jenmorrisonlive Day 101: Emma’s wedding gown! So much love and thought went into this dress. Just as #onceuponatime pulls from fairytales and literature - for the wedding, Eddy, Adam, Edwardo, and I felt it would be wonderful to pull from the real life fairytale of Grace Kelly. It is a dress that represents the elegance and simplicity of classic timeless strength mixed with the delicacy of feminity and vulnerability. It is the ultimate balance that Emma has been fighting for throughout the 6 seasons. A wholeness. A balance. Not all one thing or another - But rather, a moment that is genuinely, truly, authentically her without barriers and walls. A woman surrounded by people she loves and is loved by, willing to fight to protect them all as well as herself. The joy of a timeless balance. So honored to wear such a beautiful gown. Edwardo and his team created a piece of art once again. The perfect way to end this round of #101smiles #emmaswan  #wedding #uglyducklings   (x)

Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

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Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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Reasons you should stan Topp Dogg

1) They explain to you how to kidnap them
2) Have pillow fights with fans in the streets (x)
3) Literally ship themselves you don’t even need your imagination (pepero game video)
4) Their reactions to getting scared are either violent or adorable (x)
5) They protect a girl who’s in danger of getting hit by a car (hidden cam)
6) Wizard Kingdom (dance line) dance stages slay (Japan Showcase) (Singapore Showcase)
7) Talk Dirty to Me (x) Uptown Funk (x) Happy (x
8) Covers (Some) (Maps) (Eyes, Nose, Lips) (Love Me Like You Do)
9) Rapper line kills it (Peekaboo) (Make It Home) (Pretty Mof#cka)
10) Unique and amazing music concepts like traditional-Korean/modern mix (Arario) classical/modern (Top Dog) and new-jack-swing/modern (Annie)
11) Vocal line knows their stuff (I Know/Keep Smiling) (I Think This Isn’t Right) (Gohn Solo)
12) Such dorks I swear these aren’t even exaggerations (x) (Kidoh Gwiyomi) (Waking Up ToppDogg
13) There’s 12 of them I promise you’ll find one to love!

So you’re sitting down to study and you want some background music. But when you open Spotify, you don’t really know what to pick. I know the feeling. If I’m using Spotify (and I often am) it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of playlists in their “Focus” category alone. But after some searching, I’ve found some all-time favorites… (Links are included in the titles)


A lot of the time, if I’m looking for studying music, I go for classical. Lyrics can be distracting, so it’s better to find something purely instrumental.

Sea-Inspired Classical Music 

This playlist combines soft classical and intense classical. I really like it for when I’m trying to get sh*t done. It’s a good mix!

Classical World: France

I’m using Classical World: France as an example, but Spotify has a variety of classical world playlists (from Austria to Brazil to Japan, etc). Again, this is a good mix of classical music styles from one country. My favorites are France, Japan and Spain. 

Morning Classical

This playlist is refreshing, like having the windows open on a cool summer morning. This is good when you’re just starting your day. It’s a gentle way to ease yourself into a day of studying (or writing, or reading, or drawing). 

Peaceful Piano

If I’m being honest, this is one of my absolute favorite playlists of all time. I use it when I need to get something done and don’t want to skip around to find something I like (even when I love a playlist I can get picky). I’ve listened to this while reading, writing, even taking a shower. It’s my go-to playlist for almost anything. 


While there aren’t any lyrics in this category, I don’t classify it as “traditional classical”. These playlists are contemporary and fresh. 

Lush Vibes

This playlist is a smooth blend between jazz and hip-hop. It’s extremely chill. This is great for intense studying and a quick catch-up session. Most songs fade gracefully into each other, making it easy to focus on your work. 

Indian Chill

Spotify created this playlist for Asian Pacific American History Month, and it’s a combination of traditional music from India and electronica. Incredibly relaxing, it’s great background when you’re trying to finish up a research paper or creative project. Some songs are upbeat and energizing, while others are very calming. A few songs have lyrics, but I haven’t found them distracting.


This is my first masterpost, I hope y’all like it! Hopefully I’ll be doing more soon. If you have any requests or recommendations, please inbox me! 


Depicting the life of Fyodor Dostoevsky in musical movements.

“I exist. In thousands of agonies — I exist. I’m tormented on the rack — but I exist! Though I sit alone in a pillar — I exist! I see the sun, and if I don’t see the sun, I know it’s there. And there’s a whole life in that, in knowing that the sun is there.”



Tattoos are an art form. And to me, art is creativity. So no list will ever be complete, until there will be someone out there working on something new. But this (a rewriting of an old piece I wrote for ET on tumblr) can help to know a little bit more about modern tattoo styles. Take your time to understand the differencies, go through the names in the list, find your style. A good tattoo lasts forever, and knowledge is the roots of a good choice.

Old School/Traditional: Is usually referred to American classic tattooing. Artists like Amund Dietzel, Sailor Jerry, Herbert Hoffman or Bert Grimm, from the firtst decades of 1900, are the names to start from if you want to know its roots, Classical subjects (anchors, ships, roses, daggers, eagles, horses etc.), simple designs, bold lines and  basic color palettes. Traditional tattooing is definitely more than a trend, with its own philosophy and unwritten rules.

Tony Nilsson, Cassandra Frances, Samuele Briganti, Paul Dobleman, Paul Fulton, Florian Santus, Moira Ramone (pics: Moira Ramone, Paul Fulton, Mauro Quaresima)

There is also a different kind of traditional, widly diffused, enough to be considered a style, that people keep considering part of traditional or neo traditional. It keeps bold lines, and part of the classic imaginery, mixed with weird, modern, surreal, pop stuff. No limits for color palettes, no rules. Tradition meets creativity, one of the personal favourites.

El Carlo, Ron Wells, Luca Font, Pietro Sedda, Ray Wallace, Dane Mancini, Laura Yahna, Ibi Rothe, Deno Jr (pics: Ray Wallace, El Carlo, Laura Yahna, Dane Mancini)

Japanese: Originally called Irezumi, its roots runs deep in the history of its country. Its meaning in Japanese culture changed through the centuries, from tebori (tattooing by hand) to Yobori (tattooing by machine), to became part of the classic Japanese imaginaery, as we know it. Not every asian themed tattoo (common subjects like dragons, yokai demons, tigers, hannya masks and so on) is japanese style. Everything from colors to placement, to the shapes of the untattooed areas has its rules. As any other ancient styles, of course, you can find its modern, contaminated, version too (Gakkin or Wendy Pham’s works are a good example).  

Shige, Pino Cafaro, Caio Pinero, Bill Canales, Gotch, Rodrigo Souto, Yutaro (Bill Canales, Pino Cafaro, R. Souto, Shigenori Ywasaki)

Modern tribal and ornamental: usually referred to a mix of geometrical shapes, patterns, mandalas, asian motives, and Maori influences.

Guy le tatooer, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Chaim Machlev, Little Swastika (Guy, C. Machlev, T. Hooper)

Realism: From portraits, to a custom piece, to the perfect reproduction of a picture/painting. Realistic tattoos is one of the most spectacular styles in tattooing. No black outline, and lifelike shades, black and grey or colors. It easily mixes with different styles, like with Simone Pfaff or Andrey Lukovnikov, where realism is just a technical part of their own style.

Robert Hernandez, Chris Gherman, Alex De Pase, Scrappy Uno, Sandra Daukshta, Lippo, Sam Stokes (Lippo, A. Acosta, S. Daukshta)

Biomechanical: A trend in the late 90’, basically made of mechanical parts that looks like fused with the flesh. Organic and unorganic elements are realistically drawn, to create the illusion to be carved in the onwer’s body.

Don McDonald, Carson Hill, Guy Hatchinson (who creates bio organic style) (itp: Carson Hill, Don McDonald, Guy Atchinson)

New School/Cartoonish: Fantasy, big eyes subjects, rounded shapes, bright colors, crazy proportions and prospectives. Another style that was more popular in the 90’, now is often fused with different styles, specially with neo traditional.

Kati Berinkey (she fuses new school and sketchy/illustrative styles for her designs), Adam Hawtorne (another one with his own distintcive illustrative style), David Tevenal, Nathan Evans (mixing neo trad e new school) (A. Hawtorne, A. H., David Tevenal)

Neo Traditional: Illustrative like tattoos, where classical subjects like women, crows, snakes, triangles, wolves etc. (from the classic old school imaginery), are drawn with bright colors, and realistical shading, in a aperfect mix between traditional and realism.

Emily Rose, Dusty Neal, Lu’s Lips, Christophe Bonardi, Debora Cherrys, Rodrigo Kalaka El Uf, Jack Goks Pearce. (E. R. Murray, R. Kalaka, Teresa Sharpe, Lu’s Lips)

Lettering: Text tattoos are usually a bad idea, unless they are done in the proper style, and from a specialized artist.

Norm Will Rise, Justin Wilson, Big Meas (N. W. R., J. Wilson, Big Meas)

Chicano: the word “Chicano”, referred to American citizen of Mexican origin, ceased to be a slur in the 60’, while the style itself was born a couple decades before. Common subjects are wemen, skulls, roses, and religious icons, usually in black and gray.

Boog, Macko (Macko, Boog)

These are the most common, radicated, worldly reconized style. But is just a partial view of what the contemporary tattoo scene can offer. In the last 15 years, more and more styles are born. Some of them still don’t even have a name, some have more than one. Some of them will became classic and some are just a trend.

Fun fact: wikipidia’s italian “tattoo” page have “genital” listed as one of the most common styles.

Watercolors: The colors are spread to simulate watercolors. Often mixed with other styles. People keeps debating about how watercolor tattoos will age. Only time will tell.

Klaim, Amanda Wachob, Niko Inko (A. Wachob, G. Smash, Klaim)

Photoshop: the names probably comes from a folder where the artist Xoil (still one of the best in this style) used to store his works’ pics.

If you have ever used PS, you know what I’m talking about. PS style is basically a collage of different images and techniques, from watercolor to dotwork to lettering.

Xoil, Niko Inko, Voller Kontrast, Little Swastika, Jef Palumbo, Arlin ffrench (J. Palumbo, Xoil)

Illustrative Geometrical style: geometrical elements are common in modern tattoo designs, but some artists  generated a new trend, mixing illustrative elements, modern tribal patterns, and geometrical lines.

Maxime Buchi, Daniel Meyer, Valentin Hirsch, Kamil Czapiga  (C. Machlev, D. Meyer, Maxime Buchi) 

Illustrative, sketchy: The artist draw on skin all the lines that usually are ereased in a finished design, to create the illusion of a pencil sketch.

Lea Nahon, Sam Rulz, Nomi Chi, Sven Groenvald (Lea Nahon, S. Groenvald, Nomi Chi)

3D: Again, not exactly a style.  The artist uses realistic shading, shadows and prospectives to give the illusion of depth.

Russ Abbott, Jesse Rix (itp: Jesse Rix, Russ Abbott)

Engraving: on a thin line between illustrative, sketchy, and traditional tattoos, engraving uses black lines to simulate ancient wood engraving techniques, taking inspiration from medieval like illustration.

Sam Rulz, Maxime Buchi, Andrei Svetov (A. SV, Sam Rulz)

Next style has no name yet, and it’s slightly less diffused.. But I like it, so it’s in the list. ;) Tipical traditional pieces but coloured with flat colors, almost no shades, and twisted, experimental, original designs. 

Adrian Edek, Sany Kim, Aivaras Lee, Patryk Hilton

Girly: It’s a definition I hate, cause I’m convinced there is no room for sex differencies in art. I’m a big bearded boy and still I would proudly wear a Jody Dawber or Cassandra Frances’ piece. Still, this is how people call it. Bold lines and flat shading are mixed with bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue, that perfectly fits the “cuteness” of the subjects, often inspired from pop culture and cartoon characters.

Jody Dawber (basically a traditional artist), Alex Strangler, Sasha Mezoghlian (A. Strangler, J. Dawber, S. Mezoghlian)

The last style of this list have no name yet, but it’s still worth to be considered cause of it’s diffusion and people response to it. Basically the artists recreates a simpler, geometrical, version of the subjects, with no black outline, and a watercolor effect.

Sasha Unisex, Marius Trubisz, Marcin Surowiec, David Cote (M. Surowiec, Sasha Unisex)

Not much of a Sex God

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Requested by anon: Hi author nim! Can you please write a scenario where the reader sleeps with either Xiumin, Baekhyun or Chen and they act like they are the best sex she’ll ever have but they actually suck in bed? I think your sarcasm would fit this perfectly.

Ok so I love you anon. I have had the best time writing this because I keep laughing at how mean I’m being and it’s just been so much fun. <3 I’m so mean omg.(Might have written half of this while drunk so I’m hoping it turned out alright!)

Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Fuckboy Baekhyun, smut, teasing.

Word Count: 4752


“I gave her the best sex of her life, she should thank me!” You didn’t think you could roll your eyes any harder even if your life depended on it. The guy at the booth behind you had been bragging about his sexual prowess the entire time you’d been in the club. You’d come out to celebrate your friend getting a promotion at work, not to hear about how magical some dude’s dick was and all the adventures it had been on.

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Hogwarts house couple combinations

double Slytherin:  sexy and will kill you

Slytherdor: a good classic mix of opposites. cute and powerful.

Slytherpuff: so pure omg. under no circumstances should you threaten either one.

Slytherclaw: either planning world domination or staying inside all day doing nerdy shit. sometimes both.

double Hufflepuff: cute and fluffy like a bunny. would probs die for each other.

Gryffinpuff: cute but a little bland. summer nature aesthetic.

Ravenpuff: probably completely adorable soft butch nerds with an enigmatic side.

double Ravenclaw: never seen. they only come out at night to stare at the stars.

Gryffinclaw: rare but a good mix of concrete and abstract. enjoy trips to Europe.

double Gryffindor: gross. why would you do this.

I know everyone us complaining about Ilvermorny bring a singular school/being a Hogwarts expy/etc., but imagine the college town it would have:

  • Older students can live in apartments in the town (reserved for 6th and 7th years + graduate students).
  • Local businesses run by alumni that allow students to take part time jobs because of block scheduling
  • An always packed Internet cafe/phone bank where students can contact family and friends and use their tech (but mysteriously their phone can’t open any camera apps).
  • Music stores that allow Freshbloods (No-maj parentage) to keep up with the music back home.
  • A cinema that shows a mix of classic movies (both of Wizarding and No-maj origins), current blockbusters, and even student films put together with analog film equipment or over student holidays from home (registering to do magic outside of school is a pain but the best films have them).
  • Stationary and school supply shops, because like hell Ilvermorny is providing 1000+ students with pencils/pens/paper for a semester straight. 
  • School pride shops that sell mascot plushies that move and interact with its owner, student produced shirts (though there have been temporary suspensions in this service, most recently a distasteful shirt with the slogan “Smash that Wampussy” written on it and sold during a Quidditch match), scarves, hats, jackets, and whatever else college shops like to sell. 
  • Giant open green spaces to walk dogs and fly their owls (falconry is surprisingly a fun intramural and Thunderbird host monthly tournaments)
  • Chain restaurants that are run solely by witches and wizards if students are tired of school food

Sonic the Hedgehog! 

This Classic Sonic piece will be available at Wizard World Philadelphia next week, along with prints! His design is a mix of classic, OVA, and CD, and the blue color scheme is influenced from Satam, so in short, I combined all my favorite old school Sonics into one <3

6x6 in.
Arches Watercolor Board
Mixed Media; Watercolors, Acrylic, Ink


jenmorrisonlive Day 101: Emma’s wedding gown! So much love and thought went into this dress. Just as #onceuponatime pulls from fairytales and literature - for the wedding, Eddy, Adam, Edwardo, and I felt it would be wonderful to pull from the real life fairytale of Grace Kelly. It is a dress that represents the elegance and simplicity of classic timeless strength mixed with the delicacy of feminity and vulnerability. It is the ultimate balance that Emma has been fighting for throughout the 6 seasons. A wholeness. A balance. Not all one thing or another - But rather, a moment that is genuinely, truly, authentically her without barriers and walls. A woman surrounded by people she loves and is loved by, willing to fight to protect them all as well as herself. The joy of a timeless balance. So honored to wear such a beautiful gown. Edwardo and his team created a piece of art once again. The perfect way to end this round of #101smiles #emmaswan#wedding #uglyducklings

Secret Santa, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is Reader’s secret Santa.

Words: 1176

Author’s Note: I’m back! Has it been a bit? Anyways, the holiday season has made me think about sappy shit so here you go.

Warnings: None.

Askbox | Masterlist

You were trying to precisely apply your eyeliner when your name was called, causing you to jolt and mark your cheek with prominent black ink.

“Whoops.” Lin muttered when you turned to him with a glare, “Secret Santa.” He said, pushing a Santa hat filled to the brim with papers in your direction.

“You’re lucky you’re the star of the show and I can’t technically murder you.” You told him, stuffing your hand into the hat and pulling out the first name you touched.

You unrolled the scroll.



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simplyshelbs16xoxo  asked:

The I'm going to teach you how to dance prompt for Sherlolly 😍

“I’m going to teach you how to dance, come here”

An excellent choice! I’m feeling a little jazzy for this one. (I’m realizing this might be a pattern with my dance fics…And now I’m considering revisiting an undercover Sherlolly Jazz club fic idea I had a while back…) Sorry for the delay! I got a little stuck there for a bit. Enjoy!

“Sherlock Holmes, you have the strangest record collection I have ever seen,” Molly teased as she thumbed through his music collection.

“Like yours is so much better,” Sherlock shot back with a laugh from the kitchen. “At least mine has classical composers in the mix. Do you really want our Godchild growing up on nothing but saccharine pop songs?”

Molly rolled her eye. “At least my music doesn’t make her cry.”

Rosie cooed happily in her bouncer as Molly made a few goofy faces at her from over the stack of vinyls.

Sherlock groaned. “That was one time!”

Molly laughed and continued to search through for a suitable music choice for the three of them.

“I will admit that Tchaikovsky’s Mazeppa might have been a little advanced for her,” Sherlock admitted, coming to join her and Rosie as he finished drying the final dish. “However!” he added defensively. “It was almost nap time.”

“Uh-huh, sure.” Molly rolled her eyes with a smile. “Hello! What do we have here? I wouldn’t have pegged you for being a fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes.”

Molly pulled out the Frank Sinatra album from his collection and waved it playfully.

“That was for a case,” Sherlock corrected.

“Well he’s half way between Tchaikovsky and the latest top ten charts I suppose.” Molly smiled as she set the needle to the vinyl carefully, letting her shoulders bounce along to the melody that filled the flat.

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on a-Jupiter and Mars.

“What are you doing?” Sherlock chuckled, setting down his dishtowel.

“Dancing,” Molly replied, picking up Rosie to sway around the room.

In other words: Hold my hand. In other words: baby kiss me.

Molly placed an energetic kiss to Rosie’s cheek, sending giggles bubbling from her chubby cheeks.

That’s not dancing,” Sherlock stated matter of factly.

“Sure it is.” Molly started to bounce Rosie around the room, her movements even more exaggerated to make a point.

Sherlock smiled as he watched Molly and Rosie move gracelessly around the room.

Fill my heart with song, let me sing forever more. You are all I long for. All I worship and adore.

“Alright, that’s it. I’m going to teach you how to dance. Come here,” Sherlock laughed.

Molly raised her eyebrow at his skeptically as she set a now squirming Rosie back down in her bouncer.

“I’m serious. Come here,” Sherlock insisted light heartedly.

“Alright.” Molly smiled and took his outstretched hand, allowing him to spin her.

In other words: please be true. In other words, in other words: I love you.

Molly laughed nervously as the song ended and a much slower song began. Sherlock cleared his throat and adjusted their position accordingly, talking her through where to place her hands as he drew her closer to himself, letting one hand rest gently on the small of her back.

There’s a somebody I’m longing to see. I hope that she turns out to be someone who’ll watch over me.

“So…what kind of case was it that required you to have a Sinatra album?” Molly asked, doing her best to keep her voice even and ignore the way her heart was fluttering over their sudden change in proximity.

“It was a couple years ago. Not a very exciting case—a four at best—but things had been slow. I had to go undercover as a lounge singer,” Sherlock explained.

“A lounge singer? You?” Molly laughed.

Sherlock smirked and began to sing along. “I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood. I know I could always be good to one who’ll watch over me.”

Molly felt a blush warm her cheeks as he serenaded her.

“Although I may not be the man some girls think of as handsome,” he crooned playfully.

“Doubt it,” Molly whispered incredulously, making him smile and draw her in tighter to sing in her ear, sending her heart racing.

“To her heart I’ll carry the key. Won’t you tell her please to put on some speed. Follow my lead. Oh how I need someone to watch over me.”

The sound of violin filled the silence between them as he caught her eyes, studying her face, only inches from his own.

“What are we doing, Sherlock?” Molly whispered.

“Dancing. I thought that was obvious,” Sherlock replied, his voice low.

“You know what I mean…Is that all this is? Just…dancing?”

Sherlock’s gaze drifted to her mouth as he considered her words. “It doesn’t have to be.”

Their eyes locked. Hesitantly, Molly leaned in to catch his lips.

“Knock, knock,” John greeted as he entered the flat, startling them apart. He looked over his two obviously flustered friends. “…Am I interrupting something?”


“Sherlock was just, um, teaching me how to dance.”

Molly suppressed a chuckle at Sherlock’s exasperated sigh.

John eyed the two suspiciously. “Riiight…Well don’t mind me. I’m just here to pick up my daughter.”

He gathered Rosie up in his arms and collected her things while her Godparents shared a guilty glance, the two of them having ever so briefly forgotten that she was in the room.

“Say goodnight to Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly,” John instructed.

Rosie pressed both of her tiny fists to her mouth and held them outstretched in front of her, blowing them kisses from where she sat perched on her father’s hip.

Molly and Sherlock bid her and John goodnight. They soon found themselves standing among Rosie’s playthings in a suddenly much emptier flat.

“Care for another dance?” Sherlock asked shyly after a moment.

Molly grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Honestly, as weird and niche as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is, there’s such a wide variety of locations and genres in each part, that it’s almost impossible to find something in it that doesn’t really resonate with you.

-Part 1 we got superpower kung-fu mixed with classic horror all set in Victorian England

-Part 2 we got ancient Aztec sci-fi mixed with Nazi conspiracy sci-fi with more kung-fu set in various locations (mostly Italy) around WW2

-Part 3 we got 1980′s version of Around the World in 80 days, and from here on out everybody now beats the tar out of each other with imaginary friends

-Part 4 is a slice-of-life/action/comedy/murder mystery set in one town in Japan in 1999

-Part 5 is set in 2001 in Italy and focuses on a FABULOUS squad of mafiosos trying to rise up in ranks in their gang and overthrow the kingpin

-Part 6 is a prison drama set in Florida in 2011. Features a (badass rad) female protag with some other badass rad ladies.

-Part 7 is an AU/reboot set in late 1800′s America and is about a horse race across the continental U.S.

-Part 8 continues the AU/reboot in Japan in 2011 after the Tohoku Earthquake. Mostly a mystery with action, comedy, and drama interwoven. Largely regarded as The Weirdest One (and it’s not even done yet).

All this variety and it still manages to be one cohesive story, with characters and elements from previous parts making returns and other callbacks to show that each part is connected in some way, and built upon one another.

So in TL;DR: Please read/watch JoJo. It good.

desintegrer-deactivated20170225  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for books that explore female rage? :) I find that isn't a very popular theme in literature, though I could be completely wrong! A mix of classics and contemporaries would be okay :) Thank you!

Hum, let’s see, I’m sure I do. I feel like it is quite a popular theme in literature, although it has been written as a cautionary tale in the past, and we as female readers put a spin on it and admired rather than judged the “monstrous” women of the classics. And female writers today have put the subject on the forefront, this time in a positive light.

Mostly those are fiction and poetry, but I threw a few non-fiction essays in the list as well.

The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood
The Robber Bride, Margaret Atwood
The Gender of Sound, Anne Carson
The Crucible, Arthur Miller
Macbeth, William Shakespeare
The World’s Wife, Carol Ann Duffy
Transformations, Anne Sexton
Ariel, Sylvia Plath
The Uses of Anger, Audre Lorde
Antigone, Sophokles
Antigone, Jean Anouilh
Antigonick, Anne Carson
Agamemnon, Aeschylus
Elektra, Sophokles
Hecuba, Euripides
Medea, Euripides
Medea, Pierre Corneille
Dangerous Liaisons, Choderlos de Laclos
The Glass Essay, Anne Carson

These are the only ones I can think of right off the bat, but I hope this helps! 

♪ Study Music Ideas ♪

Here a few of the playlist that I like to study to!

Everyone is different and will therefore work best with different atmospheres so just remember what works for me might not work for you, thats said hope you like some of these :)

Musicals - better for short work

Movies - better for medium work

Classical and Other - better for longer work

I hope you find some of these useful :)

Also Its my birthday tomorrow! 🎂

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Heiko @heterotopian / edit: Gerardo @photosbygerardo

Heiko provided me with a diverse and great cityscape that made my head spin from all the options I had. It was such fun to get some colour into a b/w photo and discovered that there is so much to do with a solid base. I decided to pick this edit of a fragment of the photo, just because I like it myself, the contrast and shapes of nature and architecture work so well. Thank you so much Heiko to give me this much options, that made it harder but also so much more fun.

PWS MAD - Gerardo

When we on PWS decided to take MAD to another level and that we edit a picture of another member, I knew exactly what kind of picture I wanted to have edited. That’s why I gave a classic Heiko into the mix, which is usually a black and white picture. But I also wanted some architectural and if possible some reflection. The only really classic point missing is the fact that it was not taken in Cologne but on my trip to Munich.
I love what Gerardo has done with the picture which made me think to maybe experiment a little more. Who knows what the future will bring?

PWS MAD - Heiko