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There is no friend as loyal as a book. - Ernest Hemingway

The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

It took three tries, but I finally own the Harper Perennial Olive Edition of The Bell Jar. Four months ago I ordered it from Abebooks, but it was lost in the mail. Two months ago I *thought* I ordered it from Thriftbooks, but when it arrived, it was a different edition. Yesterday it arrived in all its Olive Edition glory! Welcome home, and meet your new friends. 😊

Am I the only one who got the joke in Beauty and the Beast? Belle asked a man if he’d lost something. He replied yes I just can’t seem to remember what. Neville said that in the first movie when he got the remembrall.

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Beauty and the Beast
  • Me, before listening to the soundtrack: so beauty and the beast is gonna be amazing and the songs are gonna be beautiful
  • Me, after listening to the soundtrack: obi wan kenobi my dad i'll be your guest oh my gosh. LUPIN MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SING BUT HERMIONE SURE CAN! I want to marry this soundtrack please. Magic rose? Pffft who needs it I'm gonna marry it right now just make it legal please oh my word play this at my funeral. I am living. An actual 56 years has been added to my lifespan. What a beautiful cast and a beautiful album bless alan menken and all of them. I can die happy now. I want this at my wedding all of it please and thanks alright what is breathing I'm so emotional I hate my life