classic action

  • “Live-action remakes of your favorite classic Disney movies!”
  • “Modern-day remakes of classic horror films!” 
  • “Live-action movies based on popular anime!”
  • “Movie adaptations of your favorite video games!”
  • youtube video about video games: (seems appealing to me)
  • me: oh ok (clicky dicky)
  • a guy with weird facial hair sitting in front of bookshelves filled with THOUSANDS of obscure video games and maybe a bad game of thrones figurine they got from their lootcrate subscription/sponsorship hanging out somewhere, maybe a slightly visible poster for a bro-classic action movie or sword art online hanging out somewhere: whAAAt's u-
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I hope the “live action remake of an animated classic” trend dies forever soon, especially since “animated remake of a live action classic” would be a billion times better

Like, let me have Studio Ghibli’s Die Hard or Dreamworks Animation’s Pulp Fiction before I have to watch Emma Stone’s Ariel sing to a hyper-realistic CGI Sebastian or whatever

Am I the only one who got the joke in Beauty and the Beast? Belle asked a man if he’d lost something. He replied yes I just can’t seem to remember what. Neville said that in the first movie when he got the remembrall.

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The Human Cast of Walt Disney’s Cinderella (1950)

Clockwise from top left: Ilene Woods, the voice of Cinderella; Eleanor Audley, the voice and reference model for Lady Tremaine; Rhoda Williams, Eleanor Audley and Lucille Bliss, the voices and reference models for Drizella, Lady Tremaine and Anastasia; Helene Stanley, the reference model for Cinderella

All photos and info via Cinderella: A Dream Come True

Anyone else remember “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” starring Kurt Russell? I just love the old Disney live action films. I hope you enjoyed this series and maybe decide to go back and discover a few of these for yourself. Or maybe share them with friends and family. There are a few more films I plan to cover in the near future. Maybe even series two. Until then.