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Star vs the Forces of Evil theory

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The main thing I wanted to focus on in this, is the queens of Mewni and how they’re stories might affect Star’s journey.To do that, I feel it is necessary to bring up what exactly their pedestals said.

Celena the Shy; What hides behind the golden fan the hand does sweetly hold, a trove of cosmic secrets that will never be told.
In the episode ‘Into the Wand’, Celena is the first tapestry Star really looks at, and Star immediately goes; “Great-great grandma Shy!”. Not only does this place Celena as the closest related Queen to star besides for Moon, but it also reveals that Star learned about Celena, probably from her mother, early on. We also came to note that- we don’t know what marks Celena has on her cheeks due to her fan. Some people have theorized however, that she has the diamonds on her cheeks like Moon due to the diamond shape in her wand.
Solaria the Monster Carver; A castle stormed is a hero born, with might as strong as steel. Kneels the void before her and the crushing force she wields.
What really stood out to me is one, the markings on Solaria’s face. Lightning bolts- not one of the classic symbols from a deck of cards like many people theorize, but I feel the need to remind everyone- The symbols on their cheeks can change with their emotions. Whenever Star is bored, they change to hourglasses, and in some cases when she’s fighting, they can change to skulls. Based on the heart Solaria wears on her clothes, I think it’d be a fair bet to say she originally has hearts like Star. Another thing that stood out is that Star literally never mentions anything about her. She reads the pedestal, and then she’s rushing off to get chauncy (I never really bothered to learn his name).

Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness: Eclipsa the queen of mewni to a mewman king was wed, but took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.
Eclipsa’s pedestal lets out a hiss of steam as Star passes by, something none of the other pedestals did, and in that steam seemed to be the shape of a face before it cleared. After Star reads her pedestal, she looks… mildly impressed, furthering the idea by saying  'Ohh, bad girl.’ Eclipsa also is mentioned in 'Page turner’ as Moon Butterfly’s (Queen Butterfly presently) 9 great- grandmother. Also In page turner, it’s revealed that Eclipsa wrote an entire chapter of dark spells, ones that didn’t seem to interest Star that much, but affected Marco greatly.

Moon the Undaunted: The immortal monster will long be haunted by the darkest spell of Moon the Undaunted.
Here we see a young Moon, less prim and proper and looking much like her daughter, riding on her pet goat thing, and battling Toffee. Not just battling him so to say but- appearing to be winning, cutting off his famous missing finger. Star even looks baffled at this, saying in clear surprise 'My mom fought toffee?’ Which implies she didn’t know about the fight at all.
It is then that Star’s attention is drawn to the thing currently making her own tapestry, and Toffee’s finger is ripped out of Moon’s tapestry.  

Now, moving on. Obviously I think what’s really important here, is two Queens and Star.
Eclipsa and Solaria.

  • Eclipsa is seen and mentioned many times throughout the few episodes, sometimes not with all that much fondness, and in Page Turner- fear. When Star grab’s toffee’s finger at the end of Into the Wand, it shows toffee, the wand breaking, and Eclipsa’s close up of her face.

    Solaria is simply… a queen we don’t know much about. Her story is basically told on her pedestal, but that’s it. Her castle was stormed and she kicked some monster ass. The end. Unlike everyone else, Star doesn’t say anything about her- this either implies that she’s not important at all, or that her story is one we need to learn ourselves.

    But the main reason I brought it down to Solaria, Eclipsa and Star is…. none of them seemed to have followed the tradition Moon scolds Star for. Eclipsa ran away and fell in love with a monster, the mewmans sworn enemy, and Solaria became a feared monster slayer more than a queen- even shaving her hair off by the looks of it, the family wand becoming a sword in her presence. Star clearly doesn’t like the tradition, and based on her slight respect for Eclipsa… she and Solaria might be the one closest to Star in a magical and personality based sense.

    This is further proven by 'Bon Bon the birthday clown’ where Star casts one of Eclipsa’s dark spells, the All seeing eye.  She does it, perfectly. She casted a dark spell, first try, perfectly. Better yet, when she saw how happy Marco and Jackie were, her jealousy and anger even allowed her to break a wheel on Jackie’s skateboard when she was far away. Those emotions described as 'dark’ by most, activate the darker half of the wands magic- something most people blame Eclipsa for.  

    I feel like Star will unconsciously find herself drifting to Eclipsa more often now that her spell book and her mentor are gone. It’s speculated Star and Marco are bound to be enemies, due to Marco’s monster arm appearing a few times, and how sympathetic he is towards monsters- Since Marco plays a strong role in star’s magic (if you don’t believe me, let me just remind you of how Star managed to achieve 'Dip down’ when she heard Marco reading the chapter of her journal titled 'my thoughts on Marco’ and how both times she saw Marco with Jackie while she was casting magic in bon bon the birthday clown, her magic backfired and activated the green magic- the darker magic- instead) it might not end up well.

  • Now that I got that obvious theory out of the way, time to mention my personal favorite.
  • Marco the king of Darkness.
    Yes yes, I know, 'Come on Arhi! Another Marco turns evil theory?’  
    Yes. Yes actually, but maybe not in the way many people think. Marco is sympathetic towards monsters as we’ve seen in quite a few episodes. That’s point number one- they keep coming for him and his best friend, but he still feels kinda bad about hurting them. Number two, his monster arm. Having it gave him power, something he clearly liked having, and even yelled at Star for her offer to remove the monster arm from him, saying that she could use magic all she wanted, but when it gave HIM an advantage it had to be taken away.
  • To me it almost sounds like it’s not the first time it’s happened.
  • Number three- Toffee calling him a disappointment. This ones kinda meh to me because it could have multiple meanings. A disappointment of a monster, a magical enemy for Star, of a companion of Stars, or maybe- as a relative of Toffee’s.  
  • Number four- Marco’s affinity for magic. Specifically the darker magic. Marco is a human as far as we’re aware- no magical abilities whatso ever. So why did he respond the way he did to reading Eclipsa’s chapter? A chapter of dark spells for wielders of the royal family wand. 

Feel free to talk to me about anything in my theories. My friend wanted me to write it all down and post it here so I’d love to see what you all have to say!

The Witchy Lifestyle: Divination

We have all read and heard the stories. A group of teens go to the fairground and see the stall of a psychic, palm reader, tarot reader, et cetera. Though completely skeptical (except for the one or two who are adamant that everything is real), one teen reluctantly gets his future told, and before his eyes it all comes true.

Life may not be like the TV shows, but divination is commonplace, and is part of the witchy lifestyle. But methods of divination, and what divination is used for, vary wildly from witch to witch.

What is divination?

Divination is a meditative process by which a witch may be able to glean some foresight in regards to the outcomes of decisions that have been made. Often, it is done in order to help inform decisions made in the present based upon decisions that had been made in the past.

In some circles, it is believed that this foresight is a direct connection with the divine thus divination could be described as seeing the future through the eyes of the divine.

How do you do divination?

Every culture on Earth has developed some form of divination. The most well known methods used by witches today are scrying, card reading, tea reading, palmistry, and astrology. However, those aren’t the limit to how divination is done.

Other methods of divination include rune casting, pyromancy (using candles or other flames to divine), augury, bibliomancy, ceromancy (using melted wax), pendulums, talking boards (something I personally never use, but others do… the best example would be a oija board), and many many others.

So say you’re a newbie witch looking to get into divination. Consider this article a stepping point into whatever method of divination you feel most comfortable with. Like any magic, intuition is very important in this. However, in divination, intuition is the primary tool that you must use in order to glean any meaning from any kind of reading you do.

If a method of divination doesn’t really speak to you (and by that, I mean it doesn’t strike you as a method that you feel comfortable jumping into), look at other methods. Experiment until you find something that works best for you!

Tarot, Lenormund, and Playing Cards

Card readings are a classic method of divination, and are often portrayed in many television shows and movies as being the method of a “false psychic.” However, there is more to card reading than having someone choose a card, looking at the pictures, and making crap up.

Every card has its own meaning, yes, but it also is linked to your intuition. The meaning of a card is not carved into stone. So if doing a reading, you get a Death card, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to die if you make a certain decision. It only means that there may be the opportunity for rebirth or that there will be a resolution to conflict.

There are many different versions of card reading. Tarot is the most popular, and encompasses many different styles. However, what is generally common with tarot is that it is a form of divination that makes use of its own suits. Sometimes, tarot cards can be sorted into two significant portions of the deck: The major and minor arcanas. This provides a certain meaning, and then the individual cards help to narrow down the meaning that’s being read.

When looking into tarot, be sure that you find a deck that speaks to you. You must love the art, and holding the cards must feel right. At a swap meet, I had found a deck of Marseilles tarot cards. I had bought them because it felt right to do so, but reading them didn’t feel right. Sensing that they were trying to get to someone I know, I gave them to one of my witchy friends. The deck later came back to me once again, and my boyfriend adopted them and uses them on occasion. Meanwhile, some witches prefer the classic Rider-Wait decks. I use a “modern pagan” deck, whose artwork portrays witches engaged in modern, everyday practical magic.

Lenormund is another form of card reading that is gaining popularity. While I am not completely familiar with it, I do know that while reading tarot spreads involves much intuition, Lenormund is simpler to read. In essence, a Lenormund deck will write out a sentence for you. The meanings are more solidly placed (intuition is still key, however). Like tarot, when you want to explore Lenormund, you must look into getting a deck which speaks to you and whose art you identify with.

Lastly, standard playing cards have been used in divination for centuries. Divination, as you can imagine, is often sought out in gamblers’ dens by those who are desperate to find some sort of winning solution to their troubles. While a witch could be prosecuted for having tarot cards in her possession, having a deck of playing cards would not be questioned.

Playing cards are read in the same manner as tarot, with face cards serving as the major arcana. Unlike tarot, however, there are fewer cards in a deck of standard poker cards. In addition, the suits may have different meanings.

When I was living with a friend of mine several  years ago, his father told me about how playing cards were often read and linked to seasons. Four seasons in a year, four suits in a deck. This makes sense to me!

Runes, Shells, and Bones

Runes are another popular method of divination for many witches, and vary depending upon what system is being  used. Typically, a witch may be pictured using Norse runes on stones or chips of wood. In general, the system being used there is an alphabet called Elder Futhark.

However, runes aren’t limited to Futhark. Sometimes, Ogham is used. Other times, witches have their own symbols that they’ll inscribe as a rune.

Regardless, if runes are used on an existing system of language, it is important to learn and understand what each symbol means, both culturally and intuitively. For instance, I could draw Ansuz (an Elder Futhark rune) and know that it typically means “wisdom.” However, on a cultural level, I understand that Ansuz is linked specifically to Odin himself, it is talking of wisdom brought on by experience and age. Furthermore, combining that meaning with my instinct might tell me that drawing Ansuz in the situation is encouraging me to open up communication or to seek advice from a respected elder.

In Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, the voodoo priestess Tia Dalma (later revealed to be the goddess Calypso) is often seen whispering and casting crab claws and shells when looking into the future or divining locations. Sometimes called the Sea Oracle, casting shells is a fairly common practice of divination in some areas. The table before you may be separated into different portions, and the shells scattered on it. Some shells may have different meanings, so drawing from that and connecting those meanings to where they land in relation to the table and to one another can sometimes glean desired information. Bones are usually used in a similar manner.

Pyromancy and Ceromancy

Entire articles can be devoted to the art of candle divination. From the way the flame burns to the puffs of smoke that may be released, to even the way the wax melts. This is a discreet and practical form of divination, which also relies significantly upon the intuition of the witch. There are many different signs for potential aspects in divination that can be drawn from candle divination. For instance, some circles believe that if the candle flame flickers, then there is a spirit present in the room with the witch.

If you practice a lot of candle magic, this can be a great way of incorporating divination into all of your rites!

Tea/Coffee Reading

You sit down with a lovely, hot cup of tea and indulge in it’s aromas and gentle flavors. Once finished, though, what do you do with the loose bits of leaf in the bottom of the cup? A very common practice is to divine with it.

Swirl your cup three times clockwise, then turn it over on the saucer before flipping it back over. The shapes created by the leaves and debris can be used to determine futures or solutions. Tea reading can be as simple or as elaborate as the witch desires. Some rely solely on intuition and symbology in order to read their cups. Other witches have cups dedicated specifically to reading the leaves, complete with astrological markings, lines separating the areas of the cup into various principles or concepts to inform the reader of the tea’s message, et cetera.

In today’s modern world - at least in the United States - tea has largely been supplanted by coffee in popularity. If you’re not really much of a tea drinker, you can use coffee instead. If you want to divine using coffee, I would recommend using a method of brewing that will give you plenty of grounds to read from. As such, using a Keurig or drip percolator might not be ideal. Instead, try using something like a French press in order to guarantee the presence of loose grounds. The process of reading a cup of coffee is exactly the same as when reading tea leaves!


A simple way of divining simple answers for simple questions, pendulums have been used for centuries, and have taken on various forms. If the question pertains to a personal relationship, a wedding ring may be used, suspended by hair or thread. However, in general, crystals are the most common weights used when divining with a pendulum.

This practice largely involves letting a pendulum hang freely in front of you. When asking it a simple yes-or-no question, you would pay attention to the direction it begins to swing. Depending upon your tradition, a straight back-and-forth motion would indicate a yes, while a circular swing would indicate a no.

Some witches expand this a bit, adding a “maybe” option, or an option that shows that the future can’t easily be revealed.

The pendulum can be combined with the concept of a talking board: on a board, draw out a circle. Around this circle, write Yes, No, and Maybe twice, mirroring across the circle (i.e. if Yes is closest to you, then directly across the circle from you should be the other Yes). When holding the pendulum over this circle, how the pendulum swings can be more easily read.

Treat your pendulum as you would any other crystal, caring for it, consecrating it, and cleansing it frequently.

Talking Boards

This is a method of divination that is frequently depicted in horror films. It is one that is equally respected and feared, frankly. I cannot give much information on the subject of talking boards largely because I do not use them - all of my divination is generally covered with pendulums, runes, and cards.

However, when looking into using talking boards as a method of divination, be sure that you’re well-protected in terms of spells and wards. Make sure your ritual space is thoroughly cleansed and that you are well-grounded. When first practicing the use of a talking board, it’s definitely recommended that you have an experienced witch present in the off-chance that possession occurs or that you accidentally invite the wrong spirit into the space. Similarly, cleanse your talking board and all of its components frequently and thoroughly.


While all forms of divination are meditative in some form, scrying takes this meditation a little further. By this, I mean that more focus is required to scry than there may be required to use a pendulum. In short, scrying is the act of gazing into a surface and entering a trance-like state in order to glean information.

The most stereotypical form of scrying is through the use of a crystal ball. If this is your cup of tea, go for it! However, when looking into crystal balls, it is often recommended that you use natural crystal. If the ball is completely clear, with no inclusions, bubbles, or cracks, then generally there is nothing for the images to project themselves onto. Therefore, it’s often recommended that if you prefer using glass, that it has bubbles or other floaty bits within. If you’re looking for natural crystal, keep a scrutinizing eye. It is not uncommon for shops to try to pass off glass for crystal. You’ll know you’re looking at the real deal if there are cracks and inclusions inside the sphere - natural impurities in the stone.

The type of crystal depends upon what your preference is - I use clear quartz, but I have seen other witches use beautiful onyx spheres, and I’ve seen others use citrine and rose quartz.

However, scrying is not limited to gazing into the crystal ball. Mirrors are often used, and it is usually recommended that for scrying, a special black mirror be used. Such a mirror is easy to create with a picture frame bought from your local crafts store. Remove the glass from the frame, paint one side black (use a couple of coats so the paint is even) and then return the glass to the frame with the painted side facing away from the viewing side. Clean the glass and set it wherever you prefer to scry. Some witches will use the mirror like this as is, while others enjoy placing a candle between themselves and the mirror.

Another method of scrying is using ink in water. In a shallow bowl, black ink is dropped into water and mixed until the water creates what is essentially a black mirror. Scrying is done as normal here.

In general, most witches prefer a still surface to gaze into. It gives the yes fewer distractions and makes it easier to slip into meditation that way. However, other methods of scrying have been used throughout history. In some cultures, a portion of the ground would be cleared and flattened. An elder would sit and watch what happens to this area of cleared earth, divining the future based on what insects and crawlies crawl out of the disturbed ground, how they move, and in which direction they leave the space.

Other forms

The forms of divination are nearly endless. Some witches use bibliomancy - using books (in some traditions, the book is specifically chosen - the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, et cetera) to divine the future. Still others perform augury - watching the movements of birds in flight.

A common form of divination is through the use of omens. Some witches call these body signs. These are usually local “superstitions” that often prove themselves to be true. I’ve even described some in previous articles that I use - if a feather falls in front of me, I usually look at the color to determine what the message is supposed to be. A ring around the sun or around the moon may mean something to you, as another example.

Whatever the method of divination you choose, remember that meditation, patience, and intuition are your primary influences when practicing. Always research your method of divination, and make sure that ultimately, your beliefs guide your practice.

May your divinations always be clear!

Blessed Be! )O(


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‘The Ghetto Tarot’: Haitian artists transform classic tarot deck into stunning real life scenes:

Welcome to the Ghetto Tarot, a project from award-winning documentary photographer Alice Smeets and a group of Haitian artists known as Atis Rezistans. The idea was to take the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck of 78 cards and create a photographic version of each card using settings and objects in the vibrant ghetto of Haiti.

As Smeets says, “The spirit of the Ghetto Tarot project is the inspiration to turn negative into positive while playing. The group of artists ‘Atiz Rezistans’ use trash to create art with their own visions that are a reflection of the beauty they see hidden within the waste. They are claiming the word ‘Ghetto,’ thus freeing themselves of its depreciating undertone and turning it into something beautiful.”


Look what I found today at my local nerd store….

On a side note they spelled Frederic Handel “Frederick Handle” and Ilyich Tchaikovsky “Ilytch Chaikovsky


The insanely talented Oliver Hibert is in the process of designing a Major Arcana based on Pamela Colman Smith’s classic Rider-Waite deck. We would buy a set of these in a heartbeat. We would tear out someone’s heart, time out a beat, and smear it all over our mugs while begging, “OLIVER MAKE US SOME CARDS DUDE PLEASE”

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you do things like this, but could you possibly link me to some resources to help me learn more about Wicca and how to actively practice it? Thank you so much!

oh!! yeah of course, totally! I’ve been wanting to compile some links anyways!

Witchcraft masterlist!


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How to cast a circle of protection

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How to make protection oil

how to create a spell jar

Colours and their meanings in wicca

moon phase calender

history of wicca

Wiccan holidays

House cleansing (NOTE: white sage is endangered, please dont use it! use normal sage instead)

Information on tea infusion

Tea infuser for sale

Small alter table for sale

why to wear a pentacle

Pentacle necklace for sale

How to use a crystal ball

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Herbal guide

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How to read a tarot deck

Meaning of all tarot cards upright and reversed (i personally use this site along with my own knowledge and it’s great!)

Rider waite Tarot deck for sale (this is an old, classic deck from the 1910)

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How to use a pendulum

Clear crystal pendulum for sale (good use for all intentions)

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I’ll add more when I think of it! 

The Ghetto Tarot’ - Haitian artist group, Atis Rezistans, re-creates the classic tarot deck into scenes, people and locations from their native Haiti.


Tarot Highlight

The Dark Exact Tarot Deck is one of the more simplistic and streamline decks available right now. The negative colored images really make the spread pop and the lack of human figures makes the imagery very refreshing. In this deck, those classic human features have been replaced with plants, animals, objects, and alchemical symbols. You can purchase this deck here.