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[CHARACTER] Dark Prince Endymion.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ダーク・プリンス・エンディミオン
Romaji: Daaku Purinsu Endimion

Role: Villain
Type: Human
Alignment/Organization: Dark Kingdom
Aliases: Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask
First appearance: Episode 36
Last appearance: Episode 46
Status: Alive (see below)
Voice actor: Toru Furuya


  • In Greek mythology, Endymion was the human that the moon goddess Selene fell in love with.
  • The unofficial moniker “Dark (Prince) Endymion” is used by fans to help differentiate between the good and evil forms of Endymion throughout the Dark Kingdom arc. In the first anime, he is referred to by everyone as either “(Prince) Endymion” or “Tuxedo Mask.” Under Queen Metalia’s influence in the manga as well as in Sailor Moon Crystal, Mamoru was called “Endou.”
  • Endymion disliked Kunzite’s habit of involving innocents in his schemes.
  • While Sailor Moon did save Endymion in episode 46, he succumbed to his injuries and died. His body, much like everyone else’s at D Point, was later consumed by the power of the Silver Crystal. However, he was revived without any residual effects from being controlled by the Dark Kingdom.

A rather quick ‘39 inspired Brian May aquarelle! Pretty simple but I had to do a ‘39 inspired drawing - I’ve had the song stuck in my head all day and it’s one of my favourite songs of all time.

Classic Movies You Need To Watch

Here’s my Classic Movies Pick From 39′s to 79′s, Here goes:

Gone With The Wind (1939)

Ben-Hur (1959)

Breakfats At Tiffany’s (1961)

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

The Sound of Music (1965)

The Graduate (1967)

2001: A Space Oddysey (1968)

The Godfather Trilogy (1972)

The Jerk (1979)

Remembering  Robert Donat  on his birthday (18 March 1905 -9 June 1958). He won the Best Actor Oscar for Goodbye, Mr Chips, 1939. He is seen here in a screencap from The 39 Steps (Alfred Hitchcock, 1935)

“His tragedy was that the promise of his early years was never fulfilled and that he was haunted by agonies of doubt and disappointment”  - David Shipman

Omg why did I not notice this before?!


I was watching episode 39, with Kunzite’s ice-skating plan. And I recalled one of sdklr’s post about how Kunzite’s death scene was by his own doing so he could rejoin Zoisite, because, due to his own immense power, “only Kunzite could kill Kunzite”, (short of Beryl, I imagine).

I think it’s pretty much everyone’s headcanon that his death scene was by his own doing. BUT LOOK. 


He’s trying to kill Endymion under the guise of an accident. Just like what his lover did. The thing his lover did that got him killed by Beryl.

Kunzite’s not a moron. He knows he’d get killed for that kind of thing, Silver Crystal be damned. But as early as this episode, he doesn’t care. He’s trying to get killed by Beryl the same way she killed Zoisite.

As early as this episode, Kunzite wanted to be re-united with his beloved in death. 



1. Everything We Touch by Say Lou Lou

2. Retro [Rough] by Childish Gambino

3.Number One by Tuxedo

4. Paradise Awaits by Zhu

5. Moths by Racing Glaciers

6. Movie by Hoodie Allen

7. Bridges by Sea Change

8. Dumb by Jazmine Sullivan

9. Talk 2 Me (Feat. Kerry Roy) by Psymun

10. The Pressure by Jhené Aiko

11. Xhampagne (Feat. Antwon) by Shy Girls

12. The Meaning Of Love by Chrome Sparks

13.Sober by Childish Gambino

14. Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good) by Childish Gambino

15. Somebody by Natalie La Rose

16. Call It Off by Shamir

17.You’re On by Madeon

18. Ice Princess by Azealia Banks

19.Winter Linn by Clark

20. Deep Breath (Feat. Gemma Dunleavy) by Murlo

21. Coat Of Armour by George Ezra

22. Thicker Than Dust by K.Flay

23.Firestone by Kygo

24. I Want U by Alison Wonderland

25. Can’t Do Without You (Single) by Caribou

26. Adoration Of The Magi (Feat. Crystal Torres) by Lupe Fiasco

27. Talk Talk (Single) by George Maple

28. No Rest For The Wicked (Feat. A$AP Rocky) by Lykke Li

29. Let It Happen by Tame Impala

30. Duals by Bonobo

31. Video Girl by FKA twigs

32. Fade Out Lines (The Avener Rework) by The Avener

33. Room 302 (Feat. Tink) by Future Brown

34. To Love & Die by Jhené Aiko

35. Won’t Look Back by Duke Dumont

36. Do It Again by Röyksopp

37. Loud Places by Jamie xx

38. Blowtorch by The Go! Team

39. Classic (Feat. Powers) by The Knocks

40. All My Love by Major Lazer

41. Every Other Freckle by alt-J

42. Coffee by Sylvan Esso

43. Down For Whatever by Chelsea Lankes

44. Black Out Days by Phantogram

45. Here For You by Gorgon City

46. Fall In Love by Phantogram

47. Realiti by Grimes

48. Yoshi City by Yung Lean

49. Go by Grimes

50.Two Weeks by FKA twigs

51. All The Time by Bahamas

52. Childs Play (Feat. Chance The Rapper) by SZA

53. Chess by Petite Noir

54.Like Lust by Movement

55. Limos by Vince Staples

56. New Dorp. New York by SBTRKT

57. King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar

58. Pulsing (Feat. Nina K) by Tomas Barfod

59. Hide (Tropkillaz Remix) [Feat. Childish Gambino & Aynzli Jones] by Aynzli Jones

60. Gosh by Jamie xx

61. Beggin For Thread by Banks

62. Gold (Flume Re-Work) by Chet Faker

63. Never Catch Me (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Flying Lotus

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