound that washed over you and made you feel giddy. 

“Both.” It was his turn to smirk now, the promising look in his eyes provoking butterflies in your stomach, the words settling right between your thighs.

“Fine, fine.” You held your hands up in way of showing defeat. If you were honest you were actually sort of curious to find out more about the bunker after everything he’d told you about it. “Show me your magical place.”

“Are we still talking about the bunker or have we actually moved on to my bed?” The two of you continued to laugh as he turned the car around and headed home. You loved every part of the journey there. You’d spent it laughing, joking and teasing each other. You’d even stopped to grab a burger and to have a quick teenage like make out session before hitting the road again. You both sung as loud as you could to a number of rock tracks, Dean loving that you knew every single word. When you eventually got there Sam was waiting.

“Hey Y/N.” He smiled up at you from his seat before staring down at his book. “Dean convinced you to move in then?”

“Not quite, this is just flying visit.” You had his full attention now while Dean acted like he wasn’t listening. 

“You owe me $10, I knew she wouldn’t give in.” You looked between the brothers, a shocked laugh escaping your lips at the fact that they’d actual bet on it. 

“Yeah yeah, c'mon I’ll show you around.” Dean playfully pushed you away from Sam and waited until you were both out of his sight before attacking your lips with his own. 

“What was that for?” You pulled back breathless, your heart skipping a beat at the playful look in his eyes. 

“Do I need a reason?” His teeth dragged along his bottom lip as his hands found their to your hips. 

“You’re meant to be showing me around.” You reminded him, your voice now shaky with anticipation. 

“I thought we could start with my bedroom.” His voice was a low growl and it was now your turn to kiss him. Your hands roamed each other’s bodies, your lips never parting as you clumsily made your to his room. Just as you found the right door and made your way past it, you were interrupted by a voice you hadn’t heard before. 

“Hello Dean.” The blue eyed man stared up at you innocently from his position from across the room. You could barely breathe when you looked back at him, you could see his true form, the one Dean was oblivious too. He was an angel, and if you could see him then that meant you were in hell of a lot of trouble.

“Cas man, what have I told you about personal space!” He whined at his friend in frustration but Castiel wasn’t listening anymore. He was staring at you, his head cocked to the side, his eyes narrowed, his whole face twisted in uncertainty. He was struggling to work out exactly what you were. 

“Cas what is it?” Dean was staring back and forth between you both now, he wanted in on what ever was going on. 

“Dean are you aware she’s a demon?”

Part Four

A message to my Vaybies (especially you youngins)

ohmygodNO DON’T WRITE ME LEMON! DON’T DO IT MY YOUNG VAYBIES, DON’T DO IT! That comic was just cheeky!

While I appreciate all the fan art and fan fictions I get sent, I’m not even close to comfortable with minors writing adult fiction. If you want to write anything based on my cheeky stuff, just skip it! Or do the classic fade to black, please!