classic and boston

a playlist of 70’s-80’s rock n roll classics that everybody knows and loves. for those times when you just wanna rock the fuck out.

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tracklist : 1. the joker - steve miller band // 2. low rider - war // 3. sweet child o’ mine - guns n roses // 4. stairway to heaven - led zepplin // 5. carry on wayward son - kansas // 6. more than a feeling - boston // 7. should i stay or should i go - the clash // 8. baba o’riley - the who // 9. bohemian rhapsody - queen // 10. go your own way - fleetwood mac // 11. brown eyed girl - van morrison // 12. my generation - the who // 13. american woman - the guess who // 14. sweet home alabama - lynyrd skynyrd // 15. have you ever seen the rain - creedence clearwater revival // 16. born to be wild - steppenwolf // 17. knockin’ on heaven’s door (acoustic) - bob dylan // 18. all along the watchtower - jimi hendrix // 19. love her madly - the doors // 20. crazy train - ozzy osbourne // 21. walk on the wild side - lou reed // 22. american pie - don mclean // 23. walk this way - aerosmith // 24. paint it black - the rolling stones // 25. paradise city - guns n roses // 26. bad moon rising - creedence clearwater revival // 27. pour some sugar on me - def leppard // 28. another one bites the dust - queen // 29. house of the rising sun - the animals // 30. ramblin’ man - allman brothers band // 31. we’re not gonna take it - twisted sister // 32. back in black - ac/dc // 33. money - pink floyd // 34. the chain - fleetwood mac // 35. dream on - aerosmith // 36. listen to the music - the doobie brothers // 37. like a rolling stone - bob dylan // 38. black dog - led zepplin // 39. any way you want it - journey // 40. simple man - lynyrd skynyrd // 41. i won’t back down - tom petty // 42. rock you like a hurricane - the scorpions // 43. rock and roll all nite - kiss // 44. you give love a bad name - bon jovi // 45. la grange - zz top // 46. jump - van halen // 47. highway to hell - ac/dc // 48. you really got me - the kinks // 49. (i can’t get no) satisfaction - the rolling stones // 50. living on a prayer - bon jovi

Six 30-year-old anime to watch in 2017

The year 1987 was a really good year for anime. So much so, that Darius Washington, a writer for the Fandom Post, created an entire panel about it: “The Class of 1987.”  

Here are a few vintage titles to check out for your next retro anime night:

Bubblegum Crisis: The Knight Sabers use power armor to fight artificial cybernetic lifeforms. They are also in a band called Priss and the Replicants, so if it’s not already clear, this is a not-so-subtle homage to Blade Runner.

City Hunters: Ryou is the world’s greatest crack shot but also the world’s greatest lecher. At one point in the show, he disarms a nuclear bomb with a 37 Magnum. This led to a live action movie starring Jackie Chan. It’s also totally ‘80s.

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise: It was such an expensive film to produce that they barely broke even at the box office even though it was a hit. This movie does not look like it was released in 1987; you could be fooled into believing that it was released in the past few years based on how amazing the animation for this movie is. This is what put Gainax on the map.

Twilight of the Cockroaches: You are literally following the adventures of cockroaches, seeing the world from their view. This is around the same time as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and blends live action with animation, arguably in a more seamless way. “The sad wondrous tale of Cockroaches…” and war against the humans who are trying to massacre them.

Metal Armor Dragonar:  This mecha show took the time slot of Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam. It’s seen as a rip off of Gundam, but it’s a decent show in its own right. The openings are the best part of this show, with strong music and a lot of detail in the hand-drawn art.

Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01: Released in 1987, this OVA was directed by Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame. This was absolutely not his best work, but the animation was really impressive for 1987. These shows had a lot of detail upon detail upon detail.

(screencap via The Wings of Honnêamise)

—John, AB Staff Blogger