classic doctor who dvd commentary


That time on Marinus when Barbara and Ian started a private book club. And it was gorgeous. 

Also William Russell agrees with me:

This scene is unique in Doctor Who - a scene with Barbara and Ian both reading books to each other. It’s absolutely unique. I don’t think we ever did anything like this ever again…it’s wonderful.

(The Keys of Marinus DVD Commentary)

Classic DW Commentary: The Movie

commentators:  Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, and Nicholas Briggs

(and may I just say, dear god in heaven Paul McGann has a sexy voice)


Nicholas:  It’s surprising the Doctor asks Grace to go with him at the end, considering she’s the one who murdered him!

Sylvester:  Well, she just got a newer and better model…I’m just saying that because Paul is here.

Paul:  Keep talkin’ dude.


(the three of them are chatting away, when the Doctor kisses Grace)

Sylvester:  Oh, the kiss, the infamous kiss!

Nicholas:  It was a bit dribble-y wasn’t it?

Paul:  It’s good they left the dribble in - maybe that was the contentious bit?  Oh, there’s another one!  Two kisses!

Nicholas:  There’s one at the end as well.  I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Paul:  The best things come in threes.

Sylvester:  Have Doctors been kissing since then?

Nicholas:  Yes!  All over the place.  You can’t stop them!


Nicholas:  There’s all sorts of things in old Doctor Who -

Sylvester:  Why do you look at me when you say “Old”?


Nicholas:  So, what about all the technical stuff you -

Paul:  I hated that wig.  I.  Hated.  It.

(Nicholas laughing)


(Eric Roberts comes out in full Time Lord regalia)

Paul:  Oh, look at that.  Are the stairs gonna light up as he comes down?


Sylvester:  The computers were supposed to go at the Millennium, weren’t they?  The computers were all going to die and everything?

Nicholas:  In real life, that was the thought.

Sylvester:  So Doctor Who quietly fixed that.

Nicholas:  That’s clearly what happened.

Sylvester:  The whole world was expecting it to stop, and it didn’t.  Thank you, Paul, for doing that.

Paul:  It was nothing.


Nicholas:  So, as the credits roll, any last thoughts, gentlemen?

Paul:  Happy days, McCoy.

Sylvester:  They were, they were terrific!

Paul:  I remember you playing the spoons on that big tough guy!

Sylvester:  Yeah, big tough guy came around and tried to terrorize us, and I just played the spoons all over him, and he melted!

Paul (laughing):  Works every time!

Sylvester:  That’s how you win a war, give everyone spoons!


Classic DW Commentary: Silver Nemesis & Ghost Light

Silver Nemesis

commentators:  Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, script editor Andrew Cartmel, director Chris Clough


Sophie:  I was more scared of the Cybermen when I was a kid than I was of the Daleks.  My mum stopped me watching Doctor Who because I was so scared of the Cybermen.  So it was good to have a story with them; it gave me a chance to get me own back!

Chris:  We’ve got an interesting story about the Cybermen.  About the costumes.

Sylvester:  The crotches!  Cyber-crotches!

Chris:  When we were filming, it was so hot, and of course these guys in the Cybermen costumes were absolutely sweltering.  And the suits rotted around the crotch area, and had to be patched up with silver tape!


Sylvester:  Oh, this was the location we got lost!  I remember the day; we couldn’t find this location.  When we got there, about an hour late, standing on top of the hill was a group of Doctor Who fans!  They knew the location!  They found it, and we couldn’t!


Sophie:  The Cybermen are sort of walking around a bit bemused, aren’t they?

Chris:  Well, they can’t see where they are going!

Sylvester:  And they can’t breathe in those helmets, and they’ve got Cyber-crotch!


Ghost Light

commentators:  Sophie Aldred, music arranger Mark Ayres, writer Mark Platt, and script editor Andrew Cartmel


Mark A:  We won’t go into the genesis of the script, because we’ve done that in other features on this DVD.  But, basic plot outline -

everyone laughs; there’s nothing really “basic” about the plot of Ghost Light


Andrew:  Looking very good here, Sophie.

Sophie:  Well, thank you.  Not wizened and ancient like I do now…


(cliffhanger for part one, Ace is in peril!)

Mark A:  Wasn’t there originally a scream?

Mark P:  John Nathan-Turner wanted a scream - Ace’s first scream.

Sophie:  No way.  I dissuaded him against that!

Andrew:  Well done!


Classic DW Commentary: The Curse of Fenric

commentators:  Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, and Nicholas Parsons (Rev. Wainwright)


Sophie:  I remember doing this scene, and the papers were rustling too much; we had to do it over and over again, because we kept bumping the radio mics with our papers.

Sylvester:  You mean I did, because I was the one with the papers.

Sophie:  Well, you know, I was trying to be kind!

Sylvester:  You were just trying to point that out - “we”, yes


Sophie:  You don’t look any different, Nicholas.

Nicholas:  You’re very sweet, Sophie.  I can say the same for you, too!

Sylvester:  But you can’t say the same for me - (seeing himself onscreen) - that’s my son there!  My young lad, look at him!


(the first scene where they meet Kathleen Dudman and her baby)

Sophie:  Oh, look at you, Sylv, holding the baby’s head because I didn’t know how to hold a baby then!

Nicholas:  I wonder how they audition babies?

Sylvester:  Well, they have to do a bit of Shakespeare, and then a song…


Nicholas:  What is the relationship between the Doctor and Ace?

Sophie:  Don’t ask!

Sylvester:  Well, there is a history.

Sophie:  He picked me up on a planet called Iceworld, and…well, the Doctor’s always picking up girls and taking them off!

Sylvester (in a low voice):  Come into my TARDIS…and I will teach you…the secrets of the universe!


Sophie:  I’ve got my rucksack there

Sylvester:  You carried everything, it was very handy!  Kept scripts in there…sandwiches…


Sophie:  I remember we had to do this scene loads of times!

Sylvester:  I only had to say “yes”, so it couldn’t have been my fault.

Sophie:  You kept putting your “yes” in at the wrong time!

Sylvester:  Did I?

Sophie (laughing):  Yes!

Sylvester:  Well, you should have kicked me!

Sophie:  I did!


Nicholas:  You do make the Doctor delightfully mysterious.

Sylvester:  That’s because I was trying to figure out what I was saying.


(listening to the Doctor at the end, where he is trying to get Ace to lose faith in him)

Sylvester (sorrowfully):  I was just trying to save the universe, Sophie

Sophie:  Oh, sure, that’s your excuse!  I fall for it every time!