classic dr martens


hey !! hope you don’t mind that i reply like this, it bugs me when the photos are not high-res.

honestly, if louis’ chosen music style leans toward that very 90s / 00s punk pop (that’s iconic and suits his voice so much), i would definitely style him to match. i mean, i probably would anyway because i can so see him looking like that. a lot of tartan, ripped jeans, statement t-shirts… honestly, variety would be my main goal. a style that’s recognisable, but also switches it up a bit. i like the windbreakers and baggy tees and sweatshirts, but sometimes i’d opt for a bomber. yes to cool sneakers, but also bringing in the classics: vans and dr martens. jeans everywhere. baggy, skinny, blue, black, faded… jeans jeans jeans. i wouldn’t completely stray from the road he seems to have taken, there’s no need for him to be all posh and proper, but i would want him to look iconic and unique while also showing off his body. 

i hope you like these !! xx

Spike’s first apparition on Buffy after the TV show (8 #35) brought back his most recognizable outfit: black t-shirt, open red overshirt, black jeans, and his constant duster. After this, matching his steampunk scenario as a spaceship king, penciller Georges Jeanty repeatedly referenced James Marsters’ character Captain John Hart (Torchwood) through Spike’s wardrobe.

In both seasons 8 and 9, maintaining the difference only in their trademark coats, Spike mostly appears with jeans inside long buckle boots (replacing the classic Dr. Martens) and open-neck t-shirt; the double belt, gun holsters and holes in the t-shirt are also referenced in one-shot Magical Mystery Tour. Colorist Michelle Madsen often followed the reference, rarely varying his t-shirt in red or gray.

Boyfriend is taking me boot shopping for my birthday, because I really, really want a good solid pair of classic Dr Martens. I know he’s getting me some surprise things too but I doubt anything can beat the boots, I found out they make the slip on boots in women’s sizes and I have always wanted these fucking things. Also we’re going to a Nepalese restaurants and they do those momo things I’m obsessed with. This birthday is gonna be decent.


New location! New outfit! Same old me, woo. Do you know I’d been dreaming of owning a pair of docs for the past 10 years?! I’d always wanted the classic cherry red ones or a green pair, so when Cloggs UK offered to send me my dream boots, I couldn’t possibly refuse. Cloggs have a lovely selection of classic Dr Marten styles, as well as the new ones - many of which are on sale right now! (Check out the Dr Martens category under the sale section ❤)


Girls on Film tunic dress (Similar in plus sizes at Boohoo and also at New Look)

Dr Martens 1460s c/o Cloggs 

Trusty old vintage Borsalino hat