classic disguise


Some time ago I was tagged by some wonderful people to post six selfies of 2016. I decided instead to show you six things of 2016 that made me happy.

  • One, of course, is Les Misérables, that classic disguised as brick that I decided to read and that gave me a bunch of wonderful characters to love and cry over and also brought me to this fandom and some of the greatest people I know.
  • The second is my driver’s license because I’m proud of it and it made me feel like I’m really becoming an adult for the very first time.
  • The third is the great trip to Vienna that my best friend and I took in November where we tried to visit literally every single art museum the city has to offer.
  • The fourth is the fact that I could watch a school production of the musical Mozart! in spring and it was incredible and I loved it so much.
  • The fifth is that I participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the Word Has Ever Seen with two of my friends and we had the weirdest, funniest, kindest, most awesome week of our life.
  • The sixth is the people that, aside from my family, made this otherwise awful year bearable. My damn cool real life friends and my damn cool long-distance friends.

So here is a list of the people who I desperately want to hug because you made this year a better one with your kindness and your messages and your jokes and your conversations and your stories and your artwork and your edits and your wonderfulness. Thank you <3

@achelllies: stay awesome
@acynicandanidealist: you’re so brave and I admire you so much and your aesthetic is the best
@aux-barricades: you’re the best and your tags kill me every single time
@bahorelly: you’re the coolest
@consulting-angel-in-bag-end: I will never be able to express how f*cking grateful I am to be your friend <3
@desmoulinx: thank you for making my dashboard such a great place
@dorkstar-brat: you are the strongest and the most gorgeous person I know
@elfiethewicked: you, my friend, know what good things are: art, books and the floor
@enjols: you’re so kind
@grangratree: cacti are the best
@imsorryfortheinconvenience: how are you so gorgeous??
@its-better-than-an-opera: when I see sunflowers I always think of you
@just-french-me-up: thank you for being the fandom mum and for your stories and your kindness and that you glue us together and keep us alive
@likelectricity: thank you for the lovely icons and the kindness you spread
@mariuspondmercy: thank you for sharing your excellent writing and fluffiest stuff with us
@mariuspontbambi: you’re the softest and the kindest and my dream girl
@marius-pont-de-bercy: I love what you write
@merrytairemas: thank you for making this world a better place
@mlttlcrdlk: I had a wonderful time being your Secret Santa
@normal-people-are-weird: thank you for the best artwork and the kindness you spread, I admire you for both
@poise-and-grace: it’s so wonderful to see you so happy right now. I wish you all the best and keep that happiness for the next year
@sassyfeuilly: thank you for every conversation and every conspiracy and for being such an incredible person
@sassytimemachine: the best and the best overall
@seethenewdaydawn: thank you for making me feel not completely alone
@softegrantaire: thank you for making my dashboard a better place
@thegoodlesmisurlsaretaken: thank you for the best Courferre and for being just like you are because you are wonderful
@todaysgonebi: the best moodboards and the best when protecting your friends
@vintage-jehan: thank you for sticking around and being such a nice person
: thank you for your kindness
@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory: thank you for the endless times you made me laugh or smile at one of your selfies and being grateful that you are here
@weisbrot: thank you for being my favourite artist here and for your kindness and for being such an amazing person
@xaphoonist: I’m so jealous of your hair you can’t imagine. Thank you for being around and making this world a better place

I wish you all an amazing year, I hope that you’ll achieve what you want, that you’ll treat yourself carefully and that you’ll have people stick around that make you feel alive. Much love, kindness and the occasional rainbow and glitter and kitten and smile for you <3

Dear Unicorn Diary,

Operation ‘Remind Her Why’ continues, though in a more subtle way.

The Clothes: Sophisticated, elegant, but understated and classic.

The Hair: Up, disguise firmly in place.

The Plan: Morning latte, full M&M jar, a visit to the dudebro assistant to ensure a full free hour at lunch, a quick trip to Sicily for her favorite arancini and that tiramisu she insists she’d never eat.

The Words:  None.  It never happened.  Firm denial.

Cat Grant is a complicated woman.

Time to Keep It Simple Stupid.


TMNT Comic Con 2015 - Turtles go to Comic Con Script

I saw shellebelle1980 had an anon who wanted this written out so here it is! And here’s a good video of it:

(Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey are incognito at San Diego Comic Con. They’re wearing the classic trench-coat disguise as they try to blend in with the crowds.)

Mikey: Whoa! Look at all the people! Look at all the crazy cosplay, yo!

Raph: That’s cosplay? I actually thought most of ‘em were mutants!

Donnie: Yeah, yeah, real funny, Raph. Guys, this is INCREDIBLE! This is the one time we can actually go out in public and mingle with real people!

Leo: Yeah, dressed like flashers. That’s great Donnie.

Mikey: *gasp* Dude, look over there, man! I think that dude’s cosplaying Mazes and Mutants! Yo dude, stand up! Stand up! Yeah, yeah, you! Fantasy guy! Come on, come on! I knew we shoulda come in our LARPing costumes, dudes!

Raph: Turtles dressed as elves, dwarves and hobbits makes ZERO sense! Seriously! Turtle-hobbits?

Leo: What are you talking about Raph? I just saw a girl dressed as Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, and Papa Smurf at the same time!

Mikey: It’s called “crossplay,” dude! It’s the new shiznick!

Donnie: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Look. At. That. Is she supposed to be April? Stand up, April! Now that… is a cutie.

Raph: I just wanna drive the Turtle Mech over all these crowds! There’s a line for everything!

Donnie: And the bathrooms! Aw man! Our sewer’s cleaner! I have seen things living inside those toilets that would turn your shell green, dude.

Leo: Guys, be serious. We have to look out for Shredder. Wait… why are there so many people dressed as Shredder? With costumes consisting mostly of tinfoil? A-Anyone in the audience dressed as Shredder, stand up!

Donnie: Oh.

Mikey: Do we have any GIRL Shredders out there?  Can I get a “What What?”

Donnie: (mocking) What What?


Girls in audience: What What!

Mikey: That’s what’s up!

Tiger Claw: What what. …Master Shredder, I regret to report that the exclusive Legend of Korra – Chief Beifong statue is… sold out.

Shredder: What? How could they not make enough? I must have that statue! Do you know how much it’s already going for on eBay? Find out who is in charge of production and have them destroyed!

Tiger Claw: Of course, Master Shredder.

Shredder: Steranko! What are you doing here? I thought I told you to hold our place in line for H – Hall H!

Rocksteady: Is not my fault! Standing in line all the day is boring! And I already missed the panel for Star Wars: The Force was Still Sleeping and Then it Woke Up because this title makes none of the sense!

Shredder: You fool! Mark Hamill was at that panel! I told you I wanted his autograph!

Rocksteady: Ah! I am sorry. I have been busy looking for the Megan Fox! Oh-ho boy… she make my horn tingle.

Tiger Claw: What what?

Donnie: Whoa! Shredder and his goons!

Rocksteady: Look! Is fans dressed up like turtle ninjas! Very lifelike!

Tiger Claw: Those are the real turtles, you imbecile!

Shredder: Destroy them!

Raph: Let’s raise some shell!

Leo: Wait wait guys we can’t fight in here! All the people! …plus, we will get kicked out!

Rocksteady: Da. He brings up the good point. I still need to get the Chief Beifong statue, bending the earth, yes?

Mikey: Yeah, we tried that one already, bruh. Sold out.

Shredder: Very well. I will let you live this time, turtles. But as soon as I get out of the Robot Chicken panel I assure you… muahahahaha… you will meet your doom!

Tiger Claw: You know, I heard that Seth Green is much taller than he looks in the movies.

Rocksteady: Is he robot, or chicken?

Shredder: Lies!

(Shredder exits with his henchmen.)

Raph: Well that was disappointing. No butt-kicking, huh? Imma go check out those hobbit plushies…

Donnie: Yeah I gotta tell ya Raph, you’re a hard hobbit to break, but… you guys do your thing. I’m gonna go talk to that April cosplayer…

Leo: Yeah I think I see a Karai cosplayer out there! I’m all over that like Mikey on pizza!

Mikey: I’ll give that a Comic Con level… BOOYAKASHA!!!

The first things I noticed in the Civil War teaser

-       “Buck”

-       Steve’s expression when he hears Bucky remembers him

-       What happened to Rhodey???

-       The classic Marvel disguise on Sam: hoodie and baseball cap

-       Wanda’s powers have grown so much

-       Where the hell is Clint???

-       “So was I.”

-       Steve and Bucky and that damn shield.

-       “I don’t do that anymore.”

-       Bucky vanishing??? Behind that van???

-       Bucky on a motorcycle hell yeah

-       Nat trying to keep Steve safe

-       Steve and Bucky meaningful/heartfelt look

-       Sam’s new fighting maneuvers

-       Bucky raging on Tony

-       Bucky

-       James Buchanan Barnes

-       BUCKY