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I don’t think he was a genius. Einstein was a genius; Buster Keaton was astonishing. I’ve never seen any human being able to perform as brilliantly and gracefully with such unusually gifted timing. There was only one Keaton. His eyes shone with a certain intensity, fire and love. His face had little expression, but his eyes were always dynamically alive. His eyes spoke more than any script could speak.

- - Mel Brooks about Buster Keaton

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Away from the club, with its dressing-room atmosphere of gushing sentimentalities, Sam and I got to know each other well. There were serious talks, months of real closeness. I loved Sammy. At the emotional center of it all I could see his problem clearly. A problem of circumstance - born black in white America.
   One night at my house I had him look in the mirror. He looked hard and long. Then a grim smile as he turned around. “Well …”
   I said, “You’re black, Sam. Nothing is gonna change that. And if anybody tries to make you feel that’s bad, let it be their problem. Besides, I wouldn’t have you any other way.”
                            - Jerry Lewis in Jerry Lewis in Person, 1982.

Wildflower CH2 (Ignis x Fem!OC)

A.N: Chapter 2 is here! I was surprised people were interested in this fic- thanks for the feedback and hope you enjoy this romantic comedy with a twist! <3

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Chapter Two: ‘Terrible’ Friends

On a normal day, the hour and a half Ignis spent with Nyx Ulric on combat training, survival skills and general first aid were painful. Today, however, Ignis found the session excruciating. Every time he raised his spear to strike at the wooden strike plates tied to Nyx’s chest, arms and shins, he’d get his own breath knocked out of him by a left field tackle by the very man he was trying his best to fell.

On a normal day, Ignis was able to at least hit Nyx on the shins in the first ten minutes of their training sessions. Today, Ignis had been sweating it out for almost one hour, yet to strike any part of the Glaive.

Ignis did not feel better when Nyx shot him a smug grin from behind his Kukris.

“Scientia, you’re abnormally shitty today. What’s gotten into you?”

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Microwave Massacre will be released as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack via Arrow Video on August 16. The 1983 horror-comedy has been restored in 2K from the original camera negative.

Directed by Wayne Berwick (The Naked Monster), the cult classic stars stand-up comedian Jackie Vernon (the voice of Frosty the Snowman) in his final feature film role. Loren Schein and Al Troupe co-star.

Special features can be found below.

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