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A Moral Restoration in Rome

Martial, Epigrams 6.4

Note: The emperor addressed is Domitian (r. 81-96 CE).

Greatest censor and emperor of emperors,
Although Rome already owes to you so many
Triumphs, so many temples being born now
And reborn, so many spectacles, so many
Gods and cities, it owes to you a greater
Debt because you’ve brought it back to chastity.

Censor maxime principumque princeps,
cum tot iam tibi debeat triumphos,
tot nascentia templa, tot renata,
tot spectacula, tot deos, tot urbes,
plus debet tibi Roma quod pudica est. 

Vestal Virgin, Joseph-Charles Marin, 1791-95

anonymous asked:

Hi. I wanted to ask you if you ever done a tutorial of how you color your arts, it look so realistic, I need some tips

this could be a really long answer, because it’s a super loaded question! it depends on what specifically you’re having trouble with. i just did a speed paint of a little comic piece i did recently:

but with something like this:

you’ll see it’s a layering process. the canvas is also huge! so to start:

  • i lay in flat base colors that are in the general wheelhouse of what i want to build on top of. everything has a trillion values, but normally there’s one that acts as a baseline for all of them. this includes big shadow values as well. i consider them to be their own beast.
  • i do the most detailed/technically difficult parts first, generally starting with the face. the secret here is, i bounce around with a thousand different colors with a brush with opacity control turned on:

i use solid blocking of color VERY conservatively, so when it is in place, it actually stands out. 

while not classically trained, i’m like 95% sure my style falls under impressionism. so even though it’s not blended, the colors give an optical illusion from afar that it’s realistic. i also don’t use black!

it’s hard to give tips on something that more or less came to me organically as i started doing more and more of what i wanted. i simply discovered i hated the way i did smooth blending, so i tried a different method instead. experimentation can sometimes be the best thing you can do! i’ve also been on youtube studying a lot of other artist’s work, which has been a huge help to me personally in the past year

heres a shoutout to my intersex people who get told theyre not intersex. like people with pcos, ncah, etc, i love yall and i get you and youre definitely intersex. if you are diagnosed, then your diagnosis is right, and youre right about it making you intersex. if you arent diagnosed, then youre not reading into things too much, and youre also right about it making you intersex. dont listen to the people who try to tell you youre wrong, or your doctors are wrong.

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“Champagne Supernova” by Oasis

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

Many of you have been asking about the meaning of the 95 South sign hanging above the stage during Hov’s TiDAL B-Sides shows. I’m gonna let the legendary DJ Clark Kent explain why it was so amazing to see that sign up there while Hov ran through his deep cuts: 

“Last night, my man Jay-Z killed the B-Sides show. There were plenty of great moments. But, for us, nothing was better than seeing this sign on stage. Probably didn’t mean much to many, but, there were a group of us that loved this one feature. Before I could search, find, and convince Jay to get to the music, this was the way, the road, the route to the paper. It was the main reason Jay didn’t want to rap. But, once I talked enough, we started to work. One of the first songs was named ‘95 South’. It quickly became our unofficial theme song. It was so important to us, we made a second version. As soon as I saw the sign on stage, I could hear every one of the six verses. Might not have meant to much to those of you that saw the show but to us it was everything. Just look at how far you can go. You killed it Homie.”