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Park Jimin × Reader/OC

WC: 3.7k+

Genre: Soulmate au (where your eyes shine a bright color once you make physical, skin-to-skin, contact with your soulmate). Party au, light fluff.

Synopsis: A party in two in the morning was the last place you thought you’d run into your soulmate.

A/N: This is simply a gooey-feely story that came to me in two in the morning. idk. dont be surprised if it’s a bit cliche lol


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how many people in this picture are bending their knees or leaning forward so shepard doesn’t look so short? TRICK question it is ALL OF THEM. 

disclaimer before I inevitably get people whinging in my inbox and in the tags about how the heights/weights are inaccurate to the game: YES I AM AWARE THAT IN-GAME ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS HAVE ESSENTIALLY THE EXACT SAME MODEL THEREFORE THE SAME HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. I am choosing to totally fucking disregard that fact because it makes for really really boring character design.

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Perfect Match  (Part 1)

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word count: 4K+

a/n: aha i will update pit a pat soon but here is what my sister and i are currently working on

They say that a smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but a person’s world.

That was exactly how Min Yoona felt when she saw Park Jimin smile for the first time. The way his lips slightly curved to show his perfectly straight teeth. The adorable little dimples that appeared on his cheeks. The way his eyes began to disappear and form small crescent moons. Everything about his smile was perfect. All the way to how he tilted his pretty little head while smiling. At that moment, Min Yoona did not care anymore about who she was or just how desperate she looked. But, she knew that if she did not speak up, then she would regret it forever. Which was why as soon as Yoona stood up and claimed Park Jimin as her boyfriend, she knew she messed up big time.

Min Yoona has everything. She is beautiful, educated, and rich. However, being blessed with everything she has comes with unnecessary stress. Stress that comes in overbearing parents and blind dates. With her parents worrying about her dating life, Yoona finds herself meeting appropriate suitors left and right. The constant blind dates only furthers Yoona’s need to find the perfect man to fake a relationship with in order to satisfy her family. This is exactly where Park Jimin comes in.

Park Jimin’s life could be better. Struggling to find footing in his own career as an underground boxer, Jimin works part-time as a waiter. His big break finally comes when he meets Min Yoona and agrees to be in a fake relationship with her, in exchange for the beginning of a stable career.

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Taking Back Control - Part 6


Amy stared at the eccentric journalist before her as he idly twirled his hair, which was still dyed vibrant pink. He was wearing his classic pale-yellow button up and brown pants, pulled up by pastel pink braces. It was accompanied by his bright pink bowtie and curled moustache, which he fiddled with as his gazed at her in thought. Her attention was pulled away by the screech of a chair on floor. An alter, who Amy presumed to be Bim Trimmer by his suit and glasses, had stood. He was ogling at her, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. His hair was grown out slightly longer, pulled back behind his ears, gracing his neck with dark little waves. It wasn’t ridiculously long like in the past, and Amy remembered it to be like when they’d started dating. She shook her head slightly. When she’d started dating Mark. It took Bim a few moments to realise that no-one else had stood, and his face flushed. There was an awkward moment of silence. He straightened his suit and adjusted his red tie, before sitting, staring at his empty plate intently. Wilford gave a low chuckle.

“You certainly know how to plan a surprise, Darkimoo! When you said a guest was arriving, no one expected the wonderful Miss Nelson!” He gestured to her wildly with – despite the fact the meal hadn’t started yet – knife firmly in hand, causing Amy to flinch. “And look at how you dressed her!” Amy felt her face burn, and she moved hands to cover up slightly. Wilford didn’t seem to think anything was weird about his statement.

“I do my best.” Dark replied flatly, before turning to Amy with a sly grin on his face, gesturing once again to the seat on his left, “Come, take a seat. Let me formally introduce you to everyone.” She slowly made her way over, skin squirming at all the eyes of her. She kept her gaze on the knife held tightly in Wilford’s grasp. She sat in between Dark and Ed Edgar, and she didn’t feel particularly comfortable being near either of them, instead settling to sit rigidly straight in the centre of her seat. Dark began his introductions. “Of course, we have the dazzling Wilford.” The words held slight sarcasm, but Wilford didn’t appear to pick up on it.

“Yours truly!” He drawled, giving a dramatic little bow in his seat. Amy let a slight smile grace her lips. Dark sighed slightly, but continued his introductions.

“Silver Shepard.” The superhero remained silent, still staring at her through the black eyes of his mask. He wore a suit jacket and pants over his costume in some attempt to look formal. He shook his head slightly, pulling himself out of his daze.

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”

“Dr. Iplier,” the doctor smiled warmly at her, giving a slight wave. He had ditched his doctors coat surprisingly, wearing a professional deep blue button-up and black pants. “The Host,” Dark continued, one eye on Amy to gauge her reactions.

“The Host inclines his head in greeting.” He was wearing his usual coat, but his bandages had been cleaned up, and he wore a white dress shirt with swirling patterns underneath.

“Ed Edgar.” The man beside her grinned broadly, shoving his hand towards her. She took it awkwardly and he shook it in his constricting grasp. It was quite sweaty, and when she pulled away she rubbed her hand across her dress. He hadn’t made a single effort to dress up. “and Bim Trimmer.” The gameshow host looked up at her. He appeared to have recovered from his previous ordeal, or had at least hidden his humiliation, because he shot her a broad smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Amy! Not that I didn’t already know who you are of course!” His confident tone faltered as he gave a slight laugh, adjusting his glasses before glancing at his writhing hands. Dark leaned over to her, taking her hand under the table. She cringed, eyeing him over nervously. Her hand grew cold, and the chill had already started to seep up her arm. Dr. Iplier observed this interaction with a saddened expression, his hands clenching into fists.

“I’m so happy you can finally meet us. Of course, there are many more of us, and The King of the Squirrels is too busy with his kingdom to join us. Now, dinner will be served shortly.” He paused, withdrawing his hand, causing Amy to relax considerably. He fixed his suit, turning to face Wilford. “Before our meal arrives, however, I’d like to ask about that article.” Wilford, who was attempting to balance his knife on his finger, glanced up at Dark, suspiciously. Amy could practically see the cogs turning, deciding whether said article was some important information he shouldn’t give to Dark.

“You wanna know about the article?”


“The article I mentioned in passing a few minutes ago?”


“The one I said I should rewrite?”


A pause.

“Are you sure you wanna know?”

“Yes.” Growled Dark, shell cracking slightly. Wilford beamed.

“Okey Dokey! So, Mark called…” Amy jolted, staring at Wilford with wide eyes. Wilford seemed to notice his new audience, because he smiled at her, pointing his knife. “He was looking for you, Miss Nelson! Asked if I could find you.”

“Did you tell him?” She tried to feign a calm attitude. The other alters watched the interaction with bated breath, nervous eyes flicking to Dark, who simply watched on in silence. This excluded the Host, who’d started his quiet narrations. “Where I am, I mean.” Wilford’s brow furrowed.

“No… I searched Amy, I did, but you weren’t on earth!” He flicked the knife in the air, causing her to flinch back, but he somehow caught it. “I wrote a beautiful article on alien abductions, but turns out it was all him.” He pointed the knife at Dark with a raised eyebrow, and the monochrome being offered a tight smile. Amy hid her interest in the article. What did they mean by not on earth?

“I’m sure that was very disappointing, Will. I’m surprised you didn’t think to check the alter dimensions.” Wilford rolled his eyes.

“Well, why would Amy be here?” He questioned, before glancing at her, “I mean, she is…god knows why… she is here…” Wilford began mumbling indistinctly to himself, and Silver took the opportunity to speak up

“So, Mark is here too?” He asked hopefully, causing Amy’s heart to plummet. She looked over at Dark quickly, wagering his reaction, which didn’t go unnoticed by the more observant alters.

“No, he isn’t.”

“Oh, I was hoping to see him.” He lisped, having trouble speaking through his costume, “Haven’t spoken to him since Cyndago disbanded…” Amy felt a pang in her heart.

“I’m sure he’d love to talk to you.” Silver shot up, looking joyful at her words. Dark cleared his throat, twitching his neck slightly.

“I’m sure he would like to love to talk to all of us when he’s ready.” Amy wanted to cut in ‘not you’, but decided considering her current scenario it wasn’t a smart decision. “However, I believe we should start with dinner. Let us make a good impression on Miss Nelson here.” He clapped his hands, and the three remaining Googles entered, a variety of dishes in hands. None of them made eye contact with her, or any of the other alters for that matter. Swiftly a full banquet filled the dining table, and even the alters looked shocked. Ed Edgar rubbed his hands together gleefully. He turned to Amy, tipping his shades down to look at her.

“Now this is a feast!” He hollered, “Usually we all have to fend for ourselves! Have the Googles always been able to do this?” He reached a bare hand out to grab a turkey leg, but Bim slapped him on the shoulder. Ed turned, looking agitated. “What is it show-boy?” Bim looked between Ed and Dark frantically. Ed followed their gaze slowly, seeing Dark observing him expectantly, and he dropped his hand. Only now did he notice the silence in the room. “Oh, right.” Dark smiled stiffly, turning to Amy.

“Our guest should have first serve.” Amy swallowed, nodding, pale faced. She turned to the food. There was a huge variety of many dishes from all different cultures. She noticed a platter filled with an assortment of sushi near her, a pair of serving chopsticks set next to it. She took them, serving herself a roll in the uncomfortable silence. They seemed to expect she’d have first bite, so she did. It was some of the best sushi she’d ever had. She smiled, inclining her head, and Dark gestured to the table. With a loud amount of chatter and clatter, the alters feasted.

Amy didn’t have an appetite. She forced food down in hope it would avert attention from her, although she was relatively convinced she was going to puke it back up later.  The alters examined her with varying degrees of subtly, from small glances and smiles to full on stares. Upon closer inspection, they were all quite different – hair being a big giveaway. Obviously, Wilford had the pink, Bim the longer style, Ed the mullet and Dr. Iplier shared the same hair as Mark currently. But there were subtle differences, such as Dark having a slightly longer fringe, and the Host’s hair styled to the centre instead of being parted to the side. The Host was also narrating at an alarming rate, and it looked like he wasn’t going to be eating anytime soon. Dr. Iplier had tried to serve him but with little success. Anytime the Host was seeming to calm, the situation brought him back into his quiet mumbling frenzy. Blood stained his bandages. He wasn’t a social alter, and Dark’s presence beside him wasn’t helping. Amy averted her gaze, troubled by the continuing exchange of the desperate doctor and his patient. Bim, who was pushing his food around his plate, was sneaking glances at her continuously. Eventually he attempted conversation, and she was grateful for the distraction.

“So, what do you do Amy?” he flushed, “I mean, I already know but I’m curious about your opinions on it? You look gorgeous by the way!” He gave out a slight, awkward laugh.

“Thanks.” She tried to act happy at the compliment, “You mean graphic design, Bim?” She asked, peering around Ed – who was inhaling his food – to look at them. They gave a quick nod. “I love it! I’m glad to be able to do it! What about you? Do you do anything besides gameshows?” He gave a toothy smile.

“Of course! I mean, not anymore. But my first job was as a news reporter! It didn’t last long… I wasn’t fired! I quit! It was really weird first day…” He babbled on, his eyes carefully watching for her reaction. “It’s how I discovered I was Bi!” Amy furrowed her brow, looking him over.

“That, sounds like an interesting story.” She said, curious. Dr. Iplier coughed slightly.

“I wouldn’t recommend that story for the dinner table, Bim.” He looked over at Amy, “Trust me.” She nodded slowly, glancing back at Bim with intrigue. The doctor turned back to the Host, who appeared to be trying to tell them something, though no one seemed sure what by how fast he was speaking and how he continued to stop mid-sentence and restart. They looked like they were desperately trying to stop their narration – their voice growing quiet and raspy - but with little success. She hastily turned back to Bim, hoping for a distraction. The gameshow host didn’t have time to continue his conversation when Ed piped up, his mouth full of food.

“That reminds me, on the topic of work…” he swallowed, smearing sauce off his face and onto his hand. A few crumbs stuck in his moustache. “I was wondering about that advertisement I put on the Youtube a while back. Adoptalots? Know the one?” He didn’t give Amy a chance to add her input. “I haven’t got any calls? I think the number might’ve been wrong?”

“Yeah, I don’t know.” She stuttered, trying to remember the video. She gulped at the disturbing thought. “Do you actually have a baby factory?”

“Of course not!” He chortled, “Not yet anyways, that’s the dream plan! I got the blueprints up for it! Still tryin’ to sell my son!” She leaned away from him, before jerking up when she felt Dark’s presence behind her, listening to her attentively. She gave a nervous laugh.

“I’m not interested, by the way! Sorry.” She shoved some more food in her mouth in an attempt to avoid more conversation. Ed mumbled something, but let it go, which Amy was grateful for. She swallowed, noting the two heads of the table staring at her intently, and she offered a forced smile. She didn’t particularly like the attention from either of them, but the other alters seemed preoccupied for a variety of reasons. The journalist looked her over, uninterested in his plate full of outrageously sweet foods.

“I’d love to do an interview.” Wilford began, and she recoiled back into her seat. She didn’t have a chance to reply when Dark clapped his hands, causing her to jump.

“I think that’s enough. Miss Nelson has a big day planned for tomorrow.” Silver Shepard spoke up.

“But we haven’t even had dessert!” A withering look from Dark caused their protest to die off.  The monochromatic alter stood, straightening his suit, before dragging Amy up after him. He pulled her towards him, and her body turned to ice, her heart hammering. She was too close, his side pressed against her.

“I’m sure Miss Nelson is very tired. She needs her beauty sleep.” The echo of his voice cascaded through her ears, the ringing giving her a migraine. Before she could react, he dipped her, leaning over and kissing her dead on the mouth. She didn’t resist, she couldn’t. The touch of his lips seeped through her like slivers of ice in her veins, and a few stray tears fell. Her eyes closed in a silent plea, trying to ignore the presence holding her. The moment felt like it lasted forever. He pulled away up and lifted her back to her feet, entertained. His hand graced her cheek, his thumb wiping away the tears. The other alters all stared at the two, with a variety of disbelieving looks. Even the Host had fallen silent, though he was shaking slightly. She stood, quivering, her mouth wide open, words dying in her throat. “Goodnight Amy, Red can take you back to your room.” He acted as if after her dignity hadn’t just been shattered. Like he hadn’t found the perfect way to break her

The robot grabbed her hand, dragging her away, leaving the mortified alters behind. She wanted to scream and cry. She wanted to break down. But she marched on like a machine, matching Red’s manner. The logical side of her brain explained the event away. It was an act, Dark’s attempt to prove his control over her. An attempt to show dominance, put the alters in their place. Power play. Pure manipulation. The rest of her didn’t care about that. She should have resisted, pulled away, attacked him, done anything. She shouldn’t have played victim.

Those were Mark’s lips. How did he use them in a way that made her never want to kiss Mark again?

A few more tears fell. She ignored them. She let herself get heaved into her room, her old sweater and jeans thrown in beside her. The cold numbness slowly faded, the ringing gone. She felt hollow. She sat on the bed running shaky hands through her hair. She screamed. No one came. She cried and hollered. No one cared. She wasn’t even yelling about anything specific. She wanted to scream until it was over. Maybe she could make one of the alters feel bad about trapping her here. Maybe she was giving Dark what he wanted. She didn’t care. Her only emotion was the dread and fear about the ‘big day’ planned for her tomorrow.

She changed out of the dress as quickly as possible, throwing it on the closet floor and closing the door on it. She didn’t want to see it. She removed the makeup, trying to act as if this was all some nightmare. She rushed to the toilet to empty her stomach, coughing and spluttering the remains of her pitiful meal.

Screw beauty sleep.

Amy didn’t sleep that night.

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Hi! I just got a super cute and thick cable knit jumper in grey which is short enough to be worn with lolita so it won't bulge on the bottom. My only issue is that I can't really think of how to incorporate it in my coords, but I would really love to make it work since it's getting quite cold here. (My friend gave it to me since it was too short for her but if you google "knit jumper primark" it's the first one or at least a similar enough one for reference). Thanks for your help :)

I’ve always liked the look of peter pan collar Lolita blouses under sweaters. It’s a very soft and cute take on the classic look of a button-up shirt under a sweater. This example uses a cardigan instead of a pull-over but it gives you an idea of how cute it is:

You could also get a similar look with a detachable collar like this but if it’s winter you might like the extra layer of the blouse. You could also tie it into the coord the way you would any blouse by layering it with a necklace or brooch of some sort.

The other day, I had this discussion with a friend where we attempted to identify the most truly definitive 90s pattern in the world. What we came up with (WHITE DAISIES) is deftly presented to you here by Ms. Anderson, looking pleased as punch.

I almost wish the Duchov wasn’t in the shot, smugly distracting us from this classic casual poly-blend button-up. But then again, his plaid shirt has a zipper in place of buttons so we may as well give him a free pass, forever.


Went up and visited the cutest little shopping mall in Fernandina Beach today- there were so many neat places to explore! Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with collecting vintage or just plain groovy pins and button badges, and one antique store I found there was a treasure trove full of them- needless to say, I left with more than I probably needed. But that’s okay. ;) Today was just a really really really nice day. 💕💫✨


straight & narrow

this is a really cool outfit that took a little experimenting and thinking outside the box but totally paid off! this outer layer is actually just a long tee with a zipper down the front that i’m using as a jacket of sorts over this classic button up. Now typically this long zip tee i’d just wear over other short sleeve long tees (which you may see later) but because of its really clean, simple design of the dark black and gold zipper i thought i might be able to dress it up!

the linchpin of this outfit is how well the long sleeve shirt would look under this short sleeve shirt. i knew the long sleeve would look terrible under the short sleeve if left alone but i thought it might look good with some tight, clean rolled sleeves. i was even able to roll them in just the right way that i was able to tuck the short sleeves of the black tee into the cuffs of the white shirt making it all look very intentional.

another aspect that i think makes this look work so well is how fitted it is. both tops as well as the black jeans below are very slim fit and the unusually long length of the black shirt further gives the appearance of tall and slim. the short length of the white shirt juxtaposed to the length of the black shirt also caters to that theme. the clean lines of these pieces from the cuffs to the seems all add to the simplicity of the outfit. the color scheme of black and white play into this look as well with a touch of gold on the zipper to elevate a bit. i wore a very low profile dress shoe with this outfit.

i left the top few buttons open to keep it caj. (thats shorthand for casual right?)

(it is now)

(just go with it)

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel
button-up: banana republic
zip tee: dat tag