classic disguise

The most important in Pokémon XY...

Team Rocket is absolutely adorable in XY Series.

Jessie appears with painted nails and pink lipstick (disguised as Jessilee).

She is more and more gorgeous at every episode.

Wet hair.

50 Shades of Jessie.

Boob shots.

Crotch shots.

James showing his feelings for Jessie. <3


This hair and this goatee… OMG Jimmy, you’re so handsome!

“Bitch, please… I’m fabulous!”

Classic Motto.

The disguises are back.


Our favorite Blue Blob is back.

The lovely, charmy villains!

Mirror Team Rocket.

I can’t explain how much I love it!

Dorky faces.

Stupid scared expressions.

Look at these adorkable villains…

They’re together since ever, forever…

They’re so cute!

And they make the Show. Just accept it, haters!

DAY 3249

Goa                  Feb 19,  2017                Sun 8:14 pm

At times the silence bites into the imagination with such ferocity, that an avalanche of thoughts and ideas pour out .. 

They did .. by the day, and they remained .. what urged it on was the quietude of the notes that one never gets to hear in finite sound ..

Notes of a chord still connect on a plain unresolved and uncertain .. it is disguised in classic form .. but remains a mystery, for, the classic is indeed a mystery ever .. 

How does one become a classic and another a hip hop or a chillout or pop .. who invented the difference and why .. ? Can not one find a classic in the latest top of the pops .. the notes that play around are similar - just seven - ‘saat sur’ … nothing has been discovered or entered into since that demarcation …

The fascinating world of notes and sound .. the sound that brings harmony, that divides different faiths, that identifies regions and cultures, that invokes sentiment, that builds movement and physicality ..

SOUND IS ETERNAL AND DIVINE .. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF INVENTIONS IT DERIVES .. and this is just a cursory observation ..

Indian classical music interprets seasons and the intervals of time in a day .. it has the capacity to disturb weather conditions, have the penetrative effect of power - physical power  … is that why it is classic ..?

Classic .. because it converts a wave in our atmosphere of what is often described as sound ..? Would it do the same on Mars or any other planet ? What would it be like to ‘play’ a note to space .. or conversely play space notes to us earthlings ..

That genius in film making direction Stanley Kubrick gave us a visual and description in his film ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ … 

The most renowned editorial cut ever made in the history of cinema, was in the film when the first ape imaged human, attacks another with an abandoned bone and having clubbed it to death, throws the bone up in the air in slow motion victorious achievement .. AND .. CUT to ..

A Space Station ..  moving in relative speed revolutions, a fetus in its womb condition developed and ready for its deliverance … and the divine ethereal strains of Johann Strauss’s -


Nothing even today can be ever brought a million million miles in comparison !

Amitabh Bachchan

ticking clocks

Supernatural Prompt Challenge || chuckshvrley
prompt: leaves
pairing(s): dean/cas, mentioned sam/eileen
word count: 4608
tags: modern au - soulmates, librarian!cas, teacher!dean, soulmate clocks, first kiss, fluff and more fluff

summary: it’s been a long week of midterms and dean has only just found the time to sit back and kick his feet up, relax, and take a day for himself. too bad it has to go and be ruined when he realizes his soulmate clock has run down without him noticing and he still has no clue who his soulmate is. 

author’s note: i saw a prompt and i figured why tf not write it for my spc fic this month


“Alright, guys, take your seats and shut up.”

Dean lets his class full of seniors settle down, quickly taking roll and then picking up the stack of papers on his desk. He walks to the front of the room and hands it to Kevin to pass around.

“These are your midterm assignments. I know,” he drawls at the groans, “essays suck. Whatever, you babies. You’ve made it this far, quit your whining. This one’s gonna be pretty easy, okay?”

“That’s what you say every time!” Krissy points out, and the class makes noises of agreement. “And they don’t get any easier!”

Dean rolls his eyes, a grin pulling at his lips. He leans over his podium on his elbows. “That’s because you wait until the night before they’re due to do them, Chambers,” he teases. “If you’re proactive about it, they’re not that hard.”

Krissy snorts, but she settles back in her seat, crossing her arms. Josephine pipes up beside her. “So, what torture disguised as ‘classic literature’ are we analyzing this time?”

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TMNT Comic Con 2015 - Turtles go to Comic Con Script

I saw shellebelle1980 had an anon who wanted this written out so here it is! And here’s a good video of it:

(Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey are incognito at San Diego Comic Con. They’re wearing the classic trench-coat disguise as they try to blend in with the crowds.)

Mikey: Whoa! Look at all the people! Look at all the crazy cosplay, yo!

Raph: That’s cosplay? I actually thought most of ‘em were mutants!

Donnie: Yeah, yeah, real funny, Raph. Guys, this is INCREDIBLE! This is the one time we can actually go out in public and mingle with real people!

Leo: Yeah, dressed like flashers. That’s great Donnie.

Mikey: *gasp* Dude, look over there, man! I think that dude’s cosplaying Mazes and Mutants! Yo dude, stand up! Stand up! Yeah, yeah, you! Fantasy guy! Come on, come on! I knew we shoulda come in our LARPing costumes, dudes!

Raph: Turtles dressed as elves, dwarves and hobbits makes ZERO sense! Seriously! Turtle-hobbits?

Leo: What are you talking about Raph? I just saw a girl dressed as Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, and Papa Smurf at the same time!

Mikey: It’s called “crossplay,” dude! It’s the new shiznick!

Donnie: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Look. At. That. Is she supposed to be April? Stand up, April! Now that… is a cutie.

Raph: I just wanna drive the Turtle Mech over all these crowds! There’s a line for everything!

Donnie: And the bathrooms! Aw man! Our sewer’s cleaner! I have seen things living inside those toilets that would turn your shell green, dude.

Leo: Guys, be serious. We have to look out for Shredder. Wait… why are there so many people dressed as Shredder? With costumes consisting mostly of tinfoil? A-Anyone in the audience dressed as Shredder, stand up!

Donnie: Oh.

Mikey: Do we have any GIRL Shredders out there?  Can I get a “What What?”

Donnie: (mocking) What What?


Girls in audience: What What!

Mikey: That’s what’s up!

Tiger Claw: What what. …Master Shredder, I regret to report that the exclusive Legend of Korra – Chief Beifong statue is… sold out.

Shredder: What? How could they not make enough? I must have that statue! Do you know how much it’s already going for on eBay? Find out who is in charge of production and have them destroyed!

Tiger Claw: Of course, Master Shredder.

Shredder: Steranko! What are you doing here? I thought I told you to hold our place in line for H – Hall H!

Rocksteady: Is not my fault! Standing in line all the day is boring! And I already missed the panel for Star Wars: The Force was Still Sleeping and Then it Woke Up because this title makes none of the sense!

Shredder: You fool! Mark Hamill was at that panel! I told you I wanted his autograph!

Rocksteady: Ah! I am sorry. I have been busy looking for the Megan Fox! Oh-ho boy… she make my horn tingle.

Tiger Claw: What what?

Donnie: Whoa! Shredder and his goons!

Rocksteady: Look! Is fans dressed up like turtle ninjas! Very lifelike!

Tiger Claw: Those are the real turtles, you imbecile!

Shredder: Destroy them!

Raph: Let’s raise some shell!

Leo: Wait wait guys we can’t fight in here! All the people! …plus, we will get kicked out!

Rocksteady: Da. He brings up the good point. I still need to get the Chief Beifong statue, bending the earth, yes?

Mikey: Yeah, we tried that one already, bruh. Sold out.

Shredder: Very well. I will let you live this time, turtles. But as soon as I get out of the Robot Chicken panel I assure you… muahahahaha… you will meet your doom!

Tiger Claw: You know, I heard that Seth Green is much taller than he looks in the movies.

Rocksteady: Is he robot, or chicken?

Shredder: Lies!

(Shredder exits with his henchmen.)

Raph: Well that was disappointing. No butt-kicking, huh? Imma go check out those hobbit plushies…

Donnie: Yeah I gotta tell ya Raph, you’re a hard hobbit to break, but… you guys do your thing. I’m gonna go talk to that April cosplayer…

Leo: Yeah I think I see a Karai cosplayer out there! I’m all over that like Mikey on pizza!

Mikey: I’ll give that a Comic Con level… BOOYAKASHA!!!

The first things I noticed in the Civil War teaser

-       “Buck”

-       Steve’s expression when he hears Bucky remembers him

-       What happened to Rhodey???

-       The classic Marvel disguise on Sam: hoodie and baseball cap

-       Wanda’s powers have grown so much

-       Where the hell is Clint???

-       “So was I.”

-       Steve and Bucky and that damn shield.

-       “I don’t do that anymore.”

-       Bucky vanishing??? Behind that van???

-       Bucky on a motorcycle hell yeah

-       Nat trying to keep Steve safe

-       Steve and Bucky meaningful/heartfelt look

-       Sam’s new fighting maneuvers

-       Bucky raging on Tony

-       Bucky

-       James Buchanan Barnes

-       BUCKY

Pub night

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

With thanks to @catwinchester for the inspiration and letting me use her awesome manip. 

Fluffy, happy, nice to cheer your day one shot. (I hope)

Tom and Conny have a night out in a traditional British pub.

With his arm around her shoulders they walked side by side down the wet London Street, on a very chilly summer evening. 

“British weather at its best” he laughed at her, eyes sparkling.

The rest of the world may as well have not been there as they huddled together giggling and smiling, totally oblivious to anything but each other. 

They only came back to the real world when they reach their destination, which was an old London pub, filthy on the outside from hundreds of years of smog, and traffic going past its doors. It had hanging baskets, dangling from rusty hooks, filled with gay bright flowers, which somehow seemed out of place against the dull wet City Street.

Tom pushed the door open and let his lady into the warm room inside. A room of dark reds and leather seats, with old smells of cigars long since smoked and stale beer from other jovial nights. 

Conny removed her coat, and sat in their normal corner seat by the window, where she watched the people outside carrying on with their lives. Tom went and ordered drinks from the bar, several people nodded their heads in both their directions but they all knew the pair liked to be left alone to snuggle and chatter. 

Tom came over to her with a beer in one hand and what he kindly called something green and toothpaste like in his other. He never could understand why Conny liked this drink, that according to him taste of mouthwash but he enjoyed the minty kisses after. And if he was really lucky a cool refreshing mouth elsewhere later.

She took the drink and a kiss, as he removed his coat, then snuggled up besides her and their regular game of looking out the window and creating lives for the people that passed by began.

“Ah a British spy coming home from a trip abroad” Tom told her as a man with a suitcase went by

How can you tell he’s a spy” Conny asked him.

“Oh easy, he still has his socks on with his sandals, classic English disguise”

One guy strolling up the now darkening street wore a trilby hat and long rain coat and black shiny shoes. Conny told Tom he looked like a man about to go sing in a pub for tips, like the guy in Billy Joel’s song.

How nice it would be to hear a singer, someone crooning old time songs from the past as others slowly joined in and sang along. Hell they had the piano all they need was the man and she smiled at him with a twinkle in her eyes.

Tom got up doffed an imaginary hat to his lady, walked over to the piano took a seat. Lifting the lid he ran his long elegant fingers over the keys before beginning to play, which is what the rest of the people in there had been waiting for, since the pair walked in.

He started with a classic “Just the way you look tonight” and directed it at Conny. Her face lit up and she joined Tom by the piano, standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders.

He continued to serenade her and the pub’s clientele, who had all stopped their chatter and gossiping to turn and listen to his smooth voice instead, as he sang the classic “As time goes by” from Casablanca. The next was “Where ever I lay my hat that’s my home”

Conny grinned at him knowing full well he was loving the attention, as he played the part of the lonesome pub singer giving it all the emotional feeling to the song.

The barman walked over to them and put a free drink on top of the piano to help lubricate the singer’s pipes. Tom took a sip and continued

He next performed a Hiddles rendition of “Vincent” but his audience were growing restless and now wanted more joyous songs to lift their mood. 

Always willing to oblige, Tom change instantly from moody club singer to rowdy barroom sing along mode, and the people were quick to follow. “Me and my girl” got pounded out, followed by the “The Lambeth Walk” giving his attentive audience a chance to join in and Sing lustily into their beer glasses. 

Conny joined in as well, which is what he’d been waiting for. Now was the time to get his lady love to take centre stage and sing a few by herself.

He gave her vocal cords a chance to warm up with a  duet of “I’ll do anything from Oliver”  thus settling her nerves before he started playing “Oom-Pah-Pah” and she happily went round the pub playing the part of Nancy with real gusto.

Carrying a beer glass with a few coins in the bottom in her hand, which she’d picked up off the bar as she’d danced pass. She rattled it at people as she swished passed singing at full volume, and they very quickly filled it with loose change and many generous notes, she even got a pinch on the bum from the pub’s oldest customer, as he dropped in a five pound note. Conny gave them a few old music hall numbers all done with much dramatic over acting, and enthusiasm before handing back to Tom.

A few more rowdy songs were played for the audience to join in with before Tom kindly calmed them back down with “Cold Cold Heart” complete with the accent of course and finishing with “your once twice three times a lady”  just as the Barman called

“Time gentlemen please” to signal the closing of the pub.

Tom smiled as he closed the lid of the piano and drained his drink.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen that’s all for tonight” The pub’s clientele groaned but finished off their drinks and dragged on coats preparing to leave.

The pair retuned to their window seat to collect their coats to face the still wet world outside, Tom grabbing a quick kiss as he straightened her coat collar for her.

As they went to leave the Bar man shouted at Tom,

“Over one hundred pounds had been raised tonight mate thanks you, the  kids at the local youth centre, bless you.” Tom simple waved at him as he opened the door and took Conny back out into the night. For a summers eve it was bloody cold, but the pair had one last treat for their evening before heading to the warmth of home. 

Just down the road a fish and chip shop were serving the last of the night customers, mostly people who had fallen out of pubs and now needed something to soak up the alcohol. Tom and Conny got a large portion of chips wrapped in paper to go, along with a Saveloy sausage. They then took a different route home, taking them along the Thames embankment. The lights reflected on both the river and the wet paths and streets. You could see the London eye and Big Ben one way, and sights such as London Bridge with a big red London bus going across it, the other way.

The pair were once again snuggled up close as they walked along fighting over the biggest fastest chips. Conny giggled as Tom waved the last of the Saveloy in front of her triumphantly but she managed to bite off a large bit, as he passed it by her mouth.

“Oi  you, that’s more than half you’ve had” he told her

“Well we don’t want you getting a chubby bunny do we” she told him and got a swipe at her ass for her comment.

Tom dropped the paper wrapper in the bin just as the rain started to hammer down again. They looked at each other and legged it down the street.

“Last one home has to perform un-natural acts on the other” shouted Tom back at her much to the distress of a lady walking her dog.

“Well that could mean you actually making me tea then” Conny yelled at him giving chase.

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