classic button up

how many people in this picture are bending their knees or leaning forward so shepard doesn’t look so short? TRICK question it is ALL OF THEM. 

disclaimer before I inevitably get people whinging in my inbox and in the tags about how the heights/weights are inaccurate to the game: YES I AM AWARE THAT IN-GAME ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS HAVE ESSENTIALLY THE EXACT SAME MODEL THEREFORE THE SAME HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. I am choosing to totally fucking disregard that fact because it makes for really really boring character design.

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Went up and visited the cutest little shopping mall in Fernandina Beach today- there were so many neat places to explore! Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with collecting vintage or just plain groovy pins and button badges, and one antique store I found there was a treasure trove full of them- needless to say, I left with more than I probably needed. But that’s okay. ;) Today was just a really really really nice day. 💕💫✨


straight & narrow

this is a really cool outfit that took a little experimenting and thinking outside the box but totally paid off! this outer layer is actually just a long tee with a zipper down the front that i’m using as a jacket of sorts over this classic button up. Now typically this long zip tee i’d just wear over other short sleeve long tees (which you may see later) but because of its really clean, simple design of the dark black and gold zipper i thought i might be able to dress it up!

the linchpin of this outfit is how well the long sleeve shirt would look under this short sleeve shirt. i knew the long sleeve would look terrible under the short sleeve if left alone but i thought it might look good with some tight, clean rolled sleeves. i was even able to roll them in just the right way that i was able to tuck the short sleeves of the black tee into the cuffs of the white shirt making it all look very intentional.

another aspect that i think makes this look work so well is how fitted it is. both tops as well as the black jeans below are very slim fit and the unusually long length of the black shirt further gives the appearance of tall and slim. the short length of the white shirt juxtaposed to the length of the black shirt also caters to that theme. the clean lines of these pieces from the cuffs to the seems all add to the simplicity of the outfit. the color scheme of black and white play into this look as well with a touch of gold on the zipper to elevate a bit. i wore a very low profile dress shoe with this outfit.

i left the top few buttons open to keep it caj. (thats shorthand for casual right?)

(it is now)

(just go with it)

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel
button-up: banana republic
zip tee: dat tag


Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim and more Denim. I just can’t get enough 👖👖👖

Yesterday’s look was way too easy to throw together! Just make sure your denims are very different hues. Ha! My hair I didn’t even brush out. Needed a pattern tho so my shoes are it.

May I just recommend Chanel Le volume mascara, if a redhead is obsessed with a mascara it’s because it’s the best, lol. Transparent eyelashes 😉. My only bold makeup her are my orchid color waterproof lipstick by NYX 💜

Banana Republic deep blue denim classic button up shirt.

Treasure and Bond skinny ripped knee ankle length boyfriend jeans.

Leopard print pointy toe wedge heels by Circa Joan and David.

Two tone leather bucket bag (probably my favorite handbag) by Michael Kors.


Ophelia’s stomach was in knots the moment she entered the party. Extravagant parties used to be her scene –now, not so much. She used to love getting all gussied up and sneaking flutes of champagne with her friends. Now, Ophelia’s game plan was grabbing a drink and then sneaking out before anyone else could really see her. She’d been lying low when it came to the upper-crust of the North side. 

Bradley was never one to go to a party, but his siblings thought this would be a good idea. The party was most likely their plan to get him to socialize with other people, not just his dog. After a debate and an internal battle Brad put on a classic button up with navy blue dress pants then headed to the party. As he stood by the drink bar Brad noticed a familiar face walk in the room. Ophelia Scott. The one that got away; his forbidden love. Suddenly a rush of nerves came over him and all he wanted to do was hide, but it was too late. The two had locked eyes.